Sunday, March 2, 2008

busiest thesis group - today!

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we have got to be the busiest thesis group in EEE!
no - seriously.

last week, we had an MADC presentation then an awarding. we had to ready a tarpauline and posters for that. But, it turned out well. Everything paid off. We won the most commercializable category after all.

just yesterday, we had a conference where virna this time around presented. (I was the one who presented last MADC and Raissa presented - as she insists when IRC went to Davao again)

But what really sucks is the fact that tomorrow, we have a deadline for the final docu draft due to the advisers. Then we have a deadline with UP Manila. We have to surrender a field unit of our thesis (the Axel Activity Monitor).


Whatelse. I have to fix up some things for graduation. Now, I have a deficiency for my ES11 course - which was never brought up when I asked for a list of deficiency.

Well, that's life - as a student affiliate of IRC. Hahah. Not that I am complaining.

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