Monday, October 31, 2005

Part 3. far, the sembreak has been kinda dull. Well, except for the particular lakwatsa here and there. (i.e swimming with kiko and nikki last friday...)
hmm...last friday...which reminds me.
Okay, so last thursday, i spent the night at kiko's place. We watched kung fu hustle...the next day we watched shaolin soccer, then we went to celeb soon after to swim.
After swimming, yes kiko brought us back to UP, thanks kiko!! Nikki and I chatted for a little while, got to know her a bit more. about emotional baggage.
Anyway, so by then, I texted my mom, "Are you guys home? I left my keys in the other bag" So, while waiting for their reply, I went to SM NORTH to waste some time in waiting for their reply. Okay, so no reply came, I ASSUMED that they were my demise...when I got home...they weren't. I frantically went to the store that's just right across our house and bought coke (ehehhe may 5pesos lang pala ang liit pa ng bottle) and had my phone loaded with 25 pesos. I called my sister and when she answered I exploded (ehheheh but of course very discreetly...)
They told me that they just received my texts!!! God damn. They told me that it may take them quite a while to get home. They were packing a lot of stuffs we left in one of our other condo units in Mandaluyong. They were going to have it renovated and rented for. (Kaching! extra money ehhehehe) So, I agreed to their plan. I went to this shabby diner (opened for 24 hours) just right on the corner of road 8 and road 13 here in QC. I ordered ahem of the things I usually order...pork sisig! (kadiri yung pork sisig sa grill queen naalala ko lang...may mga buhok pa nung baboy...yuck!) buti nalang sa kanila...wala masyado.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I bought FHM november issue before I went home only to know na yun na nga no one was home!
They told me to go to SM NORTH and watch a movie. So, I did. I went to SM NORTH, bought tickets for the 9pm show time of The 40Yr Old virgin. But I had to wait for about an hour and more. So, I went to the petshop (located at the top floor) and wished that I had a pet. But of course, I have to admit that I am very unsure of how I could take care of it...Isip isip ko baka magsawa rin ako run sa aso and hayaan ko nalang...ehhehe I have that attitude with getting bored with things easily. I saw a guy (who looked gay with his partner =p) buy a white and fairly cute cat. Then, a lady, maybe a friend of the guy bought a pug! (awww...I wanted one too.)
Then, when I finally got bored, I went to the cinema and watched the movie. It was hilarious! spoilers here. I just hope I dont end up like that guy. I...erm...nevermind.

By the way...just a strange instance...when I was finally done watching the film...I went to the cr to take a leak after which I was washing my hands when another person entered. And when I looked at the mirror to see who it was (takot manakawan) I saw that he was staring at me...creepy...paglabas ko ng cr nakasunod pa rin yung tingin niya! Ahahaha...ang cute ko siguro kaya ganun. alam niyo naman...mahirap maging cute. =p
So...when I got home...WALANG DSL! WALANG DSL THE NEXT DAY! WALANG DSL THE NEXT DAY AFTER THAT DAY! 3 days walang dsl!!! sira raw yung ibang place ayus na. MY GULAY!!! I FELT SO DEPRIVED. whoops sorry nalimot kong tanggalin finger ko sa SHIFT eheheheh...
Finally, I was able to go online...pero...anu ba yun. down yung crs. and uvle. ano kaya grade ko sa EEE 21?
PS: Kiko, ang boring ng diablo 2! heheh install ko ulit dahil wala akong magawa...tinatamad pa akong magstart sa ps2...ang pangit na nung diablo 2...boring..
TIPZ's random thoughts:

