Sunday, September 30, 2012

CH127: Window Sill

Over glasses of gin tonic, we sat beside each other on your window sill.
Several kisses. Several nothingness. Several long held eye contacts.
Several embraces. Several cheers.

We watched X-factor Philippines, Britain's got talent and all sorts of other stuff.
We searched for "our" song. Your Song. Heaven. One and Only.
There were so much more we found and yet to discover.

By your window sill, we got drunk on the bombay sapphire gin tonic mix i made.
By the window sill looking over the condominium pool.
By the window sill were we didn't care if anybody was looking up at us.

By the window sill, we made love.
By the window sill, we confessed to each other.
By the window sill, we said our ILYs.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

CH126: Change Status

Backtrack: ch125-chemical-reaction

I don't really believe in "ligaw" or "courtship" - if everything feels right, then go for it.

If both parties are ready. If everything feels natural. Nothing is forced. The conversation flows. The body languages sync and complement. If there's the spark and electricity in every kiss. If you can "not talk" and just communicate through each other's eyes. If you can give up a bad habit for someone - just because. If even after several lunch dates, it's always a fresh meeting. If after every sleep-over you don't feel like a whore - but a lover (LOL - jk). If after everything else you can think of, there's still that one person there - Sharing your sentiments. Feeling what you're feeling. Appreciating everything about you. Enveloping you in their presence.

Mutually Exclusive.

Monday, September 24, 2012

[Random] iPhone 5

Finally got my hands on the iPhone 5! It's so much different from the iPhone 4. It's responsive and fast!

I highly recommend anyone to go and upgrade or make the switch!
I was only planning to get a 32gb black, but it was so high in demand and out of stock! I was choosing last minute between a 32gb white and a 64gb black - a matter of function vs aesthetic conundrum. But, I figured, I'd like a phone I'd be so happy to see and hold rather than think about how just right the 32gb memory serves me!

super sleek body!

singtel powered with LTE
LTE speedtest!

Friday, September 21, 2012

CH124: Rawa Malaysia

As was mentioned previously, some members of my dragonboat team (including me) went to Rawa Malaysia. (entry here: [Random] skinny dip).

I don't want to sound repetitive when I babble on how effing amazing that weekend was, so I'll cut my narrative short and just let the pictures tell the story. But just to note - it's not about the destination, it's about the people you're with that makes vacations memorable.

Photo Credits: San Miguel Benedicto Jr, Iton Pomentil, Raymund Laurel and Lemuel Ruyeras. (my dragonboat crewmates)

There were so many activities to do and have there: 1. photoop, 2. trampoline 3. pier diving 4. frisbee 5. beach volleyball (no pics) 6. dancing 7. shots and drinks 8. great food (no pics) etc! So many great photos taken I'm elated! :-)

How about you? Which activity would you have enjoyed?

More More More - Photodump!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Random] Food Conversation

Proof that I don't do "diet"

Friend: Grabe ang payat mo!!
Tipz: Sang picture?
Friend: Sa profile pic saka yung trampoline
Tipz: Trampoline? Ahaha yung kktag Ko Lang. May bilbil pa di Lang kita
(referring to this)

Friend: Hahaha! Kala ko may 6 pack ka na
Tipz: Wala noh! Sino nag sabi?
Friend: Ahaha wala naman...
Tipz: Hahahaha
Friend: Feel na feel hahaha
Tipz: Wag m usugin baka tumaba ulit ako
Friend: Haha d ka ata kumakain e
Tipz: Rice lang di Ko na kinakain...actually kakapasok Ko Lang wendys mag didinner haha
Friend: Naks. Bacon mushroom melt! Fries kumakain ka?
Tipz: Oo naman hahaha. Basta Hindi Lang rice
Friend: Haha. Ako ang takaw ko na sa rice lately
Tipz: Haha naglilihi?
Friend: Haha hindi pa noh. pinaglilihian ba ang rice??
Tipz: Kaya ako nag stop sa rice kasi Ang hirap macontrol Ang intake. Tsaka Ang sarap sa saucy food lol
Friend: D ka natetempt? D mo namimiss?
Tipz: Hahaha hello, nanay nga ni agua bendita holy water pinaglihihan! HAHAHAHA! di n. siguro na sanay na rin Wala nmn siyang specific n lasa na icrave
Friend: Lol agua bendita! Hahahaha

Monday, September 17, 2012

[Random] skinny dip

Last weekend when my dragonboat team went to Rawa Malaysia, I finally got to experience skinny dipping in the open sea.

The courage I believe was highly influenced by alcohol. We started drinking early on around 4-5pm! But since we were a group of 40, the shots and drinks didn't go around as quickly so the build-up was gradual. :-)

We decide to skinny dip after sweating it out on the dance floor! Super fun and the first thought when I went in was - Fuck! This is so liberating!!!! Then we danced a bit to the tunes ring played in the bar by the beach. :-)

Photos and decent entry will be posted soon....

Friday, September 14, 2012

CH122: SAVA Sprints - Filipino Dragons (Singapore)

More pictures to tell the story.
It was a fun two day event. Was able to bond and get to know the team better. Despite not winning anything, it was an experience in itself and I admit (after letting out the frustrations) that it was worth the sacrifices.

Here's the link to an article in GMA News regarding the recent victory(ies).

Pictures taken from San Miguel Benedicto Jr album posted in the Filipino Dragons (Singapore) Facebook group:


Thursday, September 13, 2012

CH121: Frustrations and Murakami

My team, the Filipino Dragons Singapore won 3 golds in 3 categories - corporate, expat and premiere women. It's frustrating for me though, that the boats I was in, comprised mostly of Juniors did not bag any prize. Yes, the boats I was in lost.

What's even more frustrating for me - is the fact that I won't be here in Singapore for the Singapore River Regatta happening on Nov 3-4. SO, the SAVA Sprints was pretty much my last (?) opportunity for a competitive race - and it sucks that I didn't get to win anything with my other junior teammates.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Random] Housemate Profile

September 3, 2012.
24 years old.

How do you like Singapore so far?
"Oh, I like it very much, although, it's hard to get to know immediately if the client likes you. It's like, okay, thank you, bye. Very different from Europe where you get to know after meeting the client."

So, how's work?
"It's been good. But, it's not as much as I was expecting - in terms of numbers. I mean, they are coming, but there's the waiting time to know if you're booked..."

You do more fashion shows or more of photo and ads and campaigns?
"I do walks yes, this coming Wednesday, I have a show for Gucci. I also do shoots and campaigns, so far since arriving here, I've done shoots with Esquire, Style, Prestige, and just recently August. My face is not really for commercial campaigns, I do more high fashion."

That's cool. My friend who's with Fully Booked models tells me that their agency books them at parties and events to meet prospective clients and editors. Does your agency also do that?
"Yes, I also do events, but, I mean, I go out to party and stuff. Sometimes when I meet people at parties and they ask me to do a shoot for them, I tell them to talk to my agents. But, when people tell me that they'll pay me to go to their events, I deal with them directly."

Hahaha, you're moonlighting?
"Well, sort of, because sometimes it's just a bit of a bullshit with the agency telling me that these are the overhead charges, etc. I mean, if I can go to the event and get my pictures taken just for going there to enjoy the event, why not? It's quick money and cash and I don't have to deal with the agency."