Saturday, April 11, 2009

CH28: Redemption At Last

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So so so so so ... After more than a month of not posting, I'm happy to announce, that yes, redemption is finally in my hands. Blood, sweat and a little bit of tears have finally paid off. Board Passer. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Well, just to reiterate, finally, ECE license will be in my hands (after the oath taking I guess).

An important lesson learned: "Stand up where you fell down." But, better said in Tagalog "Bumangon ka kung saan ka nadapa." That is of course, figuratively speaking.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 1

I had a bit of a laughing fit, when yesterday, my mom, out of nowhere showed me the results of my Brother's exam.
Mom: "Mas mataas siya sayo sa Comms."
(I look at the results and indeed oo nga, mas mataas. My brother got 75 ... and, as my mom in favor got my score from PRC - mine was 74)
But when I looked at the other subjects, Mathematics and Electronics (oh gee, would you look at that, they only had 3 subjects. Lucky them). I had higher marks for Math and Electronics. Mwahahaha.

There's no denying the results of the early advance math training I had back in Grade school and Highschool.
I don't want to seem boastful or what - this of course coming from someone who failed comms - by 2% lacking  - but, I was quite baffled to learn that some people back when I took the removal exam for comms, had to have a removal exam for Math.

Math is the root of most of everything computation wise in the ECE board exam.

So...go figure.

Also, my average is higher than my bro's hehehe. Nope. No sense of competition there. Just pointing out the facts :p
A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 2

Speaking of average, sobrang nahiya ako when the proctor in my removal exam had to call me out in front of everybody else in the room to verify why I had to take a removal exam....

My stomach slightly turned upside down when he called me out - as I thought he as going to send me out because of a missed requirement or something.

But, luckily, he just called me out to ask why I was there to take the removal. He told everyone as in to ask for their confirmation why I had to take the removal when I had a pretty high average score...All I could mutter out was, "kinulang po kasi ako ng 2% sa comms." "So hindi niya pala alam na dapat 70%."

While we were filling out the requirements, he also went out of his way to ask me, taga sang school ka .... (Nahiya ako sagutin kasi pag nalaman niya baka sabihin niya ... nyeks, taga _ _ ka eh baket ka andito?) I answered Ateneo. Sabi niya, ah kaya pala .... HAHAHAHA JOKE LANG. I answered UP. Sabi niya, "kaya naman pala mataas average mo"

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 3

I'm quite please with myself. Today marks a milestone which I didnt expect until about a year from now. Today marks the day I have managed to save up to X figures.

Let's leave it at that. I have to thank of course my parents for making this milestone possible.
Now, time to move my money to an account that could allow it to accrue.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 4

In relation to Anecdote 1 - I'm a firm believer in competition. More on external competition. I don't think you will be able to grow to become your finest if you only consider looking into yourself for growth. You have to have a benchmark aside from yourself.

But, no more sibiling competition here. My brother's going to have a kid soon! SURPRISE! hehehehe. I'm going to be an UNCLE! Oh gulay, how fitting of my age.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 5

I'm happy as well that our puppy, Tonton, although less than 3 months old, already knows how to go up and down the stairs by himself. Unlike his dad who's scared shitless of stairs. Kelangang sabayan ko pa umakyat patakbo pataas para for coming down the stairs, nope, di niya kaya magisa.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 6

I finished a novel in 10 hours! Yey. I can still read through a book quickly but with all the intent and understanding intact. I thought I had lost interest in reading fiction. After the harry potter series ended, my reading time came to a slow stop...had to focus on acads. As if all the textbooks required to be read as well as slides to review weren't enough! So so so so so... I finished "The Tooth Fairy" by Graham Joyce in 10 hours sitting.

For avid readers out there, go get a copy. It's a great narration about growing up. I won't specify too much but I'll just leave some spoilers. A kid loses 2 of his toes at a young age...he loses a hand due to an accident (while creating a pipe bomb) in his teenage years...and, add to that, he lost his immediate family when his dad decided to shoot them all off to heaven. Luckily, he was out his house - watching TV with his best friend. (The age of TV was just beginning).


I'm bored. No issues for Bekaert, Valeo, Arkema and Kone.
I'm bored...but I'm happy.

Will party later. It will serve as an ocular for Tuesday's bash