Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Random] Housemate Profile

September 3, 2012.
24 years old.

How do you like Singapore so far?
"Oh, I like it very much, although, it's hard to get to know immediately if the client likes you. It's like, okay, thank you, bye. Very different from Europe where you get to know after meeting the client."

So, how's work?
"It's been good. But, it's not as much as I was expecting - in terms of numbers. I mean, they are coming, but there's the waiting time to know if you're booked..."

You do more fashion shows or more of photo and ads and campaigns?
"I do walks yes, this coming Wednesday, I have a show for Gucci. I also do shoots and campaigns, so far since arriving here, I've done shoots with Esquire, Style, Prestige, and just recently August. My face is not really for commercial campaigns, I do more high fashion."

That's cool. My friend who's with Fully Booked models tells me that their agency books them at parties and events to meet prospective clients and editors. Does your agency also do that?
"Yes, I also do events, but, I mean, I go out to party and stuff. Sometimes when I meet people at parties and they ask me to do a shoot for them, I tell them to talk to my agents. But, when people tell me that they'll pay me to go to their events, I deal with them directly."

Hahaha, you're moonlighting?
"Well, sort of, because sometimes it's just a bit of a bullshit with the agency telling me that these are the overhead charges, etc. I mean, if I can go to the event and get my pictures taken just for going there to enjoy the event, why not? It's quick money and cash and I don't have to deal with the agency."

Where do you go to gym? Is it paid for by your agency?
"Not exactly. But, a friend introduced me to Sky Fitness in Vivo city. I only pay like 50 dollars per month and I'm like the only guy there. It's mostly women who work out there. And the 50 dollars is a "model's rate""

What the hell? A model's rate? Well, they should be paying you then for going to their gym. Or maybe you can shoot an ad for them and it's for free.

What about model houses though? My friend tells me he stays in a model house. Didn't your agency offer you the same?
"Well they did, but I wouldn't want to pay like 1000sgd to stay in Somerset and share the room with 3 other models. That's a fucking waste if I can find a room like here where we stay and pay cheap."

Do you miss your family?
"Hahaha, no...I mean, I've been travelling a lot. Before coming here, I stayed in New York and have an apartment there I'm renting out to a pretty messy girl. But no, I don't miss my family. Have you been to New York?"

Nope, not yet. But next month I'm going to LA.
"San Francisco?"

I think we're going through San Fran. We're going around mostly on the West Coast LA and Las Vegas.
"Cool. Las Vegas. I LOVE Vegas. The last time I went there for like a 10 day trip, it took me two weeks to recover! I slept so little!"

You went there for work or just a vacation?
"No, just a vacation, but I mean, we went out and partied for 3-4 nights and like I only slept for 2 hours! 2 goddamn hours! But, I mean, it was alright, I like going out to party, and I can manage. You're over 18 right?"

Hahaha, I'm 26! Well, of course you can manage! You're only 24 and you're still young!
"Well, you're not old as well!"

Haha, well, I won't keep you up, I'm going to get ready for sleep.
"Yes, sure, let's get dinner on Wednesday. I'll have to see what time my show will finish, I'll message you."

Sure, maybe we can try the food stalls in Golden Mile and get some Thai.
"Yes, that will be great. I need something healthy. I've been eating crap since I got here. There's barely anywhere I can buy vegetable to eat. Most of the vegetables are either fried or cooked up with butter! I've been eating Paos mostly because they're by far the healthiest I could recognize."

Because they're steamed? Haha. Well good night.
"Good night."

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