Monday, August 27, 2012

CH118: Vicarious Living

The above pictures were taken after our two teams from the Filipino Dragons Singapore finished the 10KM SDBA-Austcham Dragonboat race. Still feeling the adrenaline and goosebumps with the realization that "I DID IT!" Although we didn't get to bring home any medals, despite all the blisters, the sore muscles and bruised ass, I am still so proud of myself and my team for the achievement of actually finishing.

You don't get to notice the time pass by when you're in the race - all your mind can really focus on is sending the necessary signals to both arms in paddling! Well, at least that's how I felt like then. I couldn't focus elsewhere like the sights and views we were paddling through - as I didn't want to become out of sync from the two people in front of me - thereby cascading the mistake down.

During the race, our boat was set in the middle #20 out of 27 boats/teams that entered - our other team was at #27. So, we were warned before hand that there are bound to be collisions. And so, yes, we did experience a lot of collisions - more than 5 by my count. I found it exhilarating when between two boats, there's only a slot between to fit 1 paddle - so yes, my left hand and arm got hit several times - but luckily not enough to actually injure. There was a point though when I had to pull my arm out and into the boat - otherwise it would have been pitted between my team's boat and the colliding one. Yes, there's a level of awareness necessary to escape any unnecessary injuries. It was fun though, when I realized that there is a slot of space to start paddling again, that I just started and continued paddling and was shouting (I think) "Go Go Go!" Haha

It did help that my US visa got approved the day before the race. I can't imagine now how I would have felt paddling with depressing thoughts floating around.

[EDIT] PS: My US visa is multiple entry for 10 years!!! I can't believe it! A stamp of approval from the toughest place to secure a visa (I think)!


  1. Congratulations on your US Visa. And thank you for the comment you left in my blog. That's what actually I did after she responded to one of my emails. :)

    1. thanks!! :-) and, that's good that you talked to her personally - it's more effective in those kinds of situation imo coming from a BPO setup in HP. I hope you were able to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand

    2. Yey, you know each other! Hi Tippy, hi Puppy-Dog! ^^'