Friday, June 22, 2007

on love and need

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 i cant remember exactly when or whoever texted me this message: goes something like:
WRONG = i love you because i need you
RIGHT = i need you because i love you

and it got me thinking at some instance (upon observing the relationship my mom and dog have)...i figured...need and love cannot be really isolated at the extreme ends and then declare that you cannot say you love someone just because you feel you need that someone...

anyway. with regards to my observation. I figured that my mom has learned to love our dog over the span of 1 year because she knows that the dog (our dog gringo) needs by feeling that you are needed by somebody can help you learn to love the somebody (regardless of what reason that somebody has for needing you in the first place.)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

new scanner

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yey! we've got a new scanner.

anyway, im not going to dive into the details...but basically...

i just tried scanning some stuff. and tried outputting it as a text file...and it did!!! you can even edit the documents you scanned directly using notepad.

hehehe. sorry. i was just amazed at the dsp in the hp c6100 scanner we have. =)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

just to say i have an update.

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havent updated in quite a while...

hmm...if you want to watch something really interesting. A movie that's story and character driven, then you must see Zodiac.
I didn't have too much of a high expectation of it when we watched it at Greenbelt...But this is how it goes. I checked the night before we watched Zodiac and the schedule at Gateway said that there's an 830 and 10pm show. I checked around 3am the same day and the schedule remained the same...So i was pretty much assured that above the movie schedule...So we accompanied a friend, tambay, then around 950, we went to buy the tickets, and lo and behold...9 nagstart!

so we decided to just go elsewhere, i texted globe for the schedule of all the nearby cinemas...galleria, megamall, podium, rockwell, greenhills, glorietta - and finally, arrive at Greenbelt3. The other mall will have shown Zodiac around 1030...I did not think we'll make it so we just went for Greenbelt which will show it around 1120...

The movie was 2 hours and 38 minutes. The movie ended around 2am...hahaha...

anyway, for other updates, ive just recently managed to do a hamming(12,8). It took me around 5 days in all or about 3-4 if you took away all the idle times and coding mixed with vacation...

i am considering closing this blog and moving on to another. I am not sure if this entry will be posted, but for the past 2 days, I have been unable to update at all.