Tuesday, January 23, 2007

thankful sigh

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and so...our ce 22 exams has just been returned, and i wasnt able to really hold back my breath when i received my exam paper. i was just so thankful that i passed! and more so since i still have the chance to get exempted. the only thing that i have got to do now is maintain a good grade in that subject.

I promise. I am going to study even harder! well, not just for ce of course...but for my other subjects as well. in fact!! i've already started reading up on my eee105 book! hahaha...well, i know how late it is...but the effort is there. i can feel it! i am studying it first before i go on to study my ece 141...eee105 is just much more important for is after all a qualification for thesis....

i guess, i can really balance things after all. and there i was thinking ive lost all my sense of discipline in studying...i have got to thank my schedule for that though...

anyway...from the previous post, ive mentioned my concern regarding which country should i dominate...but then i started thinking...because, when i last went to the jobfair, there was this pile of letters in was for the top ten percent of the graduating students...haay...that will just be so far fetch...but still, the aim is to finish with honors.

i just recently realized the gravity of graduating with honors. i was thinking like, okay, you may be proud that you graduated in UP...more so because you graduated in engineering...but even more so because you graduated in EEE...but...then...if that's all that you hold to yourself...then it just doesnt seem to be as big as you may make it seem to be...but if you graduated with at least cum laude, then you carry that title with you for the rest of your life. if you happen to make a speech, then that will be a particular highlight in your i right? i mean, however i think of it...there's no reason for me to stop hoping to get a cum laude standing...i know, it will be so much harder...than it is now...duh...the goal for ce is just 2...since sir angangco has no .25 in his the subjects that i have now are extremely hard plus extracurricular activit'y' is not really an easy be able to get grades for my 3 remaining sem...that should be about a gwa of going to be fucked up.

haha. well, that's why not everyone can get to finish with just wish that i do make the cut...hahaha...i've even dreamt of my graduation party...if i graduate with honors, i will ask my parents to hold a party for me - to invite my family and friends...i was thinking like in the lines of a hotel but then i remembered how long my family hasnt eaten at chinatown at's buffet...and they serve delicious food...oh and i also dreamt how i will be surprised by my sister by giving me keys to a new car...she promised me after all...

erm...anyway...that's looking too far ahead already. hahaha...i should take it 1 step at a time...and with every step....of course, i should be giving my best....then after doing that...hope for the best.

hahaha...the roots of my being grade conscious is slowly being unearthed...and now that i think about it...the roots are so materialistic in nature!

oh least it's helping me push forward...and that's what matters.

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