1) wow. YUNG PS3! sabi sa FHM...ps3 IS 35 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than ps2!!! oh my gulay!!! it's ubelievable!!! tapos ang astig pa ng bagong design nila nung console...XBOX 360 and NINTEDO REVOLUTION BULOK!!! ahahaha...astig talaga eh...tapos kaya pa niya yung mas advance sa DVD...i forgot what it was called, something about blue something blue ray or something.
2) ang ganda ng NOV issue ng FHM!!! ehehehe nagulat ako kay maui taylor! ganda niya!! =p drools. pero di siya yung covergirl eheheh ibang girl eh...from the fhm gnd.
3) I officially finished Digital Devil Saga and started with Digital Devil Saga 2. Ahahahah...natawa ako...sobrang continuous yung in sobrang linked pati ako nagulat sa sobrang smooth nung transition...naexplain pa kung bakit lahat ng skills nawala...sabi kasi...eheheh bakit daw sila nanghina sa REAL WORLD? ehhehe ganda talaga ng story naastigan ako!
4) Bakit walang nagrereply sa 2870 sa textnonstop? Tapos na ba yung promo nila na yun?
5) May cabinet is arriving on wednesday! FINALLY! May gulay talaga yung Homeworld sa megamall...nung oct 15 pa binili tapos dapat oct 22 darating nung tumawag ako hinihingi pa yung address tapos sabi dapat daw pinasked yung delivery! PUTEK! tapos habang naghintay ako sa phone narinig ko yung babae na nakasagot sa akin...Oist (insert name of person called here) sagutin mo na to...Nagugutom na ako eh...nung umayaw...binalikan ako...haay...ayaw ko na stressful those sm employees were.
6) Harry Potter! Ang ganda nung posters...ano kaya...manuod kaya ako ng isa ako sa mga una? hmm...pero what about the money! ehhehe gastos din yun. expected pag nagpuerto ubos pera ko...
7) Mag 16 units lang kaya ako....or kukuha nalang din ako ng isa pang GE.. MST para tapos na RGEP ko? Hmmm...mahirap hirap din yung mga subjects ko next sem...pero baka 16 units nalang...for the first second sem na 16 units lang ako...pwede na siguro.
8) Gusto ko mag tennis!!! gusto ko matuto!!!! F1 racing hmm...magaling naman ako magdrive...madali na yun ehehhehe...
9) Namimiss ko na MOBOT!! Pero sana talaga...tanggapin ako/kaming lahat...haay...medyo close ko na rin yung ibang mga probie sa run eh... ^_^ ahem ahem...lalo na siya. hehehe pero taken. (zip.)

sige ps2 muna ako!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Spending my sembreak - part 2

So for the past week...i have been academically spending my time. MOBOT!!! Of course, it wasn't a bore. No, not at all. I really had fun. Who would go wrong doing the things they love, right? So, what else is left for me to do?
The E.Q (Espinosa-Quedi) tandem entry didn't win in the Advance MADC. But I'm still very happy that most of our other lab mates won the race, and other field of competition. The experience was very fulfilling. Sobrang mukha yata kaming mga nerds dun sa festival, more so when we were carrying the mobots we created. Hehehe...katawa nga eh. Sobrang hindi malayo na mahuli ka ng pulis kung sumigaw ka lang ng "BOMBA to! walang gagalaw!" ahhahahah...

           I really want to learn programming the Z8 microcontroller. I really want to improve in the field of "MOBOT studies" I can see my future here. So, I'll really do my best to improve my self in both needed aspects, hardware and software. Gusto kong manalo next MADC!!!! Malaking pera na rin yun in a way...But of course...I want to be accepted in the lab first and fore most.

Yes! The plan for the trip to puerto has moved a step further! Yes, the trip is tentatively scheduled on Thursday...erm, October 27. I would have agreed to it being on Wednesday pero meron din kaming MOBOT outing...erm...naku! mamaya na pala yun! 10am nga pala call time sa eee. eheheh it slipped my mind. So ayun. may outing mobot later hanggang tuesday kaya gusto ko sana rest day sa wednesday...

         I really want this trip to go according to plans. I want it to happen in the first place. Of course, if some people back down on the offer of tagging along. Okay lang. Gabo, Kiko and ako are willing to go. Kahit mas mamahal ng 100 pesos sa total plan if 4/5 people. hehehe...naku! I could already imagine the puerto sunset.

