Saturday, August 25, 2007

someone. commitment. update

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there's someone.
same wavelength.
i have always kept it to myself.
the identity.
but i have divulged it to some very close friends.
and some friends as well, due to the influence of alcohol (?)
---it's some sort of truth or dare.

let's keep it that way. the secret identity. until my biggest commitment, yet, is settled.
the time's about to come. for it to end i mean. hopefully.

note: this is not poetry. im just too lazy to actually construct proper sentences and think about proper sentence structures...hahaha...partially true. you may contradict that statement by referring to this part of the post. but, i just didnt want to say too much. and think of proper sentences to conceal the body of thought. until the biggest commitment is settled. i do hope though that the feelings will still be the same after that biggest commitment is settled. after all, i haven't committed myself to that so there's no guarantee of anything. let's just hope.

im tired. i thought of doing the design problem for 54...but i seem to have a hardtime designing it while lying on my i just proceeded on to sending an email to my thesis advisers and group mates. a lot of things to do tomorrowstarting 5 hours from now
1) have car fixed. shet na aircon yan. it's dangerous driving habang umuulan nang walang aircondition
2) have other things that are car related fixed...which are 4 more things according to what ive listed
3) get vest from studio (or ask a favor and have someone else get it)
4) squeeze in the search for small lead acid battery.
5) accompany my mom in watching a love story
6) get a massage.

@#6, the perfect end to a stressful week.
--why was it that i felt that i have to correct myself whenever i say that saturday is THE END OF THE, just now, i thought of changing it to a stressful day since sa sunday pa matatapos yung week...ang mindset ko. tsk.---RANT:
bakit nga ba kasi kasama sa category ng weekend ang sunday?! like sasabihin long weekend this...erm...shet...walang ibang way para sabihin...weekend....dahil extended hanggang monday...hindi ba the week starts sunday and ends saturday? im ranting about the grammar of it. kasi...parang, may mali eh. ewan ko ba. baka ako lang. ay shet.pati weekday. bakit ba weekday ang mtwhf kung day din naman ng week and saturday and sunday? since naka base ba ang term natin ng weekend dahil sa end yung saturday and sunday sa 5 days of work. which totals to 7 days all in all which is one week kaya ganun?
---so is it a matter of fact that weekday and weekend are termed the way they are dahil nakabase sila sa "working/non working days of most (if not all) of everyone who's employed and studying?"

TSARAN! I searched it over google (define: weekend)
"The weekend is a part of the week lasting one or two days in which most paid workers do not work. This is a time for leisure and recreation, and/or for religious activities."  that definition was taking from...hmm..Wikipedia.
hahaha...napabasa tuloy ako ng wikipedia!!! GETS ko na. tama nga yung aking hula... hypothesis (since pinagisipan ko yan!! hula is just guessing. hypothesis has intellect mixed with guess)...ang galing. try going to this link:

yey! matutulog na ako.

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