Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pakshit! EEE105 me t(w)o - finished!

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Shet! I've finished my me for eee105! I was able to finish it all on my own! Grabe, sobrang saya ko! Nagawa ko na lahat ng functions! kelangan ko nalang i simplify yung mga subroutines para isang tawagan nalang...tapos yung mga parameter passing papunta sa stack!!! Yun nalang! Grabe! Para akong nanalo sa LOTTO!!!

here's a list of the things that should explain my excitation (hahaha..what a term to use):
1) This is like the second ME sa 105...and yung una i was like super cramming it and bugging rose to help me out...pero this time, i was able to do it all on my own!!! Plus...i only did it nung sunday ng gabi hanggang madaling araw...which turned out to be shit because i slept at around 6am without actually accomplishing anything significant...tapos i did it again nung 1030 am pag gising ko after sleeping nung 6am...then finished 2/3 of the coverage of the ME by 1:30...I didnt continue because I had to do Circuit Marketing stuff...

2) Tapos ngayon, tapos ko na siya!!! masaya ako dahil nung sunday palang...minumura ko na si sir bob...Yung mukha niya pati yung way niya ng pananalita....I was saying like...putang ina shit ka sir bob...(recalling eee 34 and past events of consultation which turned out like shit because of his patronizing yet sarcastic voice. ) I was like saying. Putang ina. (Recalling that time when I had consulted him and when I asked him if there were any other references - para makatulong...he goes on to tell me...wala na...yung hamacher na lang. yung me kasi niyo na yan dapat pinagiisipan hindi kinokopya...) And I was thinking like BULLSHIT...but then I go to say...ah okay...then went out...(Actually, when that part of the conversation started, I was halfway out na...And nung madaling araw nung monday nung gumagawa ako feeling all stressed, when I recalled that incident, who does he think he is? And what the fuck was he trying to insinuate! There I go, almost on the verge of hysterical madness against sir bob and his so anti social attitude...I was even saying to myself...shet ka...shet ka...bakit hindi mo nalang i extend tong me na to para makaaral na ako ng exam...shet ka talaga...sana maghiwalay kayo ng girlfriend mo at hindi ka makahanap ng mapapangasawa...

3) turns out that I was able to finish it all on my own...Grabe!!! Shucks talaga...My goal for this sem is almost partially attained. I was aiming to be independent of other people's help. I mean gusto ko sana kasi na dumaan tong sem na to na hindi ako aasa sa galing ng iba para matulungan ako...Na, sa mga me, sa pag may mga exam, hindi ko na kelangan mag paturo para lang maintindihan ko. Kasi iniisip ko, ganun naman pag grumaduate ka na. Hindi ka aasenso kung parati ka nalang aasa sa iba...and...dahil sa mentality kong to for this sem, sobrang saya ko dahil I was able to accomplish it sa ME ng 105 na kahapon lang iniisip ko na hindi ko to kaya hindi ko to kaya...

4) So it turns out, I only had myself to battle against...ay hindi sir bob din pala. Anyway...binabawi ko na yung most of the things that I said against sir bob...ahahah naiisip ko lang...sana hindi ganun maging attitude ko sa boss ko pag may work na ako...pero then again...hindi siguro kasi sinuswelduhan na ako by then...and the pressure will really be off by then...wala ng ilang years (which can now be quantified in months) pa ba ang pamamalagi ko sa UP. <-sentiments of those who do not wish to be delayed...

5) And now, having finished the ME...I have this sort of liberation that I may actually be able to do see, having experienced the failure (in expectation) for eee31, chem16 <-the first shocks of my college the failure in lose the confidence that you had - or that I had when I first stepped into college. erm getting back to the unfinished statement..."...that i may actually be able to do the things I USED to do." The genius and the intellect and the discipline and hard work...

6) Plus kaya ako masaya kasi I may actually be able to pull off the surprise I have planned for my mom. She's having rodic's cater her pahanda tomorrow since it's her ang plan ko is to buy her cake...or if tamarin ako umalis ng UP...then siguro sa weekend nalang...

