Sunday, March 23, 2008

trinoma goes kaboom

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i was supposed to watch horton hears a who in trinoma....

in their thx cinema...

about 20 minutes through the film...
i hear a...


a prolonged sound...something that sounds similar to water gushing out at high pressure...during the first few seconds i was thinking. wow! finally! THX in action!

and lo and behold...

the cinema was flooding.

one of their fire hose something (that has break glass in case of emergency) was bursting out water....a lot of water and was flooding the front of the the other people who were rushing out....i followed...

i had the ticket refunded....and being there in trinoma already, i decided to watch 10000BC instead (don't watch it. i was disappointed).

and when i entered....i hear this loud beeping sound. their fire alarms were going off. well, to be fair, from what i heard, since trinoma was 2 days of...something something. im guessing that some where somehow they forgot to turn something off and pressure became unbearable.

well, that was exciting.

it took about 20 minutes (they had to stop the film first until the sound subsided) for it to stop. they

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