Let's not forget the more academic aspect of life. So, for the first sem...WOW! Blockbuster! I passed all of them. Though two of my subjects haven't submitted my grades yet. EEE 21 and Geog 1. But, I am quite sure I passed. Grabe...katok ko. Okay naman kasi mga grades ko. Astig pa nga ako humataw nun sa Geog 1 eh, ehehhe. I could say I was one of the ten favorites. =p
I want to promise myself and prove that I can repeat the good sem that I just had. Though the subjects that I would be taking would be a lot more difficult, I'm pretty sure I could carry the burden easily. Siyempre. WALA NA YUNG LOAD NA DINADALA KO NUN. Ahahaha...tinawag ba naman siyang pabigat! Good riddance! eto so far grades ko for the sem:
Subject   Grade
 STS    1.50
 Kas 1   1.00
 Geog 1   
 EEE 21   
 EEE 34   2.00
 EEE 101   1.50
 ME 63   2.75

oist. mahirap yung sts ah! naku!! sobrang hirap nun kay maam caoili. hirap in the sense na strict, yung exams mahirap...out of 100+ 20 lang kaming exempted. heheheh siyempre proud ako run. ATE MAY!!! asteeeg tayo, congrats sayo sa MADC nga pala!! Geog 1, i'd advice you to take maam nantes. sobrang saya. dahil medyo kulang sa time management hehehehe...marami kaming requirements na iba 1 lang exam namin. naconvince namin siyang gawing optional nalang at perfect kami sa field KAS 1 si maam kathlene aquino! astig siya sobra. madaling pakisamahan...sobrang cool na prof. sarap kausap.

Emotional Baggage: Duh, since I'm totally over that bad experience which I must say...I went through twice. Okay na okay na ako. Buti nga nalang sa kanila/kanya. Buti nga buti nga buti nga! Saan ka ngayon pupulutin boy! (ahahah sorry. Naglalabas lang ako ng emotional baggage. eheheh sinamahan pa talaga ng mobot linggo eh). Karma yan boy! Karma yan boy! (siyempre inulit para sa 'mga' taong involved. hahahaha...) Malas mo boy. Sayang lang at pinagkatiwalaan pa talaga kita. Okay lang kahit di na tayo nag-uusap. I realized that I indeed trusted you yet you pursued the path which I warned you would break us apart. Too bad. Ngayon asan ka na boy? Mukhang ikaw na nagdala ng bigat na dinala ko nun ah! Too bad. Too bad. Magshift ka nalang!
Karma yan boy!
Next sem extra plan: I am planning to join UP JMA. kung sino mga gusto sumama sa akin...sabihin niyo lang ah. Si verna raw and gepol sasali eh...mga circuit mems din sila if you didnt know. hehehehe...trip ko mga gusto nila sa JMA party raw eh. =p
Salamat nga pala kay kiko for the swim we had at celebrity sports club kanina...Kiko! thanks for the time teaching me how to swim again. It has been so long since I tried. Grabe. Gabo! naku! salamat din. ehhehehe...enjoy ako sa samahan nating tatlo ehehhehe...astig. sana sabay sabay tayo grumaduate. KIKO! mag mobot ka nalang din!!

so far okay pa ang lahat ng mga bagay sa buhay ko. ay shet naku. dapat din kaming maglakwatsa ng mga highschool friends ko!!! pero...ang tanong...saan ako kukuha ng pera for that!!!!!!!!!!! naku!!!! naubusan na ata ako. Mommy!!!!!
okay...may lakad pa ko bukas...sign out na ako!!! shet. sana magising ako ng 8. di pa ata ako nagpack.(erase erase.ehehehe ineedit ko na...) HINDI PA AKO NAGPACK!!! walang ata ata. hindi pa talaga. ehhehe meron pa palang happy tree friends sa mtv. people. nuod kayo nito. saya. hehehe ata. ayun.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Spending my Sembreak- part 1.

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Okay, so for the past days, and getting very close to a week, I have been here in the Mobot lab. What was I doing? Fulfilling my duties. I am a probie S.A after all...So what can I say about the work, the staying up late, the no sleep, the very troublesome work of creating a chassis (the body of the robot/mobot) and the pressure of actually doing a great job? This is the lab I chose. This is the lab I love. These are the things I wanted to partly experience. It's very fun.

