Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Random] snip snip

48 SGD for a haircut?! That's like how much?! 1300 pesos [EDIT: according to google it's actually 1620.9072 pesos as of 08/22/12 11:03pm sgt]? I think it was because the person who cut my hair was a senior stylist. Aside from the usual scalp massage from other salons, the water they offered was bottled and they provided some biscuits as well. They also had some hot towel.

The verdict? I like the haircut, despite giving a simple instruction that I'd like it short. The stylist achieved what I had in mind to look like - which showed his seniority knowing how to cut my hair in accordance to how my head is shaped (it's unusual from the feedback I'm getting from other stylists).


  1. for like Php1300, it should also include buffet snack. hehe.

    Nice do :)

    1. thanks. i didnt realize it will be that expensive. i thought maybe 25-30 sgd, but the quality of service was okay though aside from the additional stuff

  2. Replies
    1. i know! even i was shocked i had to swipe it...see you tomorrow!