7) Makakaaral na ako ng eee105. yes...onting page nalang kelangan kong basahin sa libro then ayos na...makakareview na ako ng slides pati sample exam...

8) Thank you LJ. next to rose, the first person i texted when I finished my me...hahha...i wonder how this blog turned out...i was frantically typing everything here the way i usually do when i get to actually connect my mind and the keyboard thus typing the things that pop into my mind...

hehehe..yey! onti nalang at tapos na!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

i hope - summer

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i hope this cold weather wont be around by summer. i wish to see the sun!

and so, the new mall is finally unveiled. across the north avenue (through the properties that the mall covers) there are now tarps posted. Ayala Mall. No more hear says as to what mall will rise to battle SM.

Hohum. I'm excited with the perks that mall will offer our home. And there I was just a little while back day dreaming. I could hold my graduation party (i hope everything goes according to plan) at some fancy restaurant there. Chinese preferably. My mom will invite relatives from her side, my dad will invite relatives from his side and I will invite my college friends, org mates and highschool mates. Hahaay...Almost a year left tipz. It's almost about just a year.

Next semester, you will be thinking about what sort of costume you'd wear for your graduation picture. The future is not too far ahead.

Hohum. All this fuss brought about by an Ayala Mall.

I wonder if they will have a gym there or something? I'm thinking, Fitness First will probably not build one there because they already have one half of The Block's top floor to themselves...but then again, maybe not. I could get a gym membership there when I graduate. Hmm, the place looks awfully huge. Well, maybe from the perspective I look at it. You know, when you look at something or someone from a forty-five degree angle of elevation kind of viewpoint, things just look sightly, if not 'more', bigger.

I wonder if there will starbucks there - well, that's given i think. that I think of it, maybe I can convince my mom to franchise some store and set it up there...My mom is thinking business by the moment. Retirement is upon both my parents...and I think business will be their plan...they're not idle people...they're not really used to just lounging around - if they have the energy and the time...

career oriented people - that's what we are.

Hmm, now that I think about it, I never quite saw the name that mall will bear. All I saw was Ayala Mall. North Triangle? -> Sounds bull. Hmm...

In time...Hopefully, sooner than I imagine.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

kwan family

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kay, so like last night was the "tired-est" night ever for me. i wasnt sure what happened. i was supposed to turn off the air-con so that i wouldnt freeze to death (it doesnt have timer kaya ganun)...pero i woke up at 5am na feeling all cold - thank God i didn't catch the bale i went to bed at about 10:30 or something then kanina my mom woke me up mga 9:30 and grabe sobrang pagod ng feeling ko...

hahaha...muntik pa nga kami mag-away ng mom ko kasi i had to do something with the computer because i wasnt able to the night before...kaya ayun. last night pala i was supposed to have my haircut sa bench fix pero they were fully booked. sad though...i'm getting really bored having to wash my hair the way it is now dahil mahaba na hahaha...

anyway, ayun nga kanina my mom and i nearly fought because she was hurrying me dahil we were supposed to go to my uncle's house sa may filinvest sa may marcos highway nga...(see previous posts as reference) was supposed to be some sort of surprise party which didnt turn out to be anything surprising because we were parang salu-salo nalang namin siya because my uncle's leaving on tuesday back to america...

then ayun...kwentu-kwentuhan...
1) tagaytay house nila.
so this topic was brought up and the house will probably be finished within 6 or so months hopefully...if there are no set backs or ayun...plan plan while we were eating. hahaha...they went on like (they meaning my aunts mom and uncles) like, sabi ng uncle ko, friday night punta na lahat kami sa tagaytay sa bahay nila then saturday we will head to batangas para mag beach then uwi ulit sa bahay nila by night then by sunday mag casino then uwi hahaha...ayun's nice how things are turning out not only for my (immediate) family, but everyone else in my family.

