Friday, March 28, 2008

geeky stuff

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and no, i am not a geek.

i have never been a fan of using linux. mostly because of how unfamiliar it is. you can't blame me though, it's, i think, part of human nature.
recently, i had a turn about with regards to that certain opinion.

I have an addendum for our undergraduate research project...surprise surprise! I had to create an automated test  to stress test an MMC and the FAT16 file format. I consulted with Sir Atienza with regards to the parameter of the testing...and he told me that to at least project the stress test to about 2 years worth of use.

So, assuming continous usage, the firmware for the Axel Activity Monitor would write every (estimated) 9seconds. 8 seconds data gathering manipulation etc...1 sec (based on led blinking) to write and update and etc for the fat tables and data region.

So...if you have 512 bytes/9sec...translating that to 2 years worth of continous use...that's 3.6GB accumulated writings....hmmm well, with today's memory sizes, that may not be too large. but imagine having an excel file (2 columns of data) that's'll get the point.

at first i was pissed off again mostly because i didnt know anything with C that would be able to accomplish such automation. I have never really entertained the slightest possibility of using Linux. Well...not until this addendum...

oh yeah. instead of using 512 bytes...well, that's not really stress testing. so what i need to do is to write about 240MB (max size is 245MB) and project it to 2 years worth of read and write so that will be a total of 1,677,312,000,000,000 bytes by the end of two years... i will be simulating it to about 6,988,800 (times 240MB to get the amount mentioned)

So i learned that shell scripts would be best to accomplish that automation...
It started out a little tough considering that i didnt know the basic commands you can use pays to use Google (hahaha)

so now, ive managed to finish the program...
I should be running it soon enough...

and during the process of enjoying creating scripts on shell....i have actually been thinking of using ubuntu.

but....enough said. hahaha...i dont want to complicate my life yet.

here's how the code looks like (simple enough)
while [ $counter -le 6988800 ]
    echo "$counter"
    cp test.txt /media/sdc/move.txt
    diff -q test.txt /media/sdc/move.txt >> result.txt
    rm /media/sdc/move.txt
    counter=`expr $counter + 1`

the things i had trouble finding....
if you want to append to an already existing file...use
the ones with expr are not ' ' but rather ` ` the one beside the key 1.

anyway. that's it for stress test.
i love doing shell scripts.
parang C programming only better.
simplified yung variable definitions...but siyempre it's not as easy as C.

i just left our desktop computer running...i programmed it to create the 240MB file necessary for the experiment. Haha! Im afraid it will finish by the time i wake up. I think my laptop is fragmented here and there. especially since i was creating a csv file that would have been continuous...hmm...nevermind thesis hang over. hahaha...the fat entries being updated every now and then when the file is manipulated. it sucks. i figured it would be better to leave it for the computer to accomplish. =)

thank you Lord for shell scripts...and Linux.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

trinoma goes kaboom

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i was supposed to watch horton hears a who in trinoma....

in their thx cinema...

about 20 minutes through the film...
i hear a...


a prolonged sound...something that sounds similar to water gushing out at high pressure...during the first few seconds i was thinking. wow! finally! THX in action!

and lo and behold...

the cinema was flooding.

one of their fire hose something (that has break glass in case of emergency) was bursting out water....a lot of water and was flooding the front of the the other people who were rushing out....i followed...

i had the ticket refunded....and being there in trinoma already, i decided to watch 10000BC instead (don't watch it. i was disappointed).

and when i entered....i hear this loud beeping sound. their fire alarms were going off. well, to be fair, from what i heard, since trinoma was 2 days of...something something. im guessing that some where somehow they forgot to turn something off and pressure became unbearable.

well, that was exciting.

it took about 20 minutes (they had to stop the film first until the sound subsided) for it to stop. they

Thursday, March 13, 2008

'will be' days.

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March 14    - will be the day when i will be taking my last academic exam (for my college life).
                    - will i tear up? hahaha. ASA... I have to rush to makati after the exam. hmm and return back to finalize our presentation for....

March 15     - will be the day of reckoning for our undergraduate research project. it will also mark my last day of doing a powerpoint presentation that's acdemically related
                      -will i tear up? hahaha. ASA. Of course not! Siyempre may lakwatsa after.

March 24     - will be the deadline for the last lab experiment (design exercise/machine problem - however you want to call it) of my whole academic life.
                      -will i tear up? hahaha. ASA!! Para saan pa? 

The end days are numbered.
Pero kelan ako maluluha dahil sa sobrang tuwa at ang limang taong paghihirap at pagsusunog ng kilay ay magtatapos?!

If I graduate with honors. 
Hahaha. Sana di mausog at sana madali ang exam bukas. 

"sana sana sana. puro nalang sana. "

Well, I did give it my all. 
For this semester (the deciding sem to jumpstart 1.77 to 1.75 or less)
Natapos naman ang thesis. Nagawa ang dapat magawa. 
Nanalo ng contest na makakatulong sa lab.
Nagpasa ng field unit ng axel monitor board (phase 2) sa PGH.
Nagpuyat ng todo para sa mga exam ng 113.
Naoverdose sa lead fumes sa kakasolder ng 113 de.

So. bakit puro sana nalang?
Because that's the way things are (well, for me though).
Kick ass with what you're doing.
And do not expect...
Just HOPE things fall into their places.

So, sige na nga. maluluha ako kahit di ako grumaduate with honors.
Hahaha. Tears of sorrow?
teka nga. Pag mas pinaguusapan NAUUSOG!

Nevermind nevermind. Erase erase erase. Hahaha.

I'm ready.
When will the next chapter begin?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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here's how ive come to terms with the reason for "faith's" existence.

God exists in a reality different from ours. Faith is what interlinks the two.

Case in point: Some people say they were miraculously healed by God. And people believe that it is because of their faith that led such event to happen.
And many more.

If you didnt know:
Dogs wagging tail can mean more than what you know. Observation stated in national geographic: When the dog saw its owner, it wagged its tail more to its right (the right side of the dog - when you look at it - your left), and when it saw an unfamiliar dog, it wagged its tail more to the left.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

busiest thesis group - today!

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we have got to be the busiest thesis group in EEE!
no - seriously.

last week, we had an MADC presentation then an awarding. we had to ready a tarpauline and posters for that. But, it turned out well. Everything paid off. We won the most commercializable category after all.

just yesterday, we had a conference where virna this time around presented. (I was the one who presented last MADC and Raissa presented - as she insists when IRC went to Davao again)

But what really sucks is the fact that tomorrow, we have a deadline for the final docu draft due to the advisers. Then we have a deadline with UP Manila. We have to surrender a field unit of our thesis (the Axel Activity Monitor).


Whatelse. I have to fix up some things for graduation. Now, I have a deficiency for my ES11 course - which was never brought up when I asked for a list of deficiency.

Well, that's life - as a student affiliate of IRC. Hahah. Not that I am complaining.