Monday, September 11, 2006


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havent done anything for the weekend....if there was anything else that was accomplished...they were unimportant and totally useless...

1. was feeling sick. played ps2 from 11am till 530am the next day. (sunday)

1. woke up around 12nn. i told myself thati will be studying. i planned my sunday! but then again, it was useless. totally useless... i have been so around 6pm, i decided to rid myself of the distraction. I bought my new phone. Nokia N70. Now, there. I am no longer distracted. =)

2. I have realized that because of so many things that I have to do...not that I chose to accept all of them...most of which were just delegated to me...I have ruined the discipline that I developed in me...through high school till last sem. I totally lost all sense of discipline. Never, do i remember doing so many things in so little time. And all of which are compulsary. Must accomplished. But...what I noticed was that...I tend to delay things. I tend to just let things go by. I tend to let things just slip through. Because I feel that sooner or later, I will wake up and they're done. Bullshit right? Well...I am hating myself for this...Now, I have a new phone. I will start to atone for all the wrong doings I have done to my ego, my pride and my character. I must.

3. Feeling better. The only thing bothering me now is the cough I have nudge in my throat. It's just itchy. I hate it.

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