Monday, January 29, 2007

i hope - summer

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i hope this cold weather wont be around by summer. i wish to see the sun!

and so, the new mall is finally unveiled. across the north avenue (through the properties that the mall covers) there are now tarps posted. Ayala Mall. No more hear says as to what mall will rise to battle SM.

Hohum. I'm excited with the perks that mall will offer our home. And there I was just a little while back day dreaming. I could hold my graduation party (i hope everything goes according to plan) at some fancy restaurant there. Chinese preferably. My mom will invite relatives from her side, my dad will invite relatives from his side and I will invite my college friends, org mates and highschool mates. Hahaay...Almost a year left tipz. It's almost about just a year.

Next semester, you will be thinking about what sort of costume you'd wear for your graduation picture. The future is not too far ahead.

Hohum. All this fuss brought about by an Ayala Mall.

I wonder if they will have a gym there or something? I'm thinking, Fitness First will probably not build one there because they already have one half of The Block's top floor to themselves...but then again, maybe not. I could get a gym membership there when I graduate. Hmm, the place looks awfully huge. Well, maybe from the perspective I look at it. You know, when you look at something or someone from a forty-five degree angle of elevation kind of viewpoint, things just look sightly, if not 'more', bigger.

I wonder if there will starbucks there - well, that's given i think. that I think of it, maybe I can convince my mom to franchise some store and set it up there...My mom is thinking business by the moment. Retirement is upon both my parents...and I think business will be their plan...they're not idle people...they're not really used to just lounging around - if they have the energy and the time...

career oriented people - that's what we are.

Hmm, now that I think about it, I never quite saw the name that mall will bear. All I saw was Ayala Mall. North Triangle? -> Sounds bull. Hmm...

In time...Hopefully, sooner than I imagine.

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