Sunday, August 26, 2007

something spiritual

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against the bad reviews, i still decided the watch evan almighty. downloaded the beginning of the film, i was thinking, man, this is boring. can't believe the huge production cost spent for this's not very funny...but but.

i did manage to pick something up from it.
something related to spirituality.

one line from the film, not verbatim though, said something like this:
"God does not give you anything but the opportunity to get something." Of course, I reworded it already. So I guess, that's my quote.

"God does not give you anything but the opportunity to get something" - tipz.

It was in the line of thought similar to this: "When you ask for courage, God does not give you courage. But instead, He gives you the opportunity to be courageous." So, you realize for yourself through that opportunity, the courage you have.

Well, that's about the only good thing I picked up from the, it wasn't such a waste...


i should start reading more literature (not engg related) again. I feel as if my vocabulary has become smaller...since, lately, I have to resort to changing from english to tagalog to encapsulate the thought i want to convey. Well, perhaps, it may be due to the person i was having a conversation with...I fade in comparison to him. hahaha. duh. VCFRD. 


my mom and I did get the massage (from previous post). My muscles feel all relaxed now. But, the massage was hard. I mean, the pressure was way more than what I have been having the past experiences...which, I don't know why, is the way I like it. It's like, pleasure after pain. Well, it was not really painful...if you can endure something that hurts/hurt then it's not pain. that's the way i think. about the amount of pressure, well, i demonstrated it to my mom through pressure i applied to her arm, and she said, "baka pagkagising mo bukas may mga pasa ka." hehehe, we'll see, we'll see....later.

good night!

--ps: aircon not fixed yet. the aircon specialist was fully booked when we got there yesterday (huwat?! it's already 431am!) so, hopefully, we get that done come monday morning, so i can get back to the real world (eee) and get an advance stride on the design problems ahead.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

someone. commitment. update

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there's someone.
same wavelength.
i have always kept it to myself.
the identity.
but i have divulged it to some very close friends.
and some friends as well, due to the influence of alcohol (?)
---it's some sort of truth or dare.

let's keep it that way. the secret identity. until my biggest commitment, yet, is settled.
the time's about to come. for it to end i mean. hopefully.

note: this is not poetry. im just too lazy to actually construct proper sentences and think about proper sentence structures...hahaha...partially true. you may contradict that statement by referring to this part of the post. but, i just didnt want to say too much. and think of proper sentences to conceal the body of thought. until the biggest commitment is settled. i do hope though that the feelings will still be the same after that biggest commitment is settled. after all, i haven't committed myself to that so there's no guarantee of anything. let's just hope.

im tired. i thought of doing the design problem for 54...but i seem to have a hardtime designing it while lying on my i just proceeded on to sending an email to my thesis advisers and group mates. a lot of things to do tomorrowstarting 5 hours from now
1) have car fixed. shet na aircon yan. it's dangerous driving habang umuulan nang walang aircondition
2) have other things that are car related fixed...which are 4 more things according to what ive listed
3) get vest from studio (or ask a favor and have someone else get it)
4) squeeze in the search for small lead acid battery.
5) accompany my mom in watching a love story
6) get a massage.

@#6, the perfect end to a stressful week.
--why was it that i felt that i have to correct myself whenever i say that saturday is THE END OF THE, just now, i thought of changing it to a stressful day since sa sunday pa matatapos yung week...ang mindset ko. tsk.---RANT:
bakit nga ba kasi kasama sa category ng weekend ang sunday?! like sasabihin long weekend this...erm...shet...walang ibang way para sabihin...weekend....dahil extended hanggang monday...hindi ba the week starts sunday and ends saturday? im ranting about the grammar of it. kasi...parang, may mali eh. ewan ko ba. baka ako lang. ay shet.pati weekday. bakit ba weekday ang mtwhf kung day din naman ng week and saturday and sunday? since naka base ba ang term natin ng weekend dahil sa end yung saturday and sunday sa 5 days of work. which totals to 7 days all in all which is one week kaya ganun?
---so is it a matter of fact that weekday and weekend are termed the way they are dahil nakabase sila sa "working/non working days of most (if not all) of everyone who's employed and studying?"