2) small talk about one of the lands we own.
so, it happens kasi that my mom and dad bought a piece of land sa may taytay rizal. before, i thought it was a worthless piece of land kasi malayo and ang taas ( in mataas talaga...steep yung slope)...i liked the land we owned sa may cavite (farm lot so malaki talaga siya...hehehe i was thinking before kasi that it could be like a rest house or something - dreaming.) pero yugn land pala namin sa taytay turns out to be good after all. toni gonzaga lives may subdivision na yun. richmond i think is the ayun...nakakatuwa lang kasi yung mom ko kinausap ng tito ko about it telling her like i pa appraise mo then pag okay yung market value, papatayuan ko ng townhouse tapos yung isang townhouse sayo na...and i was please say no. i want my house built there turns out kasi na marami ng malalaking bahay na tinatayo sa subdivision na yun.

hahahaha...kanina turned out to be like property talk and plans etc.

3) my tito telling my mom to bring out the cash. turns out, my tito and i have almost the same ideology with money. (refer to my previous entries)...diba sabi ko nun na money is talagang para gastusin kasi whether you save it or the end, gastos parin naman yung pinagiipunan mo ng pera na yun. and my tito tells my mom, mahilig ka kasi magtago ng pera. and my tita tells my mom, oo nga, yang si 'nita, tahimik pero maraming tinatago...and my tito goes on to tell me, diba tp (my childhood name) dapat yung pera ginagamit hindi iniimbak...and i go on to say "opo..." which by then i was thinking...aba siyempre po!

hahay...i expect good times ahead. hopefully i can graduate on time. hmm...cancel that. i WILL graduate on time.
hahay...i havent started on my me yet! oh no. i slept kasi when i got home and i just woke up 30-or so minutes ago.

PS: i love audio books. im getting hooked. so far, ive finished, you suck: a love story by christopher moore as well as children of the corn by stephen king. now im reading the desperation by stephen king. sorry, "listening"

anyway, better get started with the me

Saturday, January 27, 2007

najejebs na ako.

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hahaha. parang jebs nalang ata ang pahinga ko...well...ngayon, halfway through na ako with studying my ece 141...and...grabe...i only started with studying 3/4 of the exam coverage kaninang mga 10:30 pm...shucks...natetempt kasi ako parati magpahinga... was more like proc(forgot the R here) what im doing now.

kanina kasi i was like in a limbo or something. i cant seem to decide whether i should sleep first or go ahead and start studying. so i wasted about 2 hours of my time doing that. well, actually mga 1 hour. nagugutom kasi ako pagkauwi ko ng 8 so i had to wait for the kfc deliver to arrive pa. sabi ko kasi sa mom ko bilihan niya ako ng dinner. eh nag send sa akin na magtake out ako para sa amin na message sending failed kasi wala siyang signal. ayun tuloy.

anyway...gusto ko lang sabihin at gawing official...may pagka nerd man or not...i am liking ece 141. siguro nung simula hindi ko siya masyado nagugustuhan kasi hindi naman ako nakikinig kay doc m...i mean hindi naman some point kasi last year, i just lost him (probably because of engg week and so much other stuff kaya i got bored listening because i'll just waste my time because i havent caught up yet.) pero now that ive started reviewing for the exam hahaha...typical attitude...i started to like it. and in fact am starting to understand (change this to appreciate) it. (<- just to stress "like")

kaya pala 2Q(d/sigma n) yung result sa P(e|m) kasi dalawa na yung decision points mo if you look at the constellation diagram, for the case P(e|M) and P(e|1) kasi isa lang kasi nasa extremes naman siya ng constellation diagram. ahahha...napaka simply lang pala nya intindihin...buti nalang nakikinig ako kay doc m...haha

also. gusto ko lang share na natutuwa ako dahil first time kong maka lampas ng share ratio sa isang torrent site ng 1. hahaha...babaw ko ba? actually, natuwa ako ng makita ko na yung share ratio ko was 1.097...ive downloaded 12.91 Gb of anime and uploaded 14.16 Gb...and the numbers are still counting. ayun lang. malaki laki na rin pala ang nadownload ko. hahaha...imagine sa boxtorrent lang yun. may iba pang site.

ay. nalimot ko buksan yung isang pc. may mga naghihintay pa pala matapos na download dun. oh well.

as the title says, najejebs na ako. which means, it's time for a break from studying ece 141.
hahaay...feeling ko mga 4 am na ako makakatulog. oh shucks. sana naman by then matapos na ako. gusto ko pa naman din pumasok ng maaga tomorrow so that i can compare knowledge with other ece 141 students para naman mag share ng knowledge etc and para we can all pass with flying colors.

mataas din kasi yung mean ng mga kakilala kong nagtake ng ece 141 (meaning, get the sum of the grades of the people i know then get the average...) so...i hope and i aim and i shall work hard para makakuha rin ako ng mataas na grade.

