Monday, September 25, 2006


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I just finished reading up on a friend's blog entry....and here are my two cents.

I am very sorry for the person who wrote the entry on EEE. I thought it was immature. Furthermore, I think it was in total disregard of the situation to compare UP with La Salle EEE.
By no standards should we (UP Dil EEE students) compare ourselves with La Salle. Not that I am saying this out of ego or pride or whatever it is that people say UP students have. Quite frankly, there's not a hint of pride and prejudice in that statement.

Yes, I noticed that the quality of education may perhaps be comprised due to the reason stated (ie, large student population, lack in facilities, etc etc.) But, heck, what are we called Scholars for? Isko/Iska? I think that instead of pointing out the reasons why this and that happens, instead of looking in comparison at other universities, instead of saying to other people that if he/she would have gone to La Salle/Ateneo ECE or COE or EE his/her life would have been better, that person should try to overcome the circumstances. Hasnt that person heard of striving and becoming better through adversities? I mean, come on, let's stop saying that if had gone to other universities, one would not experience the things one experiences in DEEE UP DIL and even say further that they may be in the honors list, deans list whatever.

IF THAT WAS THE KIND OF SPIRIT WE POSSESS, THEN WHAT ASSURANCE DO WE HAVE OF MAKING IT ELSEWHERE?I know that life in EEE is very hard. I should know. I am very sorry for ranting out like this. I know for a fact that I used to say the same things that person is saying. I know for fact that I have been through the phase that person is facing. But, to my amazement, no longer is my perspective the same. I dont know. Perhaps, that's what people experience when they step into the twenty-ish age. I may still the say the same things like if i had gone to this and that...but no longer is the conviction in saying those words the same. If you ever hear me say those kind of things, I am bluffing.

Also, nalimot ko sabihin. I have faith in the faculty of the EEE. Duh. Dean natin si Ma'am Guev. Do you actually think that she doesnt know of these things? Let's not underestimate the faculty.

Also, decreasing the amount of students that could enter the department is no option. Are you saying we discriminate against deserving students just because we can no longer accomodate? Hmm...nawiweirduhan tuloy ako bigla. Pag nagsabing increase in tuition, puro reklamo. Reklamo reklamo reklamo nalang. Haay...pati tuloy ako napapagod na mag reklamo.

Anyway, I seem to have lost the point in trying to put up this entry, so I hope i've expressed what I needed to express.

Anyway, I havent updated in a long while.
Been busy...haay...wala pa ring maayos na schedule for next sem. Conflict yung elective sa major...ewan ko ba. Come what may.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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I hate my cough. this is the first time in the longest time since i had a case of "cough." For some reason i like it better when it's flu or something. you know, the dripping nose, the phlegmatic "singa" on tissues. even though, it gets hard to actually swallow water or whatever because of the congested nasal passage...i think i can live better with that case...hmm...i suddenly realized that dizziness accompanies that kind of ailment. hahaha. oh well, nevermind what I said. The only thing I hate about coughs, well the cough i have for the past days is that it's terribly hard to control. I cant even breathe deep. because i end up wheezing then coughing. i hate it. I couldnt get any sleep last night because I was coughing myself up. hahaha bad pun. i intended it to like waking = coughing.


UPdates updates.
1. For some weird miracle, Thank You Lord! I passed both exams of eee 43. Well, the first exam was very very surprising! I mean, come on! When that exam finished, it felt so surreal. I cant even remember if it coincided with the eee 41 exam...wait...did it? Well...hmm...I can see clearly now. Even though I have been trying to avoid compromise in the things that I ends up as it is. Compromised eee 41 for eee 43...haay...well, at least I still have some...actually, i can no longer predict the situation...but I still hope for the best so that I could get CS standing. that's enough to bring my GWA closer to 1.75....haay...dont be so dear intellect.

2. Y4it was fun. Though, at the very start of the event, I had an embarassing moment. And man, to be embarassed in front of 2000+++ people! I mean, so at Y4it there was this batian portion where the schools or whoever was there hands notes to the host so that they could be acknowledged.AND! Since I was one of the ushers, someone handed it to me to give to the host...then when I got close, the host reacted something like "Oi Gwapo..." Then "He/She", started to interview me and asked me if I was chinese. So I answered yes, I was half...then he/she made this joke about my mother being fukien? Or the way he/she coined it "Fukienang Ina mo?" Well, I smiled a bit at the joke...It was just totally embarassing that I didnt even realize that someone was taking a video of what was happening...and the video was being projected in...i dont know, 2 of the three projectors on the stage. Man oh man. But it came as a blur...sooner or later. I did what I had to do...and that was usher...Well, just a comparison of this incident and the last. Well, this one isnt as embarassing as the last....only difference is that the audience was much bigger. The last incident where somebody asked a form of a half truth joke or whatever  "patikim naman ng ngipin mo" in front of several audiences...included some erg people and some other people from the college of engg as well as some of my friends....well, that was more shocking that was just recently happened.

3. I sure am attracting the wrong sex. Haay. I'll admit it for now. Torpe. Hahaha. That's me.

4. Still coughing.

5. Still have 50 pages left to read for eee 41.

6. I shall be studying for eee 43 now. I might as well do better. Oh by the way. dahil gusto ko magyabang ng konti...first exam. kulang pa ng isang part...that would comprise 33.33 points of the total far average ko for the 2 parts that was returned = 184/3. So that's about 61.something...I really hope i get a good grade for the missing not returned part. And, for the 2nd exam...hahhaa...Now, this also came as a shock to me. You see. When I studied for this exam...I didnt have any sleep. As in none at all. I crammed it all in one night...So di talaga ako natulog...from 2am hanggang 10 yan yung span of time na nagaral ako then nag exam (7-10) hehehe...Lord, salamat talaga! Oh, I got 71. something.