TSARAN! I searched it over google (define: weekend)
"The weekend is a part of the week lasting one or two days in which most paid workers do not work. This is a time for leisure and recreation, and/or for religious activities."  that definition was taking from...hmm..Wikipedia.
hahaha...napabasa tuloy ako ng wikipedia!!! GETS ko na. tama nga yung aking hula... hypothesis (since pinagisipan ko yan!! hula is just guessing. hypothesis has intellect mixed with guess)...ang galing. try going to this link:

yey! matutulog na ako.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another important life threatening realization.

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Another important life threatening realization.

Guys, sana walang magbago sa samahan natin pag nabasa niyo to. )

I have been wondering about whether Enrique Iglesias had a mole or not. Hahaha. I love the ping pong song. LSS material. And, I just went on to thinking. Teka lang, bakit parang may iba sa mukha niya, may nunal ba siya dati or wala. Hahaha. Then, only this morning did I remember that issue that's been troubling me. So ... eto! hahaha. MERON NGA! 


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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I just realized, that there has been a sudden shift in my music interest. (or maybe it's not that sudden)
 I recall that during my second year (college), I had been listening intently to pinoy music, both in the radio (rx or 89.9) and watching myx. I think those were the times when Six Cycle Mind, Spongecola, et. al were getting more popular.
But just tonight, I realized ---"when was the last time I watched myx or tuned in to some radio (fm) broadcast?"...I can't recall. But lately, it's always MTV I tune into. Weird. I havent been interested in pinoy music as well lately.

I really like
Fall out Boy - Infinity on High (Album)
   --i'm still contemplating whether I will buy the tickets for their upcoming concert here in the Philippines. 
      --that time may be the first and last time they visit the Philippines. It's not like Philippines is Japan or something where     international music artists frequently come to visit.
       --I have the money right now, so there's no need to hesitate.
       --I really like their album
      --I am not sure how hectic that week will be or if there will be any exams that may come the next day
     --aside from exams, machine problems and design problems may also be in conflict. but on a lighter side, if i really want to watch the concert, then I'd set some time aside for it.

--Come what may. I just hope that when I have finally come to a decision, there will still be tickets available., I hope that the online reservation i did at ticketnet will be honored. I have been delaying the time I buy for tickets because I await their reply. (They did say they'll be sending a reminder or something) ---but, it's still about a month till the I guess they'll send it 2 weeks before the concert.

Maroon Five - Makes Me Wonder
   --i have th whole album but I really like the tune of Can't Stop and Makes me Wonder as well as Little of your time.

onto other things.
I like the hospitality and generosity of the contacts I have in BitMicro. Aside from the souvenir items they handed to the participants. Free Shirts and bolpen, they gave me their new company polo shirt and cap (for their e-disk product) as well as another tumbler.

I have developed the habit of listening to the whole album of artists I have in my ipod (or even before in my creative mp3 player). I don't create playlists for just my favorite songs. I listen to the whole albums, but repeating favorite songs is inevitable. But I do give the effort of listening to the whole album for the sake of appreciating the music of the artist. It's also a fun feeling to be able to tell which of the songs of the artist will be the next single they release. And "there's also something elitist to that habit. Since I listen to the whole album (hmm, i don't know, maybe for 2 weeks yun lang or sometimes 3 weeks or 1 month), so, before the artist releases his/her/their next single, then most of the time, I have listened to it countless of times and when they do release it and it gets popular, di ko na pinapakinggan yung single (I skip the track) na yun because ---as my mind processes it, marami na ring may gusto niyan kaya ayaw ko na." I guess, it's just something like - I want to be able to appreciate some things that not many have learned to appreciate.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

our dog killed a bird...