BTW. i was suprised with the difficulty of the seatwork na binigay kanina sa 105 -> which only proves that im not ready for the exam yet. (nasagot ko naman yung 2s complement quickly. may isang mali lang ako. i forgot that the 5th bit should have been a sign bit kaya magkakaoverflow na if the result was 20) oh well...the hard the sort of problem solving part. grabe. nawindang yata ako nung malaman ko na yung ascii code pala is yung talagang ascii...hahaha...kala ko pa naman hindi na kelangan mag convert. (*disclaimer: nawindang ako dahil naniwala ako for some fleeting seconds na kelangan kabisado ko yung ascii table hahahaha...wapak!) anyway...yung ibang kelangan ko pagtuunan ng pansin are related na sa easy68k. so practice practice...

to which pala. hahaha parang ps ps ps ps na to ah...may me pa ako na hindi ko pa may sudden family lunch pa pala kami sa sunday na kanina ko lang the way it was setup, required talaga ako umattend. kasi yung tito babalk na sa US on di yung mga kapatid niya gusto siya isurprise or something since it's his 60th birthday...ayun...parang pot luck style na surprise. hahaha...btw, he's beginning to be one of my favorite tito(s/es)...hehehe magsisimula na kasi gawin yung bahay/rest house nila sa may malapit sa tagaytay sa march na...may bagong reunion place na naman kami aside sa mansion nila sa may filinvest sort of village along marcos highway (ah basta yung papuntang antipolo na road) yey! hehehe siyempre ang materialistic ko naman diba. hahaha...narinig ko lang kasi dati sabi ng mom ko, nung nagpabypass (5 veins ata or something yung nilipat) na may will and testament na raw siya hahaha...ang telenovela ng dating...tapos 1/4 of everything he owns ipapamana sa aming mga magpinsan. hmm...oh well, hopefully that's not too soon. like i said...he's becoming one of my favorite tito(s/es) -> but of course, not because of something materialistic...but more like because...he's a great tito...and there's been a great change with him. ewan ko. siguro dahil matagal din naman kaming nagkasama sa china/hongkong...i guess, family lang talaga.

anyway. gotta jebs!
jebs jebs!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

laugh off

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okay, so last tuesday night, i decided to download audio books... was quick to finish. I woke up with it all finished up and i was already seeding it...that was 426 mb download...

so...i listened to it immediately. my first audio book ever...
You Suck - A Love Story
by Christopher Moore

I decided to grab the torrent right off even though their were like only 12 people seeding make the long story short...i finished the audio book and i loved it! hahaha...there was just like one voice narrating and doing the voice of the characters...

one quote that i loved the most comes from some teenager vampire wannabe who like worships the cult of vampires...she's totally human though - with a large insecurity for women with bigger boobs. so...her quote was regarding Christmas. She described Christmas as

"...the iron hand of the baby Jesus."

i found it totally the laughter would be largely attributed to the fact that the deliver was totally appropriate --- it already blasphemy to find that statement funny? oh well..

anyway...for the past days, ive been reading up on my 105 book. im getting quite interested... well, buti naman since kelangan ganun. but...reading the book is really effective. i understand the subject so much better...but because of my reading, im so left behind studying ece 141. im just about to start and the exam is already on saturday... about most of my time at home being slacked off...ive been accompanying my mom around lately. probably cause it's her birthday next tuesday. just like yesterday, i accompanied her to buy new rubber shoes. and siyempre hehehe ako nandun para sulsulan siya. teka tama ba yung term ko...well, ayaw ko naman kasing bumili siya ng cheap shoes pang aerobics. ma injure pa siya kung di appropriate shoes yung gamitin i was there telling her to buy something off from sketchers (teka...may t ba dapat or confused) or nike or addidas para masulit naman...and so she decided to buy pink ones from skechers. turned out cancelled yung aerobics hahah...magagamit pa naman niya yan next year. i remember when we went to china...puro step in lang baon nila ng aunt ko. pero it was freezing there! at least ngayon meron na siyang rubber shoes...

