Tuesday, February 26, 2008

on life's challenges

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a lot of ground needs to be covered.
Yet, I sleep.
Not because I want to.
But because I need to.

Life's like this. We're pushed and pulled by life's eddies.

I am exhausted. Pushing yourself does have its toll.
More evidently now, with the changing weather.

With a coming exam, and the need to integrate our thesis' firmware.
I stand torn in between.

Especially pissed of by the fact that I was late earlier. I don't even want to specify.

But, priorities priorities. I guess the integration has to wait.
I have all the time next week.
But little time now to study for ece113.

I would not be dreading this much - if I have only been attending classes diligently.
But then again, why have I not been able to attend in the first place?

Hohoho. If only life's abundant with material belonging. Then with each low, an equivalent high.
A material thing to satisfy every whim.

Haha. The answer to every down. Nope. Not alcohol.

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