To think that if I didn't apply I would be at home playing PS2 or spending my time in front of the PC or both. Well, there's nothing wrong with that, but at some point, I start feeling stagnant and I actually feel that I slowly become stupid. Heheheh...Well, siyempre the things that I studies parang di na nagagamit. My brain is involved with non-intellectual stuff. LOL. what interesting stuffs have occured?

1) MOBOT stuff:

 I have managed to finish the chassis. Ang cute ng aming mobot ni Madam Tin (ehhehe). The name of our mobot? It's E.Q. which stands for Espinosa-Quedi. I really do hope that we win on saturday.
I really wish that we all get accepted. Most of us are really studious. Maraming okay yung company...pero one who irritates me has already surfaced himself. ahhahaha...sorry namemersonal ako. May superiority complex kasi ata eh...I'm a bit pissed with the way he present himself.
Feeling close na ako kay Sir Gueta. Sana di ako yung maging least favorite niya. Sabi sabi kasi may sort of attitude siya na natypecast ka as lazy and sort of pasaway.
Getting closer sa aming Madam ng CIRCUIT. She could be strict pero okay lang naman. I'm learning to be disciplined as well. Siyempre kung work environment/atmosphere, there must be a certain attitude that you should carry yourself with.
2) Personal stuff:

Nothing much. Feeling ko lang na sobrang nagiging mas mature na ako rito sa mobot. I mean, I am learning so much things aside from things that could be academic, mechanic (eheheh) --lagare rito drill diyan mga ganung bagay, and siyempre personality development.
Mahirap matanggal yung ethnocentric feeling for my org. kasi siyempre may mga erg din sa lab...mahirap pero nakakaya ko naman. Astig naman lahat ng mga SA rito eh. Masarap at madaling mapakisamahan.
3) Etsetera stuff:

Okay, so about 27 hours ago. Yes, after fetching madam tin from her house at UP BLISS, we saw that there was a shooting at the academic oval near oblation and vargas ng vietnam rose. I got to saw how tall John Estrada was, how "makapal"
the make up of Jay Manalo was, how old Chanda Romero sounded, how beautiful Maricel Soriano was.
I learned that Maricel smokes. I wonder what brand... Capri siguro. I learned that she was very approachable.
I got our picture taken with maricel and jay manalo. Grabe, we've been watching them shoot a car scene tapos may mga nakaset up na for the rain effect. We've been watching them rehearse the scene for about an hour then we got closer and closer to them...kasi initially malayo pa kami. It reached the point where maricel and jay took a break (yosi break) dahil merong inaayos sa scene and by that time we were about 5 feet away from them. We're the closest non-staff. Ehehehe..Then I approached closer and ask her sister who I made eye contact with that's why I asked if we could have a picture taken with them. She asked Maricel and Maricel agreed. She invited Jay manalo as well. So there you go. ehehehe we had our picture taken.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hear The Words of My Indignation.

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"Please be warned that this post may seem too vulgar for certain people. This entry was created using my cellphone before i went to sleep feeling very exhausted. This entry may be true to some extent, but heck i dont even remember that i wrote some of the messages. Also, if you can't relate to what's being said, please consider this as literature. =P"

