Monday, October 10, 2005

Halfway & 25 thanks

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5 more sems (and some summers on the side) to go...hopefully.

Yes, I just realized that I have managed to complete half of the total number of years that my course usually takes to finish.

So, is there any reason to be happy?

Here are some of the things that I would surely thank God for:
(not in any particular order)
1) EEE 101, 1.5
2) ME 63, 2.75 (yey! i was expecting 3)
3) Only Physics 103 left for enlistment! (Wow! The first good crs result after my freshman year)
4) A new house
5) Mobot application
6) This has got to be one of the best semesters (in terms of academic performance) since my first year first sem. 

= and so an evident trend surfaces itself. Emotional turmoil does not mix well with academic performance. Being free from any attachments, whether it may have induced positive or negative influences (inspiration vs. depression - for a lack of a more toned down word), really helped me. For one thing, I have so much less to think about. 

7) A sem free from any emotional turmoil. hehehe aside from the lost which i was still able to pull it together during the exam and literally pull my grade up...(seriously, I thank God for this)
8) Ma'am Kathlene Aquino, one of the best kas1 profs. Wala ng comparison sa ibang prof! She totally crushed my anxiety regarding the difficulty of the said subject. And, sobrang daming history chika siyang nakwento sa class!
9) New friends. hehehehe...kunwari senti...pero ang dami kong naging bagong friends ngayong sem, from Geog1, Kas1, and sa org mismo (closer ties). Lungkot ko nalang dahil dahil dahil dahil dahil dahil...narealize ko lang na yung mga bago kong nakilala, mawawalan na ako ng contact. erm. nawala phone ko.
10) DSl
11) fixed PC
12) The coming long vacation
13) MADC, soon to be experienced.
14) A new realization that I can stop if i really wanted to.
15) HOpefully a new phone
16) OF COURSE! New Knowledge. Im pretty confident im wiser now compared before. hehehehe...
17) Yey! malapit na engg week!
18) Finally, nagkakaroon na rin ako ng peace of mind. Kung before, sobrang nag resurface "yun" sa thoughts ko, ngayon...wala na. sobrang adamant nalang ako with regards to that issue. siyempre mahirap maiwasang mailang pero...duh...mahirap na kung mahirap. magkailangan na kung magkailangan. kung saan tayo masaya...respeto nalang.
19) Slowly but surely, my siblings' dreams are unfolding. I'm just so happy for them. Hopefully yung dreams ko rin malapit ko ng marealize hehehehe...
20) The Christmas Air. Don't you feel it? Seriously, I do.
21) Yey! Maraming Lechon sa November...erm...1?
22) A renewed blogging addiction
23) My mom, for sticking with me through all the success and failure. Kahit paminsan oo nakakapressure mga salita niya kaya ako nagkaroon ng certain...bad hobbits...pero...well, it helps. Baka ganun lang talaga yung kailangan kong fuel to keep myself running.
24) The Car siyempre...kahit paminsan nag-aaway kami. masaya parin...dapat...kung wala siya...naku. parang di ko na kakayanin mag commute everyday...nasanay na ako. naku! addict.
25) YES! 
Finally, I have made it halfway through my course. I just hope I make it through. mailan ilang mga retention-rule-covered-subjects nalang then...thesis...then hopefully I finish by 5 years. Sobrang kaya pa naman despite what my other batchmates believe...grabe...I just hope I really can do it.

And so I say...I can.

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