Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CH94: Status

Fact. It took me longer to finish scrubbing my canvas DMs boots than to finish packing my stuff for my flight later in the evening.

It's final. After waiting for a few months, the result has come in. It's been in the back of my mind since i let my self slip and allowed the incident to happen. There's been plenty of angst before it happened and more paranoia and uncertainties after.

But, like everyone else, I coped and moved on and soon enough, everything was seemingly back to normal. Of course, until the window period came to an end and the anticipation had to be faced. Uncertainties looming further aggravated by the fact that I needed to undergo a medical examination in the Philippines for my medical certificate requirement for my New Zealand visa.

After all, it's hard to wrap your mind around plans not coming to fruition just because of one mistake. It's hard to feel defeated when you haven't even started with the fight. It's harder even to have doors and windows closed on you just because you're marked by that mistake. Serostatus...


You read all about it around. Thank God, that's that. Lesson learned.

I just read through the Silver Fern Job Search page and I got a bit of tingle from excitement. Although, I am just a bit concerned with the number of people (outside the first 300 - including me) whose applications got accepted as well after the technical glitch last May 4. But then again, it's not a matter of competing against them. From what I understand, everyone gets a sure slot and the Visa will be provided as long as the requirements are met and evidences provided.


  1. ei tipz, may gathering this Friday ang bloggers sa place nina Christian (somewhere in Hougang) though dipa sureness if makapunta si Owen (pero alam ko ittry nya) kasi may shift sya that time. Punta kaw!! :)

    1. thanks for the invite! I'll ask owen hehe nakakahiya naman bigla nalang akong susulpot :)