Friday, August 3, 2012

[Random] The Wanted

I didn't even know of this (boy) band until today. Although I'm familiar with their song above, I didn't know it was by them. It's just a club mix I hear often - where else but in the clubs. My friend posted in our dragonboat team page their video Gold Forever (down below). I think they're going to be making it big soon. Although, I should note, the number of seeders where I get my torrent is quite low (not even more than 500) as of this writing. But that should change soon as they make their waves and become known/more popular.

Album downloaded, playlist to be updated. Pushing back Sugar Ray, the Corrs and my plans to re explore the New Radicals.

And here below is the song I'm really liking from them. Feels electro-pop-dance. The lyrics evokes memories of Zoukout. Chasing the Sun. Enjoy!

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