Friday, December 30, 2005

Last minute fun.

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Yesterday...again, i had a very hard time getting some sleep.

2 nights ago, i slept at 11pm. woke up at 230 am! (and i only had so little sleep prior to this) longer able to sleep, i hit the book once more. more physics103 for me! then...ayun...hirap na naman matulog. i tried sleeping at about 6am and i found it extremely hard. I woke up at the faintest of 1230 siguro well rested na rin ako kahit paano. i gave my gift to lew, and he gave some souveneirs from mindoro to me. (saan na nga kaya yun? havent seen it since eheheh) then...dumating bigla si gepol sa bahay ng mga 3. woah! (ahahah naremember ko yung scene sa ako legal wife. talk about big boobies) then...ayun di na ako natuloy mag jog kasi ayun kwentuhan kina lew.

then. by 4 i left them to fetch my mom and accompanied her in buying some soil and pots for her beloved plants and flowers.

went back to lew's place soon after to eat some of the food they/he cooked as well as some of the instant pasta i gave...eheheh...then text na si rose, nandun na raw sila ni gabo sa may mcdo q.ave mrt.

oh. did i forget to mention? I planned a lakwatsa. An opportunity for Gabo, Rose, Bananie and tipz to watch the world pyro olympics! Yey! Ayun, I fetched them near 7-11 q.ave mrt then we fetched bananie and she brought along with her some carbonara! Yey!

Then, we made it in time...7:30 raw dapat yung start ng show pero nalate. We roamed around a bit and took a leak sa may petron then we bought some stuff to eat and drink...and biglang nagstart na ang show! US was the first to start their fireworks display...haay...I was very disappointed! I expected to see more...but all in all their display was ordinary. Duh. I could have just gone to eastwood instead. Ayun, balik kami sa kotse para run nalang kami manuod next. Then...kwentuhan and some dead air sa kotse...biglang...WOW! start na ng south africa display!!! ASTIG!!!! Sobrang mas nagustuhan ko sa US eheheh..ang hirap i kwento kung ano nakita ko eh...siguro extreme visual stimuli.

Then...what happened next?? Nung matapos na...grabe traffic sa paglabas!!! Waaah!!! Punta kami Greenbelt next. We watched AKO LEGAL WIFE! Hehehe, I wont be spoiling too much details. Pero tawang tawa ako sa perfume scene ni Cherry Pie. Ahahaha. Si rose naman tawang tawa sa Big Boobie scene ni Zsa Zsa tsaka Jay Manalo. Ahahah...NAtawa rin ako sobra sa left boobie turned bilbil scene ni zsa zsa. Ahahah...That MOVIE was just awesome. Mas maganda pa nga ata compared sa Bridal Shower eh. Astig! Sa mga movie goers diyan. A sure hit to! Worth it yung bayad. eheheh...

Then. after nun, kasi mga 1something am na nun eh...baka mahirapan si rose makauwi kaya tambay muna kami sa seattles best. ehehhe...kwentuhan and...basta...ang dami kong naobserve sa pag people watch. We saw a transvestite roaming around...we assumed that He/she was trying to catch some attention/customers. Meron din akong nakitang gay lovers...mind you they didnt look very gay at all! Grabe!!! ehehe nasa escalator kasi kami nun eh...gulat ako ehehe tama na sa details

Then...diretso naman kami kina bananie...nuod ng hide and seek tapos di na natapos!!! nagskip na yung dvd!! AWWWWWWW!!! Argh.

Ayun, got home ng mga six am...then slept till 4:30pm..

hmm..anytime now darating na mom ko with Rachelle...yung sort of adopt namin. then tomorrow...argh...di ako yata pa kasi eh...

haay...ang saya talaga. Sana next year mas marami pang mga lakwatsa...and...sana next year...haay...more on love life ahahahha...


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


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1) finished reading the first Artemis Fowl book. I really really really really liked that book! Much to Harry potter's dismay hehehe...The book was great, I seriously feel that it's publicity here in the Philippines was overshadowed by the fame of Harry Potter. I think Artemis is a much more interesting character than Harry Potter. For one thing, hes way more intelligent. Gotta love Artemis and his butler Butler. ahhaha...fancy. cute. funny. exciting. evil...well, duh, Artemis is the anti-hero hero. astig talaga nung book. too bad di ako nakaaral ng physics on time. I was behind 6 hours my intended study time for physics...yan tuloy...madaling araw na nagaaral pa rin ako ahahha...well of course, di pa kasama itong much needed distraction.

