Sunday, August 26, 2007

something spiritual

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against the bad reviews, i still decided the watch evan almighty. downloaded the beginning of the film, i was thinking, man, this is boring. can't believe the huge production cost spent for this's not very funny...but but.

i did manage to pick something up from it.
something related to spirituality.

one line from the film, not verbatim though, said something like this:
"God does not give you anything but the opportunity to get something." Of course, I reworded it already. So I guess, that's my quote.

"God does not give you anything but the opportunity to get something" - tipz.

It was in the line of thought similar to this: "When you ask for courage, God does not give you courage. But instead, He gives you the opportunity to be courageous." So, you realize for yourself through that opportunity, the courage you have.

Well, that's about the only good thing I picked up from the, it wasn't such a waste...


i should start reading more literature (not engg related) again. I feel as if my vocabulary has become smaller...since, lately, I have to resort to changing from english to tagalog to encapsulate the thought i want to convey. Well, perhaps, it may be due to the person i was having a conversation with...I fade in comparison to him. hahaha. duh. VCFRD. 


my mom and I did get the massage (from previous post). My muscles feel all relaxed now. But, the massage was hard. I mean, the pressure was way more than what I have been having the past experiences...which, I don't know why, is the way I like it. It's like, pleasure after pain. Well, it was not really painful...if you can endure something that hurts/hurt then it's not pain. that's the way i think. about the amount of pressure, well, i demonstrated it to my mom through pressure i applied to her arm, and she said, "baka pagkagising mo bukas may mga pasa ka." hehehe, we'll see, we'll see....later.

good night!

--ps: aircon not fixed yet. the aircon specialist was fully booked when we got there yesterday (huwat?! it's already 431am!) so, hopefully, we get that done come monday morning, so i can get back to the real world (eee) and get an advance stride on the design problems ahead.

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