Friday, September 21, 2012

CH124: Rawa Malaysia

As was mentioned previously, some members of my dragonboat team (including me) went to Rawa Malaysia. (entry here: [Random] skinny dip).

I don't want to sound repetitive when I babble on how effing amazing that weekend was, so I'll cut my narrative short and just let the pictures tell the story. But just to note - it's not about the destination, it's about the people you're with that makes vacations memorable.

Photo Credits: San Miguel Benedicto Jr, Iton Pomentil, Raymund Laurel and Lemuel Ruyeras. (my dragonboat crewmates)

There were so many activities to do and have there: 1. photoop, 2. trampoline 3. pier diving 4. frisbee 5. beach volleyball (no pics) 6. dancing 7. shots and drinks 8. great food (no pics) etc! So many great photos taken I'm elated! :-)

How about you? Which activity would you have enjoyed?

More More More - Photodump!

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