2) updated my blog layout once again. just changed the theme from nautical to machine. much darker to fit the new userpic that i uploaded. hehehe...ang cute ko talaga. =p

3) hmm...i have so much more stuff to read on for physics. grabe. feeling kulang na sa grasa yung utak ko after not having studied for almost 2 weeks now. duh...engg week palang ata nag start na mag cool down yung utak ko...argh! naremember ko na naman yung failure to do my best sa 23 and 25 exams. I MUST REDEEM MYSELF! I must raise my morale once more! I have to study harder! hehehe...hmmm...ehhehe

4) for some weird reason...lahat ng gamit kong panulat ay MISSING IN ACTION!! waah!! bagong bili ko pa naman din yung retractable pen and bagong refill yung gtec (?or gtech ba yun? ewan ___ '',) nakakinis. at kanina ko lang nalaman...naisip ko tuloy...baka naiwan ko sa mobot lab. hehehe...tapos napaisip ako...nagsisisi ba akong nagdefer na ako run? the first place bakit ko naman gugustuhin umalis in the first place...hmm...the REAL answer to that...di ko rin talaga malaman or mapinpoint pa. ewan ko ba. basta ang alam ko...hindi ako tinamad. well, frankly yes, tinamad akong gawin yung mini project DAHIL gusto kong magapply sa IRC...oh well...someday we'll know...naka 92 ako diyan sa magic sing! ang baba ng mga scores ko...haay...

5)nagugutom na ako...sige kain muna ako ng puto ehehehe...fave ko na ng konti yun...

6) parang gusto ko magslimmers kasi yung pinakamalapit pero may hesitation din ako kasi baka pagsawaan ko lang din...sayang lang pera. haay.

ang gulo ko talaga.

ehheh nakita ko lang yung user pic ko...ang cute...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Moody as always

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Hehehe sobrang moody ko talaga. Mabilis uminit ulo at mabilis ding mawala.

Anyway, here are some updates.

1) Watched King Kong a few days before Christmas, I liked the movie. Though the pleas for stopping animal cruelty seemed to have been ringing all throughout the film. Lol, not that it really matters, cause it does. hahahaha...word play...sorry...the truth is, the movie was really really great, don't let the 3 hours running time scare you...(cause, the fact of the matter was that i watched the film because I read that it was indeed lenghty)...the movie was action packed, filled with drama and yes, comedy as well. I wont spill the details but trust me it really is worth the money. The director did justice to the film, hmm...come to think of it, I dont think I have the right to critic like that, after all, I haven't seen the first King Kong film...and...frankly, no intentions of doing so. Consider the director's credits if you are still dubious...LOTR (does that ring any bell?)...I promise, that film was great...Like the Last Samurai, I was teary-eyed when the scene ended...I wasnt expecting things to turn out that way...One thing though, dont get creeped out with the sort of relationship that was being established between Ann Darrow and Kong...also, dont watch the film's LMF (aka, last full show) in cinemas...well, dont, if you dont bring/have a car...I watched it at 9:30 pm and the film ended right about 12:30 am sharp (more or less)...nevertheless, I wasnt very frantic, I walked home...the pleasures of living so close to a mall.

2) Christmas shopping. Tipz, as always, the quick shopper...finished shopping for 2 gifts to give to his mom and sis in a matter of 2 hours, that would have to include commuting (ON A FRIDAY) to Gateway...then walking from there and here and inclusion of Ybreaks...and...searching for the gift to give. Got home in time to watch Etheria ehehehe...dont criticize me for doing so. It just fits my craving for epic fantasy. Anyway, just to share, I bought some stuff for my sister from Papelmelroti (did I got the spelling right?)...picked here and there...interesting. For my mom, since I dont know her size, I give her money instead, I had planned to give her 1000pesos...but decided be different ["Dare to be different" - ckt engg week theme] i'd give her 20dollars instead least I know she would be able to use like pay for the bills? hehehe...Anyway, just to share, by this time I was in a very good mood. Prior to this I had a fight with my mom and partly my sis because of some misunderstanding...and...also the heat being fueled by my intolerable lack of patience...yes people, I have got to be one of the most impatient people I know. (pero cute parin.)

3) Christmas Eve - Christmas Day. Went to mass with my sis and mom...Vox Angelicum Choir sang there that night...I pondered if Circuit Chorus could have outsung that choir...hehehe dont think negatively of me for saying this but...if ever Vox Angelicum was better in singing, the Circuit Chorus had better looking vocalists. (pero parang kulang pa eh...kulang pa ako sa grupo para maging kumpleto ahahhahaha) There, we ate the foods left over from the party we had...Oh yes, my mom hosted a party for my "father's side" family that noon...and we had plenty of food left...the party for my "mom's side" would be on the 31st of December...Oh, getting on, Christmas Eve...we exchanged gifts, got a lot of new tshirts...hmm...NEED new mom got me MYMP ehhehe..."parinig ako sabi ko sana Cueshe pati 6cyclemind" hehehe...but nevertheless, the gift was appreciated...time to hone in acoustic music...spent the rest of the night finishing reading the FHM December issue...

