Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Random] House Music Tripping

Unfortunately, the Wanted was no longer playing in my iPhone after a little over a week. It got unfortunately replaced by Maroon 5's Overexposed album. I should be creating a review for that since it's that amazing! Although, putting about 4 (or 5? I need to check) remixes of Payphone is a bit of an overkill.

Because of the lack of videos on YouTube for Maroon 5 tracks, I have to postpone that entry a bit.

Getting on back to house music love! Below are the tracks to look forward to! Zoukout lineup hasn't been finalized yet. They should start coming in September and get finalized mid - late October if I remember how it went last year.

Here's to start it off. Avicii - Silhouette. Uplifting song - although, I'm quite shocked at the seriousness of the message of the video. In a sense it's promoting freedom and living life to who you are, it's a very powerful message - I guess, not something we usually find in mainstream.

Other tracks I'm loving now:
A dose of eargasm from Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso and Steve Angello - Eclipse (Why am I doing this?)

And the last one:
Very chill house tune. Dont you worry child from the Swedish House Mafia.

If the tunes above were meals, I would start it off listening to the Swedish House Mafia. Main course would be Eclipse (Why am I doing this?) and capping off the 3 course meal with a dessert from Avicii (Silhouette) hahaha.

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