tapos kanina naman...i decided to by the mall to look for an fm transmitter for my ipod nano...and woah! 3k!! ang mahal!! yung isa naman sa isang car accessory shop cost 1k...pero i still prefer the mroe expensive one...gusto ko kasi yung magagmit ko without sticking it into the cigarette lighter socket of the car. i mean something that i can just bring around. booth...thank you ate saved my ass. have to call b______. nakausap ko na rodics since kaya pala kanina sinamahan ko mom ko dahil kakausapin niya yung rodics. my mom happened to like their tapsilog so she figured the rest of the food must be great, so she's having them cater her pahanda on tuesday....

3600 - hmm...well kung good for 25 people naman pwede na...i just stopped to compare it with my pakain nung 18th birthday ko. i spent 4500 siguro sa north park for 15 people... mura na nga rin sa rodics...

-> i found the feature of probe on guam delightful. really, it's how it is. what you people saw sa talaga yung guam...i saw the beach and...=) i want to go back!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

thankful sigh

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and so...our ce 22 exams has just been returned, and i wasnt able to really hold back my breath when i received my exam paper. i was just so thankful that i passed! and more so since i still have the chance to get exempted. the only thing that i have got to do now is maintain a good grade in that subject.

I promise. I am going to study even harder! well, not just for ce of course...but for my other subjects as well. in fact!! i've already started reading up on my eee105 book! hahaha...well, i know how late it is...but the effort is there. i can feel it! i am studying it first before i go on to study my ece 141...eee105 is just much more important for is after all a qualification for thesis....

i guess, i can really balance things after all. and there i was thinking ive lost all my sense of discipline in studying...i have got to thank my schedule for that though...

anyway...from the previous post, ive mentioned my concern regarding which country should i dominate...but then i started thinking...because, when i last went to the jobfair, there was this pile of letters in was for the top ten percent of the graduating students...haay...that will just be so far fetch...but still, the aim is to finish with honors.

i just recently realized the gravity of graduating with honors. i was thinking like, okay, you may be proud that you graduated in UP...more so because you graduated in engineering...but even more so because you graduated in EEE...but...then...if that's all that you hold to yourself...then it just doesnt seem to be as big as you may make it seem to be...but if you graduated with at least cum laude, then you carry that title with you for the rest of your life. if you happen to make a speech, then that will be a particular highlight in your i right? i mean, however i think of it...there's no reason for me to stop hoping to get a cum laude standing...i know, it will be so much harder...than it is now...duh...the goal for ce is just 2...since sir angangco has no .25 in his the subjects that i have now are extremely hard plus extracurricular activit'y' is not really an easy be able to get grades for my 3 remaining sem...that should be about a gwa of going to be fucked up.

haha. well, that's why not everyone can get to finish with just wish that i do make the cut...hahaha...i've even dreamt of my graduation party...if i graduate with honors, i will ask my parents to hold a party for me - to invite my family and friends...i was thinking like in the lines of a hotel but then i remembered how long my family hasnt eaten at chinatown at's buffet...and they serve delicious food...oh and i also dreamt how i will be surprised by my sister by giving me keys to a new car...she promised me after all...

erm...anyway...that's looking too far ahead already. hahaha...i should take it 1 step at a time...and with every step....of course, i should be giving my best....then after doing that...hope for the best.

hahaha...the roots of my being grade conscious is slowly being unearthed...and now that i think about it...the roots are so materialistic in nature!

oh least it's helping me push forward...and that's what matters.