-some things regarding FHM...Julia Clarete is witty. I think she's a girl with substance. Contrary to Katrina Halili who "dinaan her interview with humor." too bad, she had the looks. Brooke Burke was funny in her interview...when the interviewer was leading the some sex talk, Brooke came clean and snapped that if this was going to be more sex talk, then I'd leave (or something close to that statement but not as explicit)

Come Christmas Day, spent the day at my Uncle's house in Filinvest...the one along the major road heading to antipolo...forgot the exact name of the place but I recall reading Filinvest there. Ate there, associated with cousins and aunts and uncles from my mom's side. I was invited to drink beer...san mig light...but I denied the offer...told them that I dont like drinking beer...which is factual to the greatest extent. I think I'd prefer drinking mixes, shots, vodka etc etc...but not beer. Heheh, the PORDABOYS (as pauee deemed it) party we had at lew offered Citrus flavored vodka...hmm...dont think anything will beat that...but I wasnt able to let loose or in other words drink to my heart's content because my house was just duh. a meager walking distance...1 house separating where we partied and where I went home...not really a good idea to get drunk...anyway...

after the party at my unc, we went to Gateway! We planned to watch some MMFF but...the tickets were sold just tried to find a place to bet dad wanted us to...but sadly the betting stations were "half-day" anyway, over at gateway, I asked my mom to buy me some books...

ARTEMIS FOWL! Yeah! Hmm, I have to give props to FHM for the introduction of that book. It's part of their sort of Christmas wish list for books. I didnt want to get the "A series of unfortunate events"'s like a collection, similar to C.S Lewis books...I have trouble with collecting those especially when most of the books have already been released...It's hard to secure yourself the may be locally available now...the whole set...but...I dont want to buy them all at once...sayang...di pa siya ganun ka "Investment material." anyway, finished reading FHM...finished reading the first chapter of the first Artemis Fowl book...

Then when I wake up later...I promise...After I read through some more of Artemis...I'd hit my Physics103 book (the THICK one)...and catch up on my readings and maybe do that assignment...I also have to read my EEE103 book....we have a problem set due the friday of the first week of class next year.

PS: My sister will be going to Butuan to visit my father side relatives. She's scheduled to leave on the 27th of January to work in Guam...

OH YEAH! also, one of the most important things that may happen for this year would be:

On the 29th of December, our family will be adopting a 3rd year highschool female....whose some sort of related to my mom...Her lolo is the pamangkin of my lola which in turn makes me her distant uncle...weird...anyway...the story of her family is that...they really live in Laguna, but they decided to try the life here in Manila...and...they can no longer support themselves here...and they have to go back to Laguna, but since that child is still studying, and her mom doesnt want her to stop (the mom is also going to Dubai/ work by January 10) ko nga sa mom ko...sige okay lang ampunin mo na para mabigyan mo ng direction...too bad for the kid though, my mom sternly doesnt want her to have any boyfriends...once she does, my mom is sending her back to be fair, my mom doesnt want to be held responsible for the kid when something bad happens...duh...di mo na nga kapamilya hahayaan mo pang mapadisgrasya...ewan ko run...overprotective na ata agad...sana lang galingan nung batang yun para hindi na niya kailangan magpaturo sa akin ehehehe...Busy busy rin ako...and also siyempre sana galingan niya para makapasok siya ng UP...

ang haba na naman ng entry ko. hope you enjoyed getting the latest gossips! hehehe...mga chismoso/a =p Meerry Chrrriiiisttttmasss!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Big Update

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Wait. I last posted on December 11? Huh? That was like...erm...ten days ago.
grabe naman ang dami ko pala talagang kailangang i update!

December 12, 2005 (Monday)
-Okay, so by this time, the exams have all finished and most of our classes were already suspended, ahem, that was classified as teacher's discretion. Also, if you didnt know, by this time or maybe even before...i am already having doubts as to whether i should continue my application in MOBOT lab or not...i have been convinced that I would be better off at IRC lab. (sorry for those who cant really relate)...regardless of such thoughts, i decided to continue with my mini this, i was not able to participate fully sa engg week. I watched AWITAN, stayed late sa MOBOT lab and continued laboring.

-This year's AWITAN has got to be the best one ive seen. Yes, in all aspects of the the statement. The best talaga ang performance ng circuit. Though, they were little in number, at least the talent was polished. Astig! Hehehe, okay din yung pagkagawa ng KEM sa event ehehhe...nakakatuwa yung mga hosts and astig din yung mga niyaya nilang ibang performers. Anyway, naging maganda rin yung event kasi maraming nag pakita ng kanilang sense of individuality as an org. Well, that's how i took it. Duh...saan ka pa makakakita ng choir tapos gagawa ng mga jungle noise! hehehe...Memorable din yung night na yun dahil sa...kahit di kami nanalo...ramdam ko pa rin yung overflowing org spirit that night. Ewan ko ba...kahit sobrang do i put it...kahit basta akala ko nun sobrang low morale ang org ko yun pala hindi...baka ako lang din kasi dahil ive been couped up sa rooftop ng EEE building...


