Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CH44: Education and Circumstance

I know someone who's going through a trying time today.
He's studying in one of the premier universities, but his family is undergoing trying times (financially).

I can't help but relate somehow.
I know what it feels like to be "ordinary" in a school for the rich.
But he's situation is different though.
He has to undergo a shift in perspective, and come face to face with the reality, that perhaps, he's out of place.
And with the way things are going, it will not suffice to just carry on the same way.
In my opinion, his situation calls for action.

It's one thing to see a reality shown on the telly, it's a different matter to live it.

I don't know what to feel for that person though.
It's not pity, because, pity is the worst gift you can give someone.
Empathy, perhaps yes.

That person is currently undergoing a blame game, faced with the possibility of not being able to enroll due to financial constaints.
I am not sure if the person really understands the dire situation that his family is in though. But I know it is hard and will be much harder for him (and his family).

But my opinion on the matter is, apply for scholarship. If that doesn't work out, then contemplate the possibility and reality of studying part time. Or in the very worse case, transfer to a different school that his family can accomodate.

The worse thing to do of course is to stop. Much worse, as he is in the position now, is to point the blame. Pointing the blame on others is a means to escape the reality at hand. A reality that is too hard and too harsh to accept.

I didn't study in the premier school though, so I can't say the kind of peer pressure and mentality that he is exposed to. It can be hard for him to hang around with people who are rich and have money to flaunt. It adds unnecessary stress to an already stressful environment - university.

There's another possibility to explore of course. Loan money. From your relatives. Well, as a matter of fact, that possibility has already been explored on their side. But if the matter calls for them having to borrow money every time a new semester rolls in. What would be your opinion on the matter then?

Well, family is family. But, I guess, it's in my personality and the way I've been brought up to not go that far. I hate "utangs." I don't think I can cope with having to go through each and every day with the thought that I owe someone or some people something. Call it pride or whatever. But, if I was in his position, well, of course, I will have a very hard time as well. But, hmmm, call it maturity or lack of in-depth experience to really be able to relate, but the best recourse for him is:
1. If he wants to continue studying in that premier university, then he best apply for scholarship. If that doesnt work out, apply part time.
2. Shift to another school.
Discuss the matter with his family. It should very much be a family decision and not solely his.

I'm thankful for having gotten into UP. Although, I must say, my expensive primary and secondary education have a lot to contribute to that matter. In the sense that, the materials and environment were conducive for my growth. And, although in my opinion now, I was just ordinary, there was no lack of support from my parents and family to make me feel otherwise - extraordinary. It's either that, or because I was an A student. Haha

And, as this is happening around me, I am thankful of course for my parents and siblings for everything. I am thankful for my parents for not taking unnecessary risks that could have jeopardized my future.

But of course, hahaha, i'm not that emotional and open to tell it to them straight up. So this should serve for now.