Thursday, January 1, 2009

CH25: Bye Bye Vice (To the tune of Nsync)

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First of, welcome everyone to a new year! I hope 2009 will be a great year for everybody. Let's pray and hope that the Philippines won't be as affected as other countries our from the "Global Financial Crisis." Like, hello? there's already enough poverty here in the metro that needs to be addressed!

Anyway, let me just share a quick recap of how I welcomed the new year. First, well, I worked (EMEA shift: 3-12pm). Then after work, went off to the Makati City Countdown to 2009. Fireworks. "ambon" (what's the english for ambon?). And then off to greenbelt 3. There were a lot of bars to choose from...but we landed at Absinth. Drank, smokeD and danced the night away.

Wait, I'm sure some of you are quite shocked about what you read at the last sentence of the last paragraph. Yes, that's right smokeD. With emphasis on the D. AS IN FOR PAST TENSE.

Bye bye vice. I just want to tell you that I had enough. Might sound crazy but it ain't no lie baby bye bye vice! Hahahaha! Corny right? But true. Goodbye smoking. After 5 years 36 days and 3 hours. I think I stopped smoking around 3am January 1. So there you go.

I will be starting off 2009 (short of the 3 hours) smoke free. I'm blogging this out right so at least everyone knows. The more people know about my decision to quit, the easier it will be to quit. Good luck to me and my office mates who share the same decision to finally kick the habit. Although, I believe I said to my officemate that we should quit on January 5 (where usual work starts for everybody), that's the usual case why most people fail quitting. I should know. I did a study on why People should not smoke as my Position Paper for English 10. Which is also the reason why I started smoking. In my research for the position paper, I found out that some people find reprieve from stress by smoking. So when I was at the lowest point of my life (I got a 26 or was it 27 points out of 100 in my first major subject EEE 31). Well, don't blame me for being so depressed. I didn't have any electronics background from high school. Yeah right. But seriously, EEE 31 was the my first light to the wonderful world of resistors, capacitors, currents etc etc. And don't blame me for getting a low grade as the exam was RIGHT MINUS WRONG. Sucks right.

But I digress. The point of this blog entry is that, I won't be prolonging my quitting from smoking (too many -ings in this sentence) as that would only delay the agony. Yes. I know it will be an agony to quit from smoking...But, better start now than later. This is how serious I am. =)

Good bye smoking. Welcome:

Well, to cope with the stress and the temptation of smoking...I have the following options to help me divert my attention:
1. DSLR! - Why smoke when you can practice and gain expertise in the world of photography! Hahahaha.

2. Chewing gum - For any oral fixations whatsoever!

3. Waste money on shopping! - Well, at least your money is going else where than a pack of Marlboros.

4. Pray the Rosary! - Hahahaha. Well, I don't know how to. But I just thought it would be hilarious that upon the instance I get a craving to smoke....I kneel down immediately and do the rosary. Wait. I'm not sure what it's called...recite the mystery? Well, whatevs.

5. Sing happy songs! - Get your mind off smoking by singing a tune! Invite everyone along and sing! "Samahan pa ng dance number!" What a great way to quit right! Divert your temptation to more productive and creative things!

6. Work - Well, I got a satisfying rating (KPI). Now, it's time to get a K in my rating. The year just started. A lot of responsibilites ahead. It's time to get really serious and compete! Yes, that's right! COMPETE! The real world. The battlefield for success. No crab mentatlity please. Work up your sweat! Do it! Do it! Hahahaha.

7. Exercise - Well, it's about time I start running. Back in college, I got thin because I had the motivation to exercise! To run 2 rounds on the Acad Oval - then do sit ups and push ups when I get back home. I believe, exercise would help my me in more ways than one! (Well, duh. That's stating the obvious!)

And well. I guess that's it.

If you have any other suggestions as to what I can do to help with my quitting from smoking. Don't hesitate to contribute! Money donations are a plus! You should soon be finding my picture in "de lata alkansya" in Jolibee, Mcdo, italianni's, SM department store, Landmark hahahahahahahahahha you name it! It has "Help Tipz Quit from smoking! Donate your money NOW!" written on it.

Hohohoho. I'm such a charity case!

Again, Happy New Year to Everyone!