Friday, August 24, 2012

CH117: Social Calendar

Time is going by so fast here in Singapore. Weekly, it seems that I just wake up Friday, and go like "F*CK! Where did the week go? It's Friday!" With so much going on, so much happening, dragon boat training - and, uhm, work - sometimes I feel like, I'm so living in the now, I don't even realize the NOW just became the THEN. Pages and pages just seem to flip by. I find myself having to schedule meetups a week before. (meetups - as in with friends, "etc"). Or sometimes, sacrifice some sleep, have last minute cancellations just to provide the dynamism a 20 year old me needs. Like, yes, I'd forego an early Sunday morning dragonboat training - when I wake up some place other than my place - like uhm, a friend's house after a late night out? Hahaha

TBC - picture sent by G1
I would say that Singapore really changed me. Mostly for the better. The work opportunity available, the decent pay, the friends I got to meet, the realizations I had for myself and life in general, the wild crazy (safe) fun, the shopping binges, the chance to give back to my family, the chance to travel and explore the world, the chance to meet people of different races, the clubbing, the drink binges at the "pub(s)", the renewed outlook for health and physical well being...the list just goes on.

So many experiences crammed in a span of 1 year and 6 months (and counting). 

Plan A:
I'm referring to the plan to resign now (ch109-press-escapech112-gold-forever), have a month vacation in the US Oct - Nov, a month in the PH come December - and move to NZ January. 

But, a Plan B was hatched when i was contemplating and brooding over my hesitation:

Plan B:
Stay at work (conditions: US visa approved, Leave approved).
Oct - Nov at US
Dec - work still in SG
Jan - visit NZ to activate visa
Feb - apply PEP (this is available I think if you've worked in SG for 2 years at least - it's like an employment pass but NOT tied to any employers - so in effect, it's a work visa with less conditions and restrictions. If you're P1 status, then you don't have to wait for 2 years I think)
April - 1 year contract ends, get bonus, resign, move to NZ
---Pro: Backup and security with PEP such that if things don't go the way as planned in NZ, I can easily go back to SG to work.

Out of the blue though, one of the companies I forwarded my resume to in NZ called when I was in the rush to print last minute some US visa supporting documents earlier! So, now I've scheduled an interview with them on Monday August 27 11:00 am New Zealand time - that will be 7:00 am SGT.

Plan C:
Sept/Oct - secure work at NZ (only if they agree for me to go on at least 2 weeks leave to US for my sister's wedding)
Oct/Nov - US
Nov-onwards - settle in NZ
---Pros: Achieve end goal and can start planning newer and bigger goals! :)

PLAN A is definitely junked now - since 1. My US visa has been approved and 2. My leave was approved by my project manager. So, now, it's either PLAN B or PLAN C - depending on how my interview on Monday goes. If it goes well, then PLAN C will be in motion and it's adios Singapore after 30 days. If it doesn't go well, then all is well still with PLAN B. The two choices are both positive! Yes, there may be some disappointment by not getting the job, but then it's just a little bump in the road, the future looks bright and I have a lot still to be thankful for...

So for now ... keep the "bookings" and "appointments" coming! I like my weekly schedules packed tight!

In hindsight though, I'm quite amazed at how fluid things have transitioned for me. Before, being the youngest and spoiled, I always let my mom worry about visa requirements, passport renewal, and other matters. Now, after taking care of my NZ work visa, as well as my passport renewal, I was able to secure the US visa on my own.

I feel proud of myself with the little things like the above, that I've accomplished myself. I really am living independently now and I LOVE IT! Perhaps, soon, my update will be finding a significant other and settling down....NAH! At the rate I'm going, I don't think I even have enough time to look for one! For all I know, "dumating na" and "lumampas na"! :-)


  1. Good to know things are working out very well. :)

    I'm thinking of a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D as well, although everything is still pretty much up in the air.

    A huge part of me is quite happy to be here and if it weren't for the uncertainty brought about by being a foreigner, I would really like to stay in this country. :-/

    1. Thanks Ange! I cleared out my Sunday afternoon for either a 5pm or 6pm mass to give thanks! hahaha

      It's always good to have plans and options! They are what makes life more thrilling because only by having them do we get a feel of control over our lives!

      You can apply for PR to buffer security concerns! :-) Or if not, you can wait for when you turn 2 in SG and apply for a PEP!

    2. What happened to being spontaneous? Hehehe! :P Kidding lah.

    3. of course! but not for long term life plans! hahaha