December 13, 2005 (Tuesday)
-Sobrang nakakapagod. I stayed the night at MOBOT...teka...tama ba pagkaremember ko...hmm...mukhang tama nga naman kasi bukas...revelation na eheheh...Anyway, yes yun nga, I/we stayed the night sa mobot...continued laboring on that darn mini project. I just want to clarify that I was toiling not because I could'nt finish the project but because I no longer had the drive to actually finish the this time...the feelings were strong. Feelings like...I should quit the application and transfer to IRC's just so hard to explain. Siguro dahil most of the people that ive actually asked for help...ay wala sa mobot kung hindi ay nasa irc. let's name drop..ate may, lew, sheila, sheryll and kuya arpee...duh...that's like most of the circuit sa dun sa irc....
-Anyway, engg week na naman, and yes, i wasnt able to participate fully sa mga events, grabe siguro kung sumali ako nabago pa yung result ng engg week. hehehe...anyway, i forgot when i joined pero one contest that i joined in was the...jigsaw puzzlengg! ehehhe...and we were first!!! grabe ang astig! heheeh may technique lang naman pala para manalo eh.
-The night event that was held that night was...MASKIPAPS! It's some sort of fashion show na may certain theme (for this case was....pajama party! naging dare it all party!) may mga bands din na nagperform hehehe masaya pero ang hindi masaya eh yung umulan ba naman sa event! grabe sayang...ang tagal tuloy nagstart....dumaan din kaming mga mobot peeps to get something to eat...hmm...teka nga...parang ngayon ata kami nag overnight! ehehhe hindi pala kahapon...sobrang nawalan na ako ng sense of time

Saturday, December 10, 2005


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Okay. I just came up. I was "videoke-ing" hehehe...for some weird reason i felt to bored to watch pinoy big brother the big night. It may have reached its saturation point. Oh, but contrary to my mom, she was clapping her hands loudly when she heard that NENE won the competition. She even told me that she bought 1000pesos worth of votecards to vote for ako naman...ahhaha...nangonsiyensya..."Buti pa siya naalalahanan mong bilihin ng boto eh allowance ko kanina nalimot mong bigay." Next naman nung nag videoke ako...marami kang pulubi na mapapakain sa 1000pesos na yun!

Masarap lang talaga mangonsiyensya ng ibang tao sa pagasta nila sa kanilang mga pera...oh well...enough about now...

let's backtrack to the MEMORABLE events that happened for the past week:

Parked at AS parking lot for my physics class only to find that..."Hey dude...where' my _ _ _?" WHAT THE FUCK! Where's my bag!!!! Then I realized that I put it down when I wore my shoes and hurriedly rode in the car to drop my mom off at SM NORTH. That was just freakish...but it was God's blessing when we were told that Sir Tumlos would not be attending the class. Whew! Nasa loob din kasi ng bag ko yung assignment ko. Then...I went back to SM North to meet up with my mom. The only things that I had were key, 500pesos allowance, and panyo. tsk tsk...buti nalang din mom treated me to a wonderful lunch at sbarro and even asked me what I wanted to buy! eheheh she reminded me of buying a new pair of rubber shoes but I declined the offer...(may class ako ng 1 eh) bumili nalang ako ng orange and lemons na cd plus xmas cd and pbb cd for my mom.

Argh! Napuyat ako and I wasnt able to attend the class for my eee23. I decided kasi that my head was not up for going to school. Grabe eh putek napuyat ako...and sa ngayon di ko na maremember kung ano ba ginawa ko...nag aaral ata or something...sabi ko sa sarili ko pasok nalang ako sa 1pm class kasi meron pa naman then nagquiz daw nung sa dapat na class ko and yung sa inattendan ko...walang class! may conflict kasi sa ece 113 ni Sir Tolentino. NYEK!

amp naman. Buti nalang pasok ko kay sir ivan talaga ni sir na raw class for this week because it's engg week. hehehe ang ganda rin ng balat ni sir. chinese na chinese kapag nainitan nag blush yung mukha ahahaha...naremmeber ko tuloy si jemie sa puti (highschool friend)

oh yeah...nagaral din ata kami ng mga gabi ni jha sa mainlib...and karamihan sa oras na pinagsamahan namin dun ay nagkwentuhan kami ehehhe. (private)

kumain din pala ulit ako sa cart! heeheh this time around walang plates kaya lahat sa plastic...ehhehe naexperience ko na paano kumain ang PG according to jha...ehhehe patay gutom!