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after coming home late -- first going to bench fix at sm then it's fully booked...then at bench fix trinoma -- still fully booked. my mom and i ended up at david's salon...and...luckily, they had a 50% off on all their services...must be because they just recently opened? I got my haircut for the graduation pictures...okay...i liked the way it turned out. first time ever since a female cut my hair. i also got hairspa...they said my scalp was dry...and i had dandruffs --- yuck! --- so since my mom was paying - i hoped on to their suggestion of actually getting more done on my hair than the usual -- for my mom, she got "sales talked" into getting her hair done as well as getting her hair colored again...and had some chemical or something applied to her to make the colors last longer (i think)...and...the cost of everything....tsaran!! it would be equivalent to three people getting swedish massages!!! grabe...nagulat ako with the amount hahaha...but okay lang mama naman nag bayad hehehe...

the mini proposal we had for our thesis topic went well! yey! im so happy. doc s --- bestfriend! hehehe...joke joke joke. good impression na sana kami sa kanya...and sa kanila ng mga advisers namin...

kanina, before coe115...actually, we came in late because of this...kaming mga taga-irc napagtripan yung mga audibles ng YM! the next level na rin ang aming mga gags...hindi na post its sa likod...alligator clip tails na! first bago dumating sa buzz sa lahat ng online...FYI...the ratio of senior to laptops sa irc is almost one is to to the max sa lahat ng mga online!

so getting on with the dog...we came home and found a dead bird!! Our dog must have catched it...and ako naman...totally grossed out...i hate seeing stuff like that...kadiri eh...buti nalang walang dugo dugo...siguro kaya namatay yung bird was na crush siya sa pagkagat ng kasalanan naman nila...tumatambay sila sa bahay namin...nakikikain sa pagkain ng aso namin...yan tuloy...pass time ng aso namin is manghuli ng mga ibon...pero seriously...buti nalang walang dugo dugo...kung hindi, hindi lang goosebumps abot ko...masusuka pa ako...

coe115 - yey! we made scrolling work! well worked. and we get extra credits...the next thing to do is finish the documentation...

bukas siguro mamaya pala...sabihan ko ulit mama ko na magpamassage kami hehee...dapat kasi kanina haircut and facial...pero ayaw ko na magkafacial bukas kasi baka magkaroon ako ng mga marka marka dahil pag nagpapafacial ganun diba...hahaha...ang luho talaga - well, naappreciate rin naman kasi ni bonding time na rin namin totoo lang ayaw ko naman talaga...pero para lang masamahan mama ko....hehehe...joke lang, who would refuse any forms of relaxation in this time and age? well siguro kapag kinapos ka sa pera...then refuse the pero naman kasi...minsan lang kung may pera ka...then go!

anyway...back to the usual blogging to ah...whatever comes to mind. this is good.

also...mas congenial yung receptionist sa bench fix trinoma...yung sa sm north...ang taray nakakainis...hindi na talaga ako run dadaan...di ko na nga kinuha number para next time by appointment...

also...grad pic is on wednesday. barkada pic = birthday party theme...creative will be changed to glamour since akala ko kasi...since di ako nagbabasa ng mga announcement...last minute...may glamour then creative...pero buti nalang isa lang sa dalawa kasi less hassle...ayaw ko naman pagurin pa sarili ko magisip ng something creative...kasi perspective naman yun...kung creative para sa iyo...siguro sa iba mukha kang may katok...tok tok tok...

nakomentan ko kanina mama ko hehehe...sabi ko...kanino ko kaya namana yung balat na hindi "pimply"...siguro kay pasi.

anyway...babye! till the next time siguro na makapatay naman ng daga yung aso namin or may "mabugbog" na puso na tumatambay sa teritoryo niya habang nasa loob siya ng bahay hehehe...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

work is work

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finally, a time for some breather.
the past week or 2...
53 exam...
mobot deadline
coe 115 mp
coe115 exam

---with the late nights in IRC...and all the projects...hmm...finally! I even postponed my grad pictorial just because I had stuff to do the night before the actual resked to next week...which I believe is a wise decision considering that I would not be able to work in IRC this weekend because of UPCAT...and we had to get a lot of work done so we present something SIGNIFICANT to Doc S...but I do hope we impress them...if least...I don't wish to be reprimanded or even worse, get my work dismissed...but...that's already thinking too far ahead...all i can do is hope. 

