Sunday, January 28, 2007

kwan family

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kay, so like last night was the "tired-est" night ever for me. i wasnt sure what happened. i was supposed to turn off the air-con so that i wouldnt freeze to death (it doesnt have timer kaya ganun)...pero i woke up at 5am na feeling all cold - thank God i didn't catch the bale i went to bed at about 10:30 or something then kanina my mom woke me up mga 9:30 and grabe sobrang pagod ng feeling ko...

hahaha...muntik pa nga kami mag-away ng mom ko kasi i had to do something with the computer because i wasnt able to the night before...kaya ayun. last night pala i was supposed to have my haircut sa bench fix pero they were fully booked. sad though...i'm getting really bored having to wash my hair the way it is now dahil mahaba na hahaha...

anyway, ayun nga kanina my mom and i nearly fought because she was hurrying me dahil we were supposed to go to my uncle's house sa may filinvest sa may marcos highway nga...(see previous posts as reference) was supposed to be some sort of surprise party which didnt turn out to be anything surprising because we were parang salu-salo nalang namin siya because my uncle's leaving on tuesday back to america...

then ayun...kwentu-kwentuhan...
1) tagaytay house nila.
so this topic was brought up and the house will probably be finished within 6 or so months hopefully...if there are no set backs or ayun...plan plan while we were eating. hahaha...they went on like (they meaning my aunts mom and uncles) like, sabi ng uncle ko, friday night punta na lahat kami sa tagaytay sa bahay nila then saturday we will head to batangas para mag beach then uwi ulit sa bahay nila by night then by sunday mag casino then uwi hahaha...ayun's nice how things are turning out not only for my (immediate) family, but everyone else in my family.

2) small talk about one of the lands we own.
so, it happens kasi that my mom and dad bought a piece of land sa may taytay rizal. before, i thought it was a worthless piece of land kasi malayo and ang taas ( in mataas talaga...steep yung slope)...i liked the land we owned sa may cavite (farm lot so malaki talaga siya...hehehe i was thinking before kasi that it could be like a rest house or something - dreaming.) pero yugn land pala namin sa taytay turns out to be good after all. toni gonzaga lives may subdivision na yun. richmond i think is the ayun...nakakatuwa lang kasi yung mom ko kinausap ng tito ko about it telling her like i pa appraise mo then pag okay yung market value, papatayuan ko ng townhouse tapos yung isang townhouse sayo na...and i was please say no. i want my house built there turns out kasi na marami ng malalaking bahay na tinatayo sa subdivision na yun.

hahahaha...kanina turned out to be like property talk and plans etc.

3) my tito telling my mom to bring out the cash. turns out, my tito and i have almost the same ideology with money. (refer to my previous entries)...diba sabi ko nun na money is talagang para gastusin kasi whether you save it or the end, gastos parin naman yung pinagiipunan mo ng pera na yun. and my tito tells my mom, mahilig ka kasi magtago ng pera. and my tita tells my mom, oo nga, yang si 'nita, tahimik pero maraming tinatago...and my tito goes on to tell me, diba tp (my childhood name) dapat yung pera ginagamit hindi iniimbak...and i go on to say "opo..." which by then i was thinking...aba siyempre po!

hahay...i expect good times ahead. hopefully i can graduate on time. hmm...cancel that. i WILL graduate on time.
hahay...i havent started on my me yet! oh no. i slept kasi when i got home and i just woke up 30-or so minutes ago.

PS: i love audio books. im getting hooked. so far, ive finished, you suck: a love story by christopher moore as well as children of the corn by stephen king. now im reading the desperation by stephen king. sorry, "listening"

anyway, better get started with the me

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