Arrived for my eee25 class...LATE! Late ako ng mga 20 minutes!!! buti nalang late rin si sir kaya walang attendance. this time..oh yeah..kaya ata ako napuyat sa mga nakalipas na araw because of studying...yep...practice solve and gawa ng problem set...ayun...

EEE 23 class. ang astig talaga ni sir pj co. idol astig sa suave eheheh...ganda pa ng girlfriend!

teka teka nga...ano pa ba mga nangyari...may inasikaso nga yata ako sa mobot...haaya...nakakapagod na talaga ang buhay pagaaral...eheheh and i was so excited for 2nd sem

Class with sir tumlos. Grabe. kainis. late sa akin nasabi na hindi ako magdadala ng car kaya yan tuloy na late ulit ako. oh and by the way...wala nga yata akong dala masyadong car kaya tuloy halos the past week (refering to now being sunday) taxi ako ng taxi...sayang sa pera...pero kailangan eh. mas mahal ang education. Haay...kainis si sir...pagdating ko last 2 minutes...pagkaupo ko...last 2 minutes...matapos akong magsulat ng given...pass. argh! sayang...shet...kelangan ko na baguhin routine ko kung gusto ko talagang mas mapataas ang aking grado...


wooohooo! 1.25 ang grade ko! yes! Ang question ko was...if you could lose all the 5 sense but one, which one would you choose and why?

Basically, the gist of my speech was I chose the ability or the sense to feel/touch to stay. Because frankly, without this capability, we are nothing more than a body without substance...hehehe...and some more things regarding how we wont be able to appreciate the other senses without having this sense. Also, we wont be able to grow because we wont be able to feel the hardships that hardship bring etc etc.....

hehehe...proud na proud ako rito eheheh...atat na rin ako magspeech nun

OH BY THE WAY! THe weather has just been so cold. Damn! I take cold showers in the morning...erm...well technically I dont take a bath like's just that because of the weather...sobrang lamig!!!

Smoker's night din ang gabi ng thursday...i was the techie so I had to participate...haay...times I could have spent studying instead...bawi nalang talaga ako sa mga next sem...haay...

Sayang we didnt win. Ang onti ng audience ng circuit compared sa erg...

Review class sa eee 23. Gawa ng mga bagay sa mobot para sa mini project namin...then nuod ako ng Jamengg! Ang galing ng SuGARFREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

GO CIRCUIT!!! Ang ganda ng pagkagawa and pagkakanta.


haay...ngarag ngarag...ayaw ko na maremember...i made mistakes sa eee eee 25 mali ako sa problem number 2! I was so depressed as in sobrang depressed right after ng eee25 exam...I was on the verge of tears...nakita ko sila gepol and gabo sa may footlongan...yosi. di ko na binilang kung ilan...sobrang depressing...

anyway...napagaan naman ang loob ko nung nagcomapre ako sa ibang mga tao...may mga parehas kaming mga sagot kaya nabuhayan naman ako ng loob.

right after, we went to irc nakigawa. kudos to lew for helping me with my mini project! expect more questions to come.


Circuit won the datengg game for the mens category. Galing ni josiah!
Also, galing ni Kiko. hehehe congrats for winning!

Go Circuit! keep it up.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Fat and fat-free day.

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The moment I woke up, I headed straight to the computer. To check for email, check new games, check friends update here in lj, played rf online. This was about 12:20 nn. At 12:45, I started playing rfonline. By 1pm, my mom went upstairs and brought me food.

Surprise surprise! ISANG BUONG CRISPY PATA! Ugh! This is for lunch! I was like...what the hell...Well, dont get me wrong, the food was delicious! Yum Yum! Pero the fat...the FATs! Crispy nga siya...malutong yung balat this time I was wondering why we have such entree...then moments later...huh? Bakit parang may nagbukas ng videoke bar ng ganito kaaga...
Tsaran!!! Mga kabarkada ng kapatid ko dumating! May party! Teka teka...may party...ngayon? Well, yes we had our mini house blessing yesterday...but...huh? Why wasnt I informed of such happening?
Getting on...For the early afternoon I played RF online...hehehe since it's undergoing beta testing...the game is free until sometime January...

After playing...I decided to hit the books. I decided to do my Physics 103 homework...huff puff huff puff...Of course, I wasnt able to really concentrate and ang kulit ko kay snap sa pag compare ng work. BUT WAIT! Mind you, I wasnt comparing the solution...and mind you as well...the only errors that I procured were due to carelessness...practically because I was distracted. I wanted to jog.
I finished at about 6:00pm

...and tsaran! May ilan sa kanila sa mga kabarkada ng kapatid ko na nagiinuman na. Hehehe some san mig light...well...akala ko yun lang...(read on)

