Monday, August 13, 2012

CH114: Port Dickson

So, recently, there was a Thursday holiday here in Singapore. I decided, it was a good time to get away from the city (Singapore) and just explore Malaysia. Initially, I wanted for us to go to Tioman, but unfortunately, the hotels were fully booked. Not wanting to stress ourselves further, I suggested we just go to Port Dickson, get a good resort and relax.

Despite the hiccup at the start of the trip getting duped by a conductor (mentioned here), I would say I had an OKAY time. Not that GREAT in the sense that there wasn't much to see in Port Dickson. It would be a good place for a family, but not for the one looking for thrills and adventures. The food is also great, especially since they are quite cheap (or at least, we thought they were).

Time for pictures

resort pool

view from 6th floor where our room was

very chill atmosphere

infinity pool (adults only no kids allowed)

slurping up the singapore sling

testing the waters

at the cumulus bar

playing with shadows

band at dinner


chendol chendol

cape rachado lighthouse

yummy boston oysters

red snapper


  1. Tipz, the resort looks awesome! :) Went with Pinoy group?

    1. yep! went with colleagues from HP who are also now working in SG. it's the #1 according to tripadvisor :)pricing is okay as well

    2. Cool, cool. :) What's the name of the hotel? :)