---i already have the stuff I needed for the pictorial...but, what kind of pictorial will it be kung mamadaliin...ANd seeing how the setup in Engg looked like...buti nalang talaga I decided to go with my instinct not to continue...aside from the above mentioned reasons...well, i want to get some decent sleep before getting my picture taken (siyempre...yan na rin gagamitin kong pictures pag sa lang maayos) ... but anyway...getting back to the stuff I needed...I already had my clothes for the glamour shot. Hehehe...I must say, I was very impressed with my Mom when I asked her to finance my shopping for the pictorial...She even urged me to buy at Van Heusen (ay parang di ako konpident sa spelling)...then I looked at the price. 1800 para sa isang polo?! Hmm...isip isip ko...nahawa na ata to sa kuya ko ah...My mom was actually willing to spend money for more expensive brands that day...yey! Or baka dahil pumunta na si ahya sa n.z. kaya nalulungkot and naspospoil tuloy si bunso hahahaha. But I didnt go for the V.H polo...Dun na ako sa mas mura ng unti...pero siyempre, ultimately yung gusto ko talaga ang bibilhin ko and it's not really the price that matters...kumpleto get up. knitted vest, polo, slacks then necktie!

---finally! after mga 3 weeks...or siguro 2...nakanuod na rin ako ng vacancy! nuon ko pa siya gusto panuorin...pero buti nalang naisipan kong mag download sa torrent...ganda ng copy kaya sa sala ko pinanood instead of the usual...higa sa kama...nuod sa laptop. Astig yung of the coolest thrillers ngayong 07 para sa akin. Hintayin ko pa yung narinig kong movie based on stephen king's work...parang something about sa hotel horror

---SHET! FAll out boy will hold a concert on the 21st of september. ROSE!!! Magipon ka na. hehehe...kelangan ko ng kasama...kahit sa upperboxa nalang tayo....dahil wala ng choice...ubos na lowerbox!!! and ang mahal ng ibang tickets. 4k, 7k then 10k! Duh! Ang mahal na nun sobra! pero hmm...ayaw ko ng general admission. parang nagpalamig ka nalang sa dome dahil wala ka ng napanood sa layo. hahaha...based on experience - free tickets nung ashanti general admission pala. kayo rin raissa and chester!! di ako papayag na mga highschool classmates ko may tickets na para sa lowerbox...or na makanuod sila at ako hindi!!! hehehe

---there's no place like home talaga. grabe. di ko ata kakayanin kung sunod sunod na araw akong magoovernight sa eee para gumawa ng pang PREthesis. hinahanap ng katawan ko yung lambot ng kama ko eh...homesick!

---ano pa far so good...mobot mp1 ayos naman - edit nalang ng code and mas i"personalize"...yung coe115...masaya talaga yung lab part...exam nga lang hindi hehehe. 53 exam...the more i think about it, the less i want to forget about it...but it doesnt mean that i dont feel good that i will passthe's actually an ambition a step higher that seem to fade...

---august 4! happy birthday issa.

---and kwento ko lang, kanina nuong may kinuha ako sa mama ko...may tumatawid kasi malapit sa office niya,,,and kakanan ako and patawid sila...then nung malapit na sila sa gitna ng daan (midway between sa forward and counter flow) nung nakita ako bigla ba namang nataranta at yung isa...hinatak yung kasama niya pabalik kung saan sila nanggaling habang nakatingin sa ako naman nakahinto lang hinihintay silang makatawid....anyway...hehehe...the moral of the story is...

---I am becoming less self conscious - which I think is good...and also...fear really does bring the worse out of people. Pero in my defense...mabagal talaga takbo ko nun...di ko nga sila binubusinahan...mga 2 meters pa layo ko sa kanila...

---ang dami kong gustong bilihin pero kulang na ako sa pera...naiinggit ako kay raissa kasi meron siyang hawak na sarili niyang development kit...gusto ko rin...4k mahal...and (HOPEFULLY - ikatok mo sa kahoy three times) in a few months time graduation na... the pressure is on. Tinatanong na nila sa akin kung kelan ang graduation para maschedule pag uwi ni papa, achie and hopefully ahya (kung makapagsettle na sila sa new zealand..)....personally...yan na talaga ang main goal ko....wishing for the best nalang talaga ako na mapaakyat ang grades to cum laude para sa grand prize....

---there. that update should cover the amount of time i was busy elsewhere.