Okay...then after I finished the homework cum (<-this one is a preposition) quiz...I decided to borrow my sister's mp3 player...which was given to her by her...ehem ehem...suitor na obssessed na kahit sinabing hanggang friends parin patuloy pa rin sa panunuyo...eheheh (rubs hands together) the freebies! well, yan naman ang usual role ng mga bunso and younger brothers ng mga may magandang kapatid na babae...bukas ang palad sa mga regalong darating...well, technically, the mp3 isnt mine. but...
My sister agreed for me to borrow it...sabi akin nalang when she leaves na for guam...that will be around next year january...
I downloaded first all the songs...I didnt want to feel too lonely jogging alone at night at UP...ehehehe...the mood is just unsettling especially since some parts are well lighted for Christmas...
I jogged for about an hour...I had 3 walk and jogging and running intervals...I couldnt handle jogging the whole length of the oval ehehehe...bad shoes for running...I really need to get myself new rubber shoes...I used my porma nike sneakers (last week yung addidas mukhang running sneakers pero hindi eh...iba yung tension sa muscles...)...oh rubber shoes were sadly hindi ko alam! oh my sketchers! how i miss them...oh well...I just hope it reaches good hands. I loved those shoes...akala siguro nila ma and achie na hindi ko na sila gusto kaya...ayun...
along the way while i was jogging...I was listening to tatu album and gorillaz. (I noticed na most of the artists sa mp3 player from UK...meron ding robbie williams, sugarbabes/sugababes?)...okay...while i was jogging, I met elaine from yakal...and...emerson from csa...chatted for the briefest in terse conversation talaga...well...siyempre...we were working out and I was going the opposite flow...kaya...eheheh...okay lang....

When I arrived home...I was immediately offered by my sis to eat banana split ala gawa sa bahay...I was hesitant especially because of the large amount of sugar from that dessert...but i oblidged...I ate 2 sticks of barbecue...some nibbles of crispy pata and the wonderful dessert. sarap nung pistachio (correct the spelling if you must) pati na rin yung chocolate strawberry ice cream (with thick chocolates inside...nabigla ako)...yung combination reminded me of the hot coffee i had at seattles...yung may mint... parang ganun yung lasa eh....napaisip tuloy ako...

anyway...right about now...i am to head to my study are and catch up on physics 103...
last night:
1) i finished about half of the problem set for eee 25
2) did about 10 practice problems for eee 23
3) read james moore's horror novel: Dark Carnival
4) spammed globe user friends
5) did 150 straight sit-ups and followed by 100 straight sit-ups right after i chatted with norman for some org chismis...erm...interorg chismis/enggweek related chismis
6) slept at about...4:30-5:00 am
really...i noticed a renewed tipping the balance to the way it should be...
physically active...
academically stable... and
socially healthy.
of course...the balance still leans on the academically stable...I do want to raise my gwa to cum laude standing...1.87 -> 1.75.
Advance Merry Christmas people!

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Voices of Exile

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For today/Yesterday:

arrived late for my eee 25 class. I woke up at 8 felt so tired! nagising ako ng 9 and by 10 naggegel na ako ng buhok...duh! 10am class mo! So...i made up for the lost time by Tapos tapos pagdating ko...may quiz si sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no! shit...bawi nalang next time nakakainis!

bakit ba ako nalate?
- I was ready for bed and i was really tired by 3am...Nagcrunches din kasi ako eh...100sit ups straight walang hinto. Pero nung pahiga na ako...naremember ko yung mga nakalabas na album (photo)...kaya nag browse ako ng mga baby pics ko! (ahahahah! im so cute.) I browsed through about 8 albums and decided to really sleep mga 4am na...haay...di ko alam kung bakit ko natagalan yun kahit sobrang pagod na ehehehe...masyado yata akong nacutean sa sarili ko...pero after going through the albums...bumait ako...sort of repentance ng parang anak na nawalay ng landas...teary eyed na nga ako halfway browsing through all the pictures...basta...the memories! the memories!!!! argh!

after ng 25 class namin eheheh (btw, buti nalang hindi ako yung pinaka late...may 2 pang humabol ehehehe) jha, tina and I went to eat sa Grill Queen. yey! Ang sarap nung liempo nila ehehhe...bonding session kaming tatlo...sorry issa! di ka nasama...

so...eee 23 na next class...halfway through the dc problems...nag ring phone ko!!! NOOOO!!!!!!! 1,2 step pa naman ni Ciara...shit shit shit! nakaloud pa naman din! and the song went on for about mga 5 seconds kasi siyempre frantic na ako and clumsy kaya argh! wala namang sense yung nag miscall...tinanong ko di na nagreply ehehehe...baka na offend na mura ko ng Gago! eheheh...second time na kasi nangyari yung isang time sa VLC...FUCK! buti nalang di ganun kalakas nun...baka kung sakali ako pa unang taong pinalabas ni Doc M.

After ng 23...tambay mobot...tambay circuit...haay...ang saya ng buhay na walang DEAD WEIGHT. Free.

