Monday, January 22, 2007

appreciating stuff

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disclaimer: ang mga sumusunod ay may sense na walang sense na may sense. may sense ba? always, walang structure...or siguro di ko lang other may probably be just because i don't want to state things too obviously.

it only just occurred to me how i have not truly been able to appreciate everything i have around me.

(*) like this internet access that i am using with my laptop...i have to say, this is the thing that i appreciate most - now that i think about it. no longer do i have to connect it to the lan cable that's connected to the desktop...everything is so much cooler with a wireless router around. in this day and age, well, in my "day and age," it's not really easy to appreciate such things. i mean, these kind of things are so common. in UP, almost everywhere i (need) to go to have wireless's sort of free...laptops and wires/cables are just not a match. mostly everything with a laptop has to be "wireless"

so..i guess, i just realized how much i appreciate my brother setting up a "wireless internet hub/house," because i realized that i take it for granted. why is that everything that becomes so common becomes less appreciated. what is in something that everybody else might have make it less? 

maybe it's the exposure i've received. since my brother is such a techie...well, he graduated ece before i did - 9 years earlier that is...and my dad is very keen on modernization...i guess it just became something household for us to be more advanced - that's why i dont really appreciate so much the things that other people may find really appreciative. i.e when pldt first introduced dsl, i was the first in my class (in highschool) to have a dsl connection. this was when we were still living in mandaluyong. my brother pushed for having it set-up and my dad was keen on our family having one as well - so chat, voicechat and webcam will be better experiences i guess.

(*) the second thing i appreciate is my new bed. wait, hold that thought. i remembered how my mom stressed the word orthopedic. hahaha. it's my new orthopedic bed. no wonder i sleep better. haha. i even recall the first night i slept on it...i was feeling the grooves on the bed (yung parang design siguro yun or something)...ewan ko ba. i slept through wondering how can this bed be different than others. what makes it "orthopedic?" anyway...i appreciate it so much because of the comfort it gives has allowed me to rediscover the joys of sleeping - just because i want to sleep - not because i have to sleep.

and so...the third thing that i appreciate most i guess...well they're actually two but they're tied for third place. money and circumstance. circumstance meaning the structure of my family is so well set-up for me. everyone else in my family has a decent and well-paying job...and the circumstance economic status is elevated. i am after all an extra pocket. hahaha. a deep one at that...whatever convenience they may buy, i benefit from it. i so love the fact that i am nearing the end of my scholastic life...imagine...if i am already reaping the benefits of the success of my siblings as well as my parents, what more height will i add to my family? yey! naeexcite parati ako sa circumstance na yun. hehehe, i always think about ---half dream and half reality --- the territory that i can claim for myself. my brother shall hopefully claim new zealand and my sister shall hopefully claim the US, mainland, after she's done with her reign in land shall i conquer? i always think about that...well, not in my immediate future...but sometime close by. 5 years i think is long enough...i just hope i don't get too bored with things. japan or korea sounds good to me...but i have to learn their language! china siguro...hahaha...i'll fit in perfectly in one of those three countries. after all, i've already been mistaken to be a citizen of each country, not just once! well, sa china siguro half correct sila.

and the other is of course money. well, who doesn't appreciate money! everyone, i believe appreciates money. i can't believe i said this to a friend very recently. "Para saan pa ang pera kung di mo naman gagamitin." And, I pondered upon that thought...para saan nga in the end, and pera naman ay talagang para gastusin. kahit magipon ka pa, saan mo naman gagamitin ang pinag-ipunan mo? eh di ba gagastusin mo rin naman yun in the am sure of this...everyone appreciates money. siguro money has the simplest "concept of value" that is appreciated. not many people understand the value of rest, the value of technology and the value of family...

money has to be, in my opinion, the world's most over-rated possession. well, of course, ignoring the fact that it is the only possession that one can exchange for something else of another value that may be higher than money...after all, this world revolves around money.

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