Monday, January 22, 2007

appreciating stuff

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disclaimer: ang mga sumusunod ay may sense na walang sense na may sense. may sense ba? always, walang structure...or siguro di ko lang other may probably be just because i don't want to state things too obviously.

it only just occurred to me how i have not truly been able to appreciate everything i have around me.

(*) like this internet access that i am using with my laptop...i have to say, this is the thing that i appreciate most - now that i think about it. no longer do i have to connect it to the lan cable that's connected to the desktop...everything is so much cooler with a wireless router around. in this day and age, well, in my "day and age," it's not really easy to appreciate such things. i mean, these kind of things are so common. in UP, almost everywhere i (need) to go to have wireless's sort of free...laptops and wires/cables are just not a match. mostly everything with a laptop has to be "wireless"

so..i guess, i just realized how much i appreciate my brother setting up a "wireless internet hub/house," because i realized that i take it for granted. why is that everything that becomes so common becomes less appreciated. what is in something that everybody else might have make it less? 

maybe it's the exposure i've received. since my brother is such a techie...well, he graduated ece before i did - 9 years earlier that is...and my dad is very keen on modernization...i guess it just became something household for us to be more advanced - that's why i dont really appreciate so much the things that other people may find really appreciative. i.e when pldt first introduced dsl, i was the first in my class (in highschool) to have a dsl connection. this was when we were still living in mandaluyong. my brother pushed for having it set-up and my dad was keen on our family having one as well - so chat, voicechat and webcam will be better experiences i guess.

(*) the second thing i appreciate is my new bed. wait, hold that thought. i remembered how my mom stressed the word orthopedic. hahaha. it's my new orthopedic bed. no wonder i sleep better. haha. i even recall the first night i slept on it...i was feeling the grooves on the bed (yung parang design siguro yun or something)...ewan ko ba. i slept through wondering how can this bed be different than others. what makes it "orthopedic?" anyway...i appreciate it so much because of the comfort it gives has allowed me to rediscover the joys of sleeping - just because i want to sleep - not because i have to sleep.

and so...the third thing that i appreciate most i guess...well they're actually two but they're tied for third place. money and circumstance. circumstance meaning the structure of my family is so well set-up for me. everyone else in my family has a decent and well-paying job...and the circumstance economic status is elevated. i am after all an extra pocket. hahaha. a deep one at that...whatever convenience they may buy, i benefit from it. i so love the fact that i am nearing the end of my scholastic life...imagine...if i am already reaping the benefits of the success of my siblings as well as my parents, what more height will i add to my family? yey! naeexcite parati ako sa circumstance na yun. hehehe, i always think about ---half dream and half reality --- the territory that i can claim for myself. my brother shall hopefully claim new zealand and my sister shall hopefully claim the US, mainland, after she's done with her reign in land shall i conquer? i always think about that...well, not in my immediate future...but sometime close by. 5 years i think is long enough...i just hope i don't get too bored with things. japan or korea sounds good to me...but i have to learn their language! china siguro...hahaha...i'll fit in perfectly in one of those three countries. after all, i've already been mistaken to be a citizen of each country, not just once! well, sa china siguro half correct sila.

and the other is of course money. well, who doesn't appreciate money! everyone, i believe appreciates money. i can't believe i said this to a friend very recently. "Para saan pa ang pera kung di mo naman gagamitin." And, I pondered upon that thought...para saan nga in the end, and pera naman ay talagang para gastusin. kahit magipon ka pa, saan mo naman gagamitin ang pinag-ipunan mo? eh di ba gagastusin mo rin naman yun in the am sure of this...everyone appreciates money. siguro money has the simplest "concept of value" that is appreciated. not many people understand the value of rest, the value of technology and the value of family...

money has to be, in my opinion, the world's most over-rated possession. well, of course, ignoring the fact that it is the only possession that one can exchange for something else of another value that may be higher than money...after all, this world revolves around money.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

relax then work

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okay, so now, one third of the eee 51 course is over.
i am really thankful to God that I was able to answer the exam thoroughly.
I've compared with someone through text and it turns out we had the same answers! (yey!) except for number 2...i took Vi to ground while he assumed Vi to have some AC input. tsk. bakit di ko naisip yun. ewan ko ba.

i hope i get high marks for this. nag celebrate na ako eh - care of my mom who treated me - upon my request.