So, what went wrong?
I know that I have moved on, but what I don't know is if it is real, or am I just undergoing some fucked up stage of denial? Could it be that I am still haunted by the past that I confidently acknowledged as dead and over? I was pretty sure I buried those memories under a huge pile of bullshit, add my shit to that.
Life is just so fucked up! What goes around comes around.
So, the final rights and sem-ender have finally concluded. I had fun and yes, unwinding of stress that have piled up. But at the verge of the end, there we go, walking down some treacherous path. Some people had to bring it up. They had to unearth the dead. They had to unveil the stench I put six feet under.
Friends? Damn. I felt discriminated against, looked down upon, an object of laughter. Yes, you may seem to be unaware or not knowledgeable of the situation and circumstances, but I ask of you, hear me. Hear my angst, my remorse and utmost feeling of wanting to part myself further from the people involved.
I may have laughed along, but damn! I was just so good with putting up a face. My facade seemed most effective.Damn you. Friends?
Right now, I am feeling rather depressed. I don't know if it's because I am feeling so exhausted...Hmm...fuck this!
I don't fucking care about the roots of this state of sadness. Bullshit this state of depression. I'm feeling fucking mad! I'm heating up because of my fucking anger!
Friends? Damn you!
You know who you all are. May you have been present in spirit or form, damn you! Fuck you! Damn bitches and bastards.
Why does one have to be reminded of the things one thoroughly wished to forget? Why do people have to make an issue of it? Why is it that I feel thisway? I'm fucking haunted by the past that smell of piss and shit.
Let's rethink this, I am not particularly angry at anyone. I prefer to call it indignation. I'm being consumed with such negativities that I really want to take it off someone. Fuck you! You know who you are! Friends? Looks more like enemies.
Let me clarify a few things:
I'm not bitter. I no longer fucking care about what happens with him/her and him/her. I have grown tired of such tiring reminders of the past. Can't anyone understand me? I have so wanted to be free! But why do "friends" constantly pull me back down? Fuck them. No joke.
(I stopped my entry from last night here.My eyes were too tired to continue.)
When I woke up, the feeling of resentment was not present. I am not entirely sure if the entry was just a manifestation of my exhaustion. But then again, let me continue the things that I wanted to say.
I'm not the person you (and your cohorts) think and blatantly said I am. You are wrong. I've said it with a smile and choke of laughter. But let me say it again with a STRAIGHT face. NO, I AM NOT. Please do not accuse me of being morally and socially unacceptable.
I really believed that I had moved on. Because of you (and your cohorts), I'm afraid I would be once again reminded of the mistake I had committed. Ask what mistake was that? The mistake would be associating myself with that person in the first place.
No longer am I part of the people who regret nothing of their past. I have become one who would ammend the past for a better future.
I have seen it first hand. The first sem that I had for this academic year has proven it. The first sem of my first year is the past I once was.
Let's end it here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Phone

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Okay, so just a few hours back, i bought a new phone.
(i'll leave it's brand and model unknown), im chatting with my dad on the YM.
the thing he has said that hurt me most:

[b]"you have a very expensive habit of losing cp almost every year"[/b]

and...yes, it's very true.

haay...mixed emotions of joy and despair (I just really hope that it has not yet become a serious bad habit.).

im finding trouble updating my contact

anyway, for those who'd care.

my new number is -

that's it. i'll chat with my dad.
and hopefully get a lot of contact added to my cellphone.

btw, new layout. i hope people like it better.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Halfway & 25 thanks

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5 more sems (and some summers on the side) to go...hopefully.

Yes, I just realized that I have managed to complete half of the total number of years that my course usually takes to finish.

So, is there any reason to be happy?

Here are some of the things that I would surely thank God for:
(not in any particular order)
1) EEE 101, 1.5
2) ME 63, 2.75 (yey! i was expecting 3)
3) Only Physics 103 left for enlistment! (Wow! The first good crs result after my freshman year)
4) A new house
5) Mobot application
6) This has got to be one of the best semesters (in terms of academic performance) since my first year first sem. 

= and so an evident trend surfaces itself. Emotional turmoil does not mix well with academic performance. Being free from any attachments, whether it may have induced positive or negative influences (inspiration vs. depression - for a lack of a more toned down word), really helped me. For one thing, I have so much less to think about. 

