Monday, October 14, 2013

CH186: Epicurean and Cultural Sunday

I've been meaning to go see the Pinacotheque exhibit at Fort Canning Singapore ever since I saw the flyers for it. There wasn't any expectation how huge the exhibit will be as it does point out it's just starting off creating and establishing the collection here in Singapore from Paris.

So, I messaged my good friend Ange if he's free to meet up this weekend to go see it. He suggested to do a guided tour of SAM as well and I was more than agreeable as anything to do with dipping my toes in the arts is always a welcome experience.

Admittedly, I realized while I was in the shower that I have no names I can recall from the top of my head for Asian or Filipino artists I admire. From the top of my head, I can say European or American artists I admire are: Matisse, Munch, Picasso, Chuck Close, Pollock, Warhol, Van Gogh, etc. I do remember visiting the museum in PH in Manila but I can't recall their names. That's a fault on my part as I wasn't keen then on noting them down as keen as I was during my visit to the grandiose galleries in New York (Met, MOMA) and London (Tate, And that one in Trafalgar Square I can't quite remember the name).

I'm still trying to figure out exactly the art, techniques and whatever that pique my interests but I'm starting to get an idea of it so any excursion to the field of arts is always a joy.

Ange and I had brunch first of course before the adventure. We ate at 4Fingers Bon Chon and Hoshino Coffee where we had a heavy French toast dessert! :-) yum!

(I'll write about Part 2 sometime of Second Wind once I'm in a better state of mind - after my Siem Reap vacation this week! :-) )

Pigging out
French Toast with cream and syrup on the side
avoiding coffee if i can - to avoid staining :))) matcha is always a good choice
Twi-Forma - Anthony Poon
A World of Ice and Snow - Wu Guanzhong

Some artist from Thailand (didnt get to ntoe down the name)

My favorite piece from the In/Sight exhibit - Wild Vines with Flowers like Pearls - Wu Guanzhong

Fort Canning Center
With some photobomber
Landscape with a river, city of Weesp - Salomon Van Ruysdael
Candid shot
Ah! Picasso - Jacqueline (Tapestry - Wool)
The Descent into Limbo -  Pieter Huys
Composition with Cubic Forms - Jackson Pollock
Christ Carrying the Cross - Sandro Botticelli
Untitled - Chu Teh-Chun
Camwhoring the 12SGD entrance lol
with a Warhol piece (I still have an overdose from Warhol after seeing his extensive curated exhibit when I went to NY last year. Not to mean it's any less, but to have seen a lot of his works in a condensed space, was just...WOW -  strictly no pictures though)
Stolen shot (there's another pose uploaded in facebook I was preparing for when Ange took this haha)


  1. Friend, thanks for a wonderful Sunday afternoon! :) I really enjoyed the dual Asian and European/Western art experience. Haha! :D

    For Filipino artists, hmm, I've always been a big, big fan of Anita Magsaysay-Ho! I'm not so much an Amorsolo fan. My feelings for him are kinda the same how you feel for Andy Warhol. Lol! Among modern/contemporary artists, I like AJ Omandac, Kiko Escora, Mariano Ching, to name a few. Then, there's Claude Tayag and of course, BenCab.

    Google Geraldine Javier and Andres Barrioquinto. You might like them. Hehe!

    I'll invite you to the painting exhibit at NMS when it opens. ;)

    1. friend! im trying to remember one artist i liked when my friends and i visited the philippine art gallery (the one beside the national museum?) ... haha let me look it up on my FB for reference...there you go! Rachy Cuna. I liked the ads and talks he had before to promote his exhibit I invited my friends along haha. the installations he had were amazing :)

      hopefully we happen upon some PH artists in the biennale :)

      and yes for NMS! haha do a guided tour! ill invite maybeline or whatever her name was from yesterday haha

    2. Rachy Cuna? I know him more as a floral designer. Mala-mala Ikebana. Hehe! He's a fave of the Zobels I think. Hehe!

      Friend, here are the Philippine artists to be featured in the Biennale - AX(is) Art Project (Leonard Aguinaldo, Ben Cabrera, Kidlat Tahimik, etc), Leslie de Chavez, Nikki Luna, Siete Pesos, Talaandig Artists. For complete list, here it is -


    3. hahaha very pinoy naman ang floral. pero his installations were nice when we went. but i dont remember the instalaltions he had focusing primarily on flowers. haha

      okay ill note those artists down! baka in the future ill be a collector of the arts na rin hahahahaahhahahaha you go the Prada, LV, route ill go for the art pieces :))))

    4. After reading this entry, I think I'd like to visit a local museum one of these days. :) Thanks Tipz.

    5. You're welcome! it's good to hear my blog is serving a purpose other than the self-serving one to have my biography ready post-mortem haha if any, appreciation for literature, music and the arts is something i wish society has more of :)

    6. friend, you dun have to wait for the future to start collecting. ;) what you can do is find an artist na you like then start attending art fairs. if you're in the philippines, the art in the park is a good place to start. that's how i started a few years ago. i bought some very small collages by geraldine javier. then i met an artist/gallery owner who intro'd me to works of other artists. i have a few pieces in my house in manila. i wish i can bring them all to singapore to decorate my room. ;-(