Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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I just realized, that there has been a sudden shift in my music interest. (or maybe it's not that sudden)
 I recall that during my second year (college), I had been listening intently to pinoy music, both in the radio (rx or 89.9) and watching myx. I think those were the times when Six Cycle Mind, Spongecola, et. al were getting more popular.
But just tonight, I realized ---"when was the last time I watched myx or tuned in to some radio (fm) broadcast?"...I can't recall. But lately, it's always MTV I tune into. Weird. I havent been interested in pinoy music as well lately.

I really like
Fall out Boy - Infinity on High (Album)
   --i'm still contemplating whether I will buy the tickets for their upcoming concert here in the Philippines. 
      --that time may be the first and last time they visit the Philippines. It's not like Philippines is Japan or something where     international music artists frequently come to visit.
       --I have the money right now, so there's no need to hesitate.
       --I really like their album
      --I am not sure how hectic that week will be or if there will be any exams that may come the next day
     --aside from exams, machine problems and design problems may also be in conflict. but on a lighter side, if i really want to watch the concert, then I'd set some time aside for it.

--Come what may. I just hope that when I have finally come to a decision, there will still be tickets available., I hope that the online reservation i did at ticketnet will be honored. I have been delaying the time I buy for tickets because I await their reply. (They did say they'll be sending a reminder or something) ---but, it's still about a month till the I guess they'll send it 2 weeks before the concert.

Maroon Five - Makes Me Wonder
   --i have th whole album but I really like the tune of Can't Stop and Makes me Wonder as well as Little of your time.

onto other things.
I like the hospitality and generosity of the contacts I have in BitMicro. Aside from the souvenir items they handed to the participants. Free Shirts and bolpen, they gave me their new company polo shirt and cap (for their e-disk product) as well as another tumbler.

I have developed the habit of listening to the whole album of artists I have in my ipod (or even before in my creative mp3 player). I don't create playlists for just my favorite songs. I listen to the whole albums, but repeating favorite songs is inevitable. But I do give the effort of listening to the whole album for the sake of appreciating the music of the artist. It's also a fun feeling to be able to tell which of the songs of the artist will be the next single they release. And "there's also something elitist to that habit. Since I listen to the whole album (hmm, i don't know, maybe for 2 weeks yun lang or sometimes 3 weeks or 1 month), so, before the artist releases his/her/their next single, then most of the time, I have listened to it countless of times and when they do release it and it gets popular, di ko na pinapakinggan yung single (I skip the track) na yun because ---as my mind processes it, marami na ring may gusto niyan kaya ayaw ko na." I guess, it's just something like - I want to be able to appreciate some things that not many have learned to appreciate.

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