(*) naaliw ako sa itsura ng terriyaki boy sa the block. basta. astig yung ambience - which was first noted by my mom. ewan ko ba. ang cool eh, parang funky japan talaga dating. pero di na yata nagbago yung inoorder ko run laging yung chicken nila with teriyaki sauce. ay. ang bobo ko. nalito ako kung double r yung terriyaki or single r teriyaki lang hahaha.

(*) nagpasama manuod ng kasal, kasali, kasalo mama ko so sumama naman ako since dapat relax relax nga. at...naaliw naman ako sa pag nuod. tawa tawa nga ako eh. pero napansin ko lang...bakit yung pag sa start ng movie, yung may lalabas na star cinema, ang sakit sa tenga - ang ingay pero pag icompare mo sa paramount universal mgm etc dating movie talaga hindi yung parang sa star cinema na parang tv lang dating tapos nilakasan ng sobra kaya ang ingay.

(*) sabi ng mom ko bibilihan niya ako ng tv sa kwarto pero ang catch - dapat yung chinese brand ng changhong or something. mukha namang maganda yung natingnan namin kanina. hindi naman siya mukhang cheap pero cheap siya in the sense na mura pero yung quality mukhang okay naman...pero siyempre gusto iba gusto ko so - maghalf half nalang kami if ever.

(*) ece 141, eee 105 exam and me + squeeeze 2007 marketing ahead ++++ CE 22 pa na spreadsheet pati homework! grabe ang dami ko pa palang kelangan gawin.

haay...sana Lord maabot ko ang goals ko for this sem.
PLUS! may kailangan pa palang gawin for irc.
oh no. better get a move on while meron pang momentum.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


[migrated from livejournal] one night sensation lang pala yun hahaha...kala ko prolonged infatuation or something. siguro na apektuhan lang talaga ako sa pinanood ko ahhaha..

anyway, so for the past week. grabe nagkasipon ako at ubo pero buti naman at di lagnat. hindi ba halata na may sakit ako the past days? oh well, ganun talaga pag cute.

anyway, so far wala pa ako masyadong na aaral for eee 51 at sa saturday na ang exam. ewan ko ba bakit di ako masyadong kinakabahan. i hope it turns out well for me. after writing this blog naman mag susunog ulit ako ng kilay. plus. i plan to study full force friday-saturday.

anyway, bakit ba ako hindi nakapag aral sa week na to? 

isip isip ko, since malapit na talaga matapos ang term ko bilang finance committee head (yey!) lubusin ko na at gawin ang best ko.

So far:
1) ASTEC - co presenter (kaching!)
2) Canon - nagconfirm pero wala pang package na pinipili (ka-ching?)
3) Web philippines - nagconfirm na pero wala pang napipili (ka-ching? - ka chang?)

and kanina lang, nag punta kami ni rose sa jobfair.
at...gusto ko na talagang makagraduate. excited na ako with the prospects of actually working and attaining the final degree of independence. hahaha siyempre may degree degree pa yan.
basta na abot ko na ang degree of liberation. kulang nalang na degree sa akin is yung regular income (monetary). so exciting.
haay...what should i be looking forward to for 2007?
-nothing in particular hahaha...basta, i am setting my fifth year as a year of soul searching. siyempre kasi i am also aiming to achieve something ---- as well as, gusto ko yung fifth year ko parang hakunamatata. - it means no worry - so...gusto ko, ang kelangan ko nalang problemahin ay ang thesis ko (^^) pati acads (well, given na yun) tapos ang huli ay kung ano pa ba ang iba ko pang dapat problemahin/pagkaabalahan.

pasensiya. gaya nga ng sabi ko kay rose, wala akong "Calling" hahaha. Siguro ako lang yung tipo ng tao na "end" driven with benefits. Parang, I wont see any purpose in doing something if it doesnt really make sense to me AND if it brings me nothing. Siguro materialistic lang talaga ako pero kasi yung mga experience experience naman na yan...basta ewan. i'll leave this hanging.