7. I have now received that jump start that I just needed.badly needed

Monday, September 11, 2006


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havent done anything for the weekend....if there was anything else that was accomplished...they were unimportant and totally useless...

1. was feeling sick. played ps2 from 11am till 530am the next day. (sunday)

1. woke up around 12nn. i told myself thati will be studying. i planned my sunday! but then again, it was useless. totally useless... i have been so around 6pm, i decided to rid myself of the distraction. I bought my new phone. Nokia N70. Now, there. I am no longer distracted. =)

2. I have realized that because of so many things that I have to do...not that I chose to accept all of them...most of which were just delegated to me...I have ruined the discipline that I developed in me...through high school till last sem. I totally lost all sense of discipline. Never, do i remember doing so many things in so little time. And all of which are compulsary. Must accomplished. But...what I noticed was that...I tend to delay things. I tend to just let things go by. I tend to let things just slip through. Because I feel that sooner or later, I will wake up and they're done. Bullshit right? Well...I am hating myself for this...Now, I have a new phone. I will start to atone for all the wrong doings I have done to my ego, my pride and my character. I must.

3. Feeling better. The only thing bothering me now is the cough I have nudge in my throat. It's just itchy. I hate it.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

another night of affluence

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hehehe. just got home about 40 minutes ago from our family dinner at oh man...i sure am glad i insisted on coming!

-The dinner at Gloria Maris was great! I loved the huge crabs, the lapu lapu, the something dagat...(i forgot the name...but it was delicious! hehehe i think it was amihang dagat or something that started with the letter a) wintermelon soup was great as well hehehe...

I realize and learned a lot of things over dinner.
1. What we ate, the dinner for 18 people cost 36,000 pesos. well, sa 36k naman kasama na yung moon cake (Oct 6! mooncake festival) na regalo sa bawat family na nagpunta hehehe which, was not really that well represented. like for our family, 3 were missing because all three are out of the country...grabe talaga. hehehe na shock ako sa nalaman ko hehehe. and sabi pa nila it's way cheaper here than hongkong...hmm...onti nalang talaga...hehehe gagraduate na ako.

2. I'm so happy that I went. hehehe. Because i am still studying, i got 100$! wheee. hehhehe. KAHIT DI KAMI NAKAPASOK SA MARKETING CONGRESS TOP 8! Hehehe, nakuha ko na yung share ko hehehe...yey! Yan tuloy, umiral na ang pagkamaterialistic planning on buying a new phone/digital camera...pero naguiguilty naman ako gastusin hehehe parang gusto ko rin kasi may pocket money pag nagbakasyon...haay...

3. Hehehe, the person who treated us for tonight...I dont exactly know how to call our relationship...he's the son of the half brother of my naman kung alam mo. Anyway, ayun nga, ther person who treated us tonight, perhaps dahil nakainom siya or something said that, lahat ng pamilya Kwan/Kuan will go to China on New Year because her sister, which will be the daughter of the half brother of my mother,  is going to get married in china...haay...pero sabi ng mom ko naman....ang proposed plan, mga couple lang ng family, so that will be my mom and dad, and invited ang brother ko plus his girlfriend dahil friends sila sa paano kami ng kapatid ko! ako magisa sa pilipinas? kapatid ko magisa sa guam? nooo!!! gusto ko sumama..hehehe susuhulan ko na nanay ko! hahaha. I really really do hope that the plan pushes through. Nakakasawa rin naman kasi magpasko parati nalang for 20 years of your life dito sa pilipinas...ay....3 new years ago pala sa guam ako nag after pwedeng christmas na rin siguro yun.

4. October 6, moon cake ferstival! hehehe yey! may mooncake na kami.

5. I learned that they, the family of the half brother of my mom, has a business over at yung 2nd dream place ko of working...or first ba? ewan ko ba! basta isa yun sa gusto kong mga place na makapagwork. pero sabi travel agency daw yata eh...haay...sana meron silang kelangan ng engineer. gusto ko maexperience yung culture ng kalahating porsyento ng dugong nananalaytay sa katawan chinese...hehehe...ay nagjoke ako. btw, nakita ko kasi kung gaano na rin kamodern sa shanghai through amazing race kaya ko naisipan dun magtrabaho....and...hehehe....i can fit in perfectly well. duh...ay...baka korea yung nasa isip ko ehhehe...sabi na talaga ng maraming tao!!! --- mukha raw akong koreano. shet. ayaw ko nga. siguro kaya lang nila nasabi yun dahil karamihan naman kasi ng mga palabas sa tv ngayon koreanovela...wala na masyadong tsinovela kaya nacacategorize ng mga tao na mukha akong koreano...or mala koreanovela raw ang mukha ko hahaha. siyempre yung bida...di yata mukhang pang extra mukha ko! hahaha.

6. I suddenly had this strong urge to get a copy of T3 magazine and PC i bought myself copies....ewan....nagchange bigla taste ko. months prior to that time, time magazine trip ko basahin....heheh at least i know nag eexpand na yung taste ko for reading materials. dati laging fictional thriller/horror/fantasy lang gusto ko basahing nobela....tapos naging fhm yung nadagdag....then time...and tech mag.

7. Grabe ang dami ko pa talagang kelangan gawin. at naiinis na ako dahil nawawalan ako ng disiplina na gawin yung mga yun. dahil sa dami, napapagod nalang ako at di ko na natitirahan ng energy yung iba para magawa...haay...haay....

8. anyway...busog pa ako sobra sa kinain namin ehhehe. now's the time to put all that energy to good use...ARAL NA!

I remember now! It was alupihang dagat!!! hahaha. there you go