Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WB4: Word Bubble Entry 4

Following what I started before to address random words (uncommon ones) that pop up in my head for no conscious reason, I had two today.

  1. A person's ability to breathe freely during exercise, after having been out of breath.
  2. A new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort.

Extremely stupid or foolish.

Like I said, sometimes, when I am not consciously thinking of anything, a word or some words usually just pop into my mind. Second-wind popped up when I was trying to wake up under a hot shower. (Disclaimer: Trying to wake up as in letting the hot water run down from my head to toe - nothing sexual haha). Second-wind I guess would be more applicable to what I'm going through right now, or decided recently. But, I will write more about it next time.

For asinine, I'm not sure why it came to mind as well. I'm thinking since I've been listening to Eminem's Recovery Album since last week, I may have heard it from there. But no, the word is not meant to be any sort of association where I currently am - or at least I hope not.

And, by coincidence, WB, Work Bitch, the official video has finally come out. Britney Spears is seriously rocking it. I begin to understand why Miley Cyrus went the way she did with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney, etc releasing albums almost at the same time. She (Miley) needed to carve out a niche before the female personas of pop overshadow her. Quite strategic.

[Edit] Finally searchable through YouTube linking. Must have been too early posting it earlier soon after it was released in the US.

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  1. I find guys with opulent vocabulary sexy. Hihi.

  2. Second Wind - when I a milestone is reached, usually akin to either moving on, or catharsis.

    Asinine - a word I often use to describe the juvenile behavior of some of my colleagues and peers. I an outright manifestation of a prevalent culture of mediocrity in a firm where the general sentiment of the professionals is jadedness.

    Distinctly diametric words. One is positive, the other not so much. :)

    1. i wouldnt have guessed anyone to have read into their (sub-context) relation explicitly :)