Then...hatid ko sila ate elma...dyan...and nino sa dyan sa may main lib...mag main lib kasi ako then nagaral aral ng 23...but before that siyempre yosi muna then nakipagkwentuhan sa manong vendor...hmm...di niya kasama anak niya pati asawa niya ngayon ah...heard na by january lilipat na yung vendors dun sa mas maayos na place (yung may 2 sa dalawang sides ng main lib pati sa harap ng FC yung isa)...pag dating dun...dumating na rin si jha...then decide kami pagdating ni gabo na kumain sa cart sa may yakal...nag text si tina...then...

FREE ANG PLAY NGAYON NG SEPHARAD! (well technically kanina free...) kaya nanuod kami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooo! ang ganda talaga nung play na yun. worth na kahit namiss ko yung encantadia pati pbb eheheh

then...after ng play yosi kaunti then kwentuhan kami ni jha and gabo...haay...great friends! Exactly what I need this second sem...

^_^ yun lang. magbabasa na ako ng physics 103

Monday, November 28, 2005


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Okay. I just typed my entry. And for some weird reason I pressed escape...out of impulsed...I pressed it again after seeing my entry chomped away (that impulse was out of disbelief...) and ayun...i pressed ESC until all my entry was gone. Damn!

anyway...shorten ko nalang tong entry na to.

1) I woke up late. 12nn. Prepared for class at around 220. Make up class started 245. Got there 255. Okay

2) At AS, I bought buko juice...palipas oras. JULIA CLARETE parked her Black Altis ZBB ### 3m away from 
my car. I was drinking buko juice then...i wanted to smoke pero may ubo pa ako and sipon ahem ahem

3) Went home and waited for the right time to go to SM NORTH to watch the exorcism of emily rose. My mom and sis were going to the parlor for some pampering...I didnt want to wait home alone yet again so I tagged along. There, I was reading my book Dark Carnival. My mom convinced me to have a footspa and so I agreed. wow sarap talaga eheheh...napagod kasi ako magjog kagabi sa UP...gabi kasi natapos na ako ng mga 6:15

Segue: Dark Carnival by James Moore
- I decided to buy this book so I could be "ready" mentally. I am not entirely sure pero feeling ko kasi my brain was/is stagnating as of late after letting a month or so pass without any serious academic brain processing. So...ayun...if i have the free time and leisure...I read through it. Hmm...grabe nakakapagod... for the past days basa ako ng basa ng mga libro ko. haay...but im starting to like physics103...yung eee23...what is there not to like? ehehhe.

4) Went to sm north at around 7pm and...bought my dinner at Mcdo and upgraded it to Kitchie's Combo...sarap talaga ng twister fries! Anyway...I watched the exorcism of emily rose

Segue: The Exorcism of Emily Rose
- I wasnt fully satisfied with the movie. I was expecting to get really frightened pero wala eh. I compare the movie experience sa Greenbelt3 when I watched Godsend. Dun talaga natakot ako eheheh...I recall that my feet raised themselves up out of reflex as in...tumaas talaga! eheheh natawa nga yung mga nasa likod ko eh. Why? It didnt happen once. Pero sa exorcism of emily rose wala eh...di ako masyado natakot or nagulat or what....Pero...pero! Maganda yung story niya. Satisfying...I was thinking I should have watched Chicken Little instead...

Haay...nakakapagod...I have to really make up for so much lost time. I have to like...really get some progress in my Mobot mini project. Promise. I'll consult Kuya alex tomorrow and get his opinion on this and that...oh yeah...kay kuya james din...nakakapagod na talaga! Pero...

Segue: Tipz Evaluation
- Promise ko talaga sa sarili ko that I will do better in my grades. GWA first! Yan ang campaign ko for myself this semester. I want to break the record of foul second sem grades. So...I'm doing my best to not let that happen...and to let IT happen (the increase in GWA). Haay...kaya sobrang sunog kilay ako sa kakabasa sa mga libro ko. Goal ko rin kasi ehehe maging ATE MAY ang style ng buhay! Achiever! I onced set that goal in highschool...I said gusto ko rin maging TOSM (Ten Outstanding Students of Makati) after I saw my fellow schoolmate attain that that I said to myself...if I get nominated gagawin ko lahat ng makakaya ko...and...ayun! Feeling ko talaga nung Awards night nung inawardan pa kami ni Jejomar Binay...I seriously felt like an angel na parang lumampas lang sa dark clouds na may heavy rain at lumabas sa part ng sphere na wala ng clouds and all clear eheheh...basta ang hirap i put into words...mas madali sa imagination eheheh...kaya mga repapips!

Study hard! Party Harder (after ng studies...)! eheheh

Sunday, November 27, 2005

spending my days...