basta dapat pag sa fifth year ko, nagpreprepare na rin akong magwork. i should get a part time job like a tutoring job or something. basta something that pays good pero well compensated naman considering the degree of difficulty. my goal -> earn 10k per month. maliit liit na rin yun...
sana kayanin hahah...hmm...ay parang mahirap pala.
ngayon nga mga 5k per month siguro ang lumalabas na kinikita ko...pag ten k....ano naman kayang trabaho yun...hahah. FGD nga pala.

kanina niyaya ako ni maam wheng pero di ako pwede eh. may exam. siguro next time. yun ang sulit na racket. they feed you and make you kwento <- hahaha intentional yan, tapos nag gegames pa kayo and then they give you 1k worth of sm gift certificate. so...1k na rin yun considering na pwede ko ibenta sa nanay ko yun since madalas naman yun mapadpad sa sm. 

oh well sige diyan nalang muna.
najejebs na ako hahahha...afterwhich- aral na!
ay. mag email din pala muna ako kina ----

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2 situations put into 1.

[migrated from livejournal]

i guess i won't be able to tell the stories of my "hongkong-china get-away."
ewan ko ba. nawalan ako bigla ng gana just when i was about to. I don't know how to call it. writer's block? ewan ko.

tapos eto pa.

after going through what people call a DVD isang certain show. hahaha...i'm too bashful to admit which. BASTA, it's been shown on TV - tagalized...pero i didnt watch the tagalized one - so - may hint na siguro kayo, 1/3 possibilities nalang yun.

ang weird. sobrang weird talaga. natatawa nga ako isipin.

I feel infatuated after watching it.
hahaha...sana i feel fat nalang mas okay pa. pero infatuated? i don't even know why.
if i put it aside, what's left burdening me is this PRESSURE. well, buti naman hindi academically related. ewan ko ba. siguro the grudge is taking its toil on me. Whenever i think about IT...nasusuka akong isipin na...ayun...basta ayun na yun. so siguro sa infatuation nalang ako kesa YUN. Pero kelangan isipin YUN kasi...kelangan YUN - yun na YUN.

weird mix

- and there i was...the other night, watching a show on how you can put the fruit flavor into vodka...tapos paano mag mix. hahaha. walang sense na sabihin.

i don't like this feeling - infatuation - more so dahil wala namang tao na dapat maging dahilan ng infatuation na to...or baka di ko lang narerealize. ewan ko ba.

mag-aaral nalang ako ng 51 - 105 - 141.
sana etong feeling na to maging reason pa para mas galingan ko instead na tamarin ako.

grabe. sana taalga matapos na. PLEASE LORD. ayaw ko na...gusto ko na sumuko - pero malaki ang nakataya.

    Friday, January 5, 2007

    Jan. 5th, 2007

    [migrated from livejournal]

    yes. may racket na rin ako hehhe...
    2 hours lang tapos 1k...
    nga lang, kelangan ko uminom ng
    ONE lemon iced tea...

    updates on christmas and new year vacation...coming soon...grabe nakakatamad sobra magupdate dahil sa dami ng sumalubong sa akin na responsibilities na onti na lang talaga mapapaluhod na ako...pero di ko lang pinapahalata hahaha...

    ang sabi sa akin ng nakausap ko kaninang mga 11 regarding sa racket:
    maghanap ka pa ng kaibigan mo na ---nalimot ko yung term niya pero parang ganito yung tunog --- kapareha ng estado mo sa buhay hahaha...

    after kong makuha yung racket agad kong sinabi sa mama at papa ko. ayan. siguro naman napaghahalata na nila kung gaano ko gusto pa ng pera haha...

    my favorite christmas gift that i received: a gold keychain that has a swarovski crystal worked upon to look like the earth.

    my favorite gift for myself: my new ipod nano =) 

    new years resolution: wala - except bagong style. added myself a new bag "idea" leaving behind the bigger bags inside the car.

    --yun muna hehehe...hinahanap ko pa yung price nung regalo sa akin.