7) A sem free from any emotional turmoil. hehehe aside from the lost which i was still able to pull it together during the exam and literally pull my grade up...(seriously, I thank God for this)
8) Ma'am Kathlene Aquino, one of the best kas1 profs. Wala ng comparison sa ibang prof! She totally crushed my anxiety regarding the difficulty of the said subject. And, sobrang daming history chika siyang nakwento sa class!
9) New friends. hehehehe...kunwari senti...pero ang dami kong naging bagong friends ngayong sem, from Geog1, Kas1, and sa org mismo (closer ties). Lungkot ko nalang dahil dahil dahil dahil dahil dahil...narealize ko lang na yung mga bago kong nakilala, mawawalan na ako ng contact. erm. nawala phone ko.
10) DSl
11) fixed PC
12) The coming long vacation
13) MADC, soon to be experienced.
14) A new realization that I can stop if i really wanted to.
15) HOpefully a new phone
16) OF COURSE! New Knowledge. Im pretty confident im wiser now compared before. hehehehe...
17) Yey! malapit na engg week!
18) Finally, nagkakaroon na rin ako ng peace of mind. Kung before, sobrang nag resurface "yun" sa thoughts ko, ngayon...wala na. sobrang adamant nalang ako with regards to that issue. siyempre mahirap maiwasang mailang pero...duh...mahirap na kung mahirap. magkailangan na kung magkailangan. kung saan tayo masaya...respeto nalang.
19) Slowly but surely, my siblings' dreams are unfolding. I'm just so happy for them. Hopefully yung dreams ko rin malapit ko ng marealize hehehehe...
20) The Christmas Air. Don't you feel it? Seriously, I do.
21) Yey! Maraming Lechon sa November...erm...1?
22) A renewed blogging addiction
23) My mom, for sticking with me through all the success and failure. Kahit paminsan oo nakakapressure mga salita niya kaya ako nagkaroon ng certain...bad hobbits...pero...well, it helps. Baka ganun lang talaga yung kailangan kong fuel to keep myself running.
24) The Car siyempre...kahit paminsan nag-aaway kami. masaya parin...dapat...kung wala siya...naku. parang di ko na kakayanin mag commute everyday...nasanay na ako. naku! addict.
25) YES! 
Finally, I have made it halfway through my course. I just hope I make it through. mailan ilang mga retention-rule-covered-subjects nalang then...thesis...then hopefully I finish by 5 years. Sobrang kaya pa naman despite what my other batchmates believe...grabe...I just hope I really can do it.

And so I say...I can.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

back online

yey. the computer was fixed for a measly price of 1000 pesos! and there i was (a while back) cursing to myself that the computer may need about 5000 pesos to get fixed. whew.

galing talaga ng kapatid ko (girl,panganay). effective yung charm! ehehheheh...sabi ko na nga ba eh...kung yung ibang mga babae dinadaan sa sex appeal, iba talaga kapatid ko! astig.

for the meantime...install muna ng mga messenger.

Friday, October 7, 2005

tipz = nexus of collateral

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okay. after a series of unfortunate events...

oo nga...nagkadsl na kami sa bagong bahay...

pero...nagcrash naman ang computer. according to PC express experts. na corrupt yung computer namin. I dont really know what to say...di ako ganun ka expert when it comes to this type of problem...

why? ece nga ako pero di ko alam?

kasi...since bata pa bro who also took up ECE managed the computer. So lahat ng related dun siya siya siya siya at siya wonder tatanga tanga ako sa mga computers...

nakakainis...feeling ko talaga ang illiterate ko...nahihiya tuloy lalo ako dahil ece pa naman din ako.

anyway...on the lighter side...

should i go for sun na line or mag prepaid nalang ako?

pro - i dont need to put out a lot of cash...down lang ako ng certain amount and pwede na installments/monthly payments para sa line to pay for the service and the phone as well.
con - this would entail that i would have to save up 1000 pesos per month. Yes, kaya naman pero my allowance will not be as flexible as it currently is.

pro - i dont need to worry about anything else na mag bayad ako monthly. cases of prepaid shortages nalang problem.
con - i would have to cash out takot na takot akong nagagalaw yung savings ko. especially...third time ko ng nawawalan...kaya...ayun...still undecided.

ano na kaya...decide decide decide...

and...argh. i just hope yung pc namin di ganun ka serious yung damage...i'll be so guilty if it would cost us so much...maguiguilty akong mag labas ng cash niyan...


di ko tuloy din mapagaralan yung kailangan para sa MOBOT.

may albularyo ba kayong kilala na nagtatanggal ng kulam? i seriously feel that im cursed.