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got sick last wednesday, got worse on thursday and was starting to recover by friday...saturday...sunday...monday...cough more fever though.

at first i just kept sneezing and sneezing which i thought was probably some sort of allergic reaction to something or someone but then it turned from worse to worst. i am really starting to think that the hot, not luke water from the tub caused my ailment to get worse...and in quick time. by thursday i became really sick and i felt quite BLOATED by then from the large amount of water ive consumed. eheheh a great excuse for looking fat. =p then my ailment grew worse.

some stuff last thursday:
1) issa's car's clutch fluid got drained. eheheh she borrowed some from me. hehe i didnt even know i had some to start with. but...lucky her.
2) pinoy little sister for comm 3. wow! that went bad! ehehehe... i had to play jason and i wasnt really comfortable that day...duh...i was sick...bad performance. bad bad bad...some of my groupmates did good though...
3) met my comm 3 prof at the tiangge near the chapel. ehehhe...she hinted me what to get for the kris kringle c/o berCkts. by this fever was getting whew! feverish.
4) woke up by about 8 after sleeping at 6 feeling extremely cold! i had the fun turned on at 1 yet i was shivering! and no one was home! my mom and sis arrived about 20 minutes later with great food! dinner in bed! sarap din nung soup from red ribbon ah.

1) was feeling a bit better, but not entirely. for the first time, i was early for my eee 23 class...and i was still feeling sick! eheheh...what motivation...anyway, i sat up front and i enjoyed the class...dr. marciano is just so good! i like the way he speaks english.
2) eee 103. went home early, my mom is to be admitted at lourdes hospital for an operation...something about wait...i hope i remembered this right...fibrocystic breast disease...yep...i think i got that right. 
3) friday, i was home alone by night. even though i was sick...i worked out...did some sit ups and some cardio stuff...then took another hot bath. read through some physics book

1) woke up by 1130 ate the maki and sushi that my mom bought in advance in anticipation of her admittance in the hospital.
2) did nothing but eat, sleep, drink, watched tv and that cycle till night where i started to read my eee 103 book. finished the first chapter and slept.
3) oh yeah...i did some more situps and some cardio stuff before taking a bath then reading then sleeping.
4) oh yeah again...i watched pbb and enjoyed it eheheh...very dramatic...watched it while i was in the tub enjoying the hot water...haay...home alone...

1) woke up. read my physics mom and sis arrived ...
2) i decided to jog around UP after finishing another section of my physics book. (by now tapos ko na siya basahin! yey! eee 23 naman next)
3) pagod sa kakajog sa oval eheheh...
4) naku! very uninspiring naman tong entry na to...very boring eheheh sorry kakagaling ko lang mag basa ng physics na book eh. ano gusto niyo? pag usapan natin ang musical instruments and kung paano nagfunction yung waves etc etc...eheheh...

--random stuffs:
1) will do more situps later after i finish typing this...then take a bath and then read more eee 23.
2) in between all of the events that happened, i have been frantic and worried sick with regards to my mini project for mobot. i have finally decided! i will use kuya alex's module he used for GABAY for my mini project. yung uC din naman pala kasi yung gagamitin para magawan ng PWM yung module para maging analog na yung module...nerd nerd nerd
3) also, in between all that entry...i have been...ehem ehem...making my presence felt sa lahat ng mga globe diyan! spammer talaga ako!! ahahah kahit may sakit humahataw!

---Sorry!!! I forgot to mention stuff about SEPHARAD: Voces de Exilio! (basta tama yung sepharad pero yung sa latter part nung title di ko na sure...) Astig talaga tong theater play na to!!!! Manuod din kayo!!! Promise. You guys/gals wont be disappointed! Naastigan ako sobra! Heheheh...ang dami kong naenjoy na scenes pati yung call center part nila sobrang astig din dahil sobrang nacapture nila eh...PLUS PLUS! there are so much more scenes to look out for! Maraming dramatic sobra na yung dating pero sobrang saya parin. The experience was great! I have to say...Mas maganda siya sa TATARIN na dulaang up din ang gumawa...PLUS PLUS PLUS! When I was told na R18 talaga tong play na to...TOTOO nGA! ehehhe...marami ring kissing scenes...teka nga...hindi naman sobrang dami siguro mga 7-10 scenes ata or something tapos may mga 3 atang bed scenes....basta! ang ganda talaga! tama si maam de luna! astig astig astig! Manunuod na talaga ako ng mga plays sa UP! also...nung natapos yung show...saw some familiar maam gumba! tumaba ng husto! eheheh...and also meron ding free food and drinks dun...kaya...yey ang saya! pero pagdating ko ng house...nyek...walang tao! duh.

ayun lang muna mga kids! dito ko na muna ttapusin ang aking entry.
oh yeah...
meron na akong isa pang favorite cartoon...the grim adventures of billy and mandy! ahahahhaha! nakakatawa talaga.