Saturday, December 1, 2007

useful stuff

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Here are some interesting things ive read on Men's Health: October issue.
1) Fight Fire without water!
    Worried those wings will repeat you tonight? "Sleep on your left side," says Anthony A. Starpoli, MD, a New York city gastroenrologist and assistant professor of medicine at New York Medical College. Studies have shown that patients who sleep on their left sides are less likely to suffer from acid reflux. The esophagus and stomach connect at an angle. When you sleep on your right, the stomach is higher than the esophagus, allowing food and stomach acid to slide up your throat. When you're on your left, the stomach is lower than the esophagus, so gravity's in your favor.

2) Stop the world from spinning!
    One too many drinks left you dizzy? Put your hand on something stable. Part of your ear responsible for balance - the cupula - floats in a fluid of the same density as blood. "As alcohol dilutes blood in the cupula, the cupula becomes less dense and rises," says Dr. Schaffer. This confuses your brain. The tactile input from a stable object gives the brain a second opinion, and you feel more in balance. Because the nerves in the hand are sensitive, this works better than the conventional foot-on-the-floor wisdom.

3) Thaw your brain! - DEFEAT brainfreeze!
    Too much Slurpee too fast will freeze the brains of lesser men. As for you, press your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth, covering as much as you can." Since the nerves in the roof of your moth get extremely cold, your body thinks your brain is freezing too," says Abo. "In compensating, it overheats, causing ice-cream headache." The more pressure you apply to the roof of your moth, the faster your headache will subside.

4) Unstitch your side! - FOR JOGGERS and RUNNERS!
    If you're like most people, when you run, you exhale as your right foot hits the ground. This puts downward pressure on your liver (which lives on your right side), which then tugs at the diaphragm and creates a side stich, according to The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men. The fix: Exhale as your left foot strikes the ground.
----So, kaya pala paminsan mabilis sumakit dahil sa "side stich" hehehe paminsan kasi when i jog sa left and paminsan sa right...nagiiba kasi hehehe when you're concerned about keeping up the pace...anyway...

5) Read Minds!!!! - Effective for memorization!
    Your own! "If you're giving a speech the next day, review it before falling asleep," says Candi Heimgartner, an instructor of biological sciences at the University of Idaho. Since most memory consolidation happens during sleep, anything you read right before bed is more likely to be encoded as long-term memory."
----Astig diba! Hehehe...Kaya dapat ganito gawin niyo rin!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

putek! masakit! + perspective

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putek. ang sakit sobra ng ulo ko! ewan ko ba kung migraine to or what. pero kanina pang 7 to eh. siguro kulang lang sa tulog or pagod or what. pero hinde!!!! ang sakit eh. di ako makatulog sa sakit ng ulo ko. nag paracetamol na ako at lahat lahat walang epek! putek!

1. ang sakit ng ulo ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. undergraduate student/research project - whatever. going well so far. the more intense programming is coming up. i hope this headache is not some prelude to getting sick. - but hey, exhaustion and stress do cause such effect.
3. heroes has become - boring. here's what i think about's like a tagalog telenovela. the protagonists are just manipulated by antagonists. maya = sylar, adam = peter, suresh = bob....etc. boring. prison break is way better - too bad they're on hiatus.
4. no more u

update ulit:
-yey! lumipas na ang sakit ng ulo ko. hahaha. 
may nagym sa akin...mas okay na raw sakit ng ulo kesa lbm.
my answer:
"mas okay na lbm. at least yun pumapayat ka. hahaha." -> i eat chocolate or candy basta matamis para mawala ehehhe.

i have gained a new appreciation for my family. well, it's more of the ideologies that drive my family, my being bunso as well as the "unplanned family planning sort of jamboree"

---first off, id just like to share. im not sure if i have mentioned it before in this blog. but my mom once told me (candidly) that I was not expected. - no need to elaborate on that - but if you need me to paint the picture further - my mom stopped using pills - and then - my dad comes home from his trip abroad - and 9 months after (a few months after edsa revolution) - i exist. (and so - I digress)

--So, then, my brother is 9 years older and my sister is 10 years older. due to this family structure, i have enjoyed the fruits of everyone of my family's labor. being bunso and all, well, it has it perks. So, thanks to everyone of them, I don't think I have ever felt the pincers of poverty. Although, it is with great thanks to God that my siblings are doing really well with their of them, the comfort by which my mom and I live is more than dad and siblings work abroad...only my mom and I live in our house....oh, add to that number our 3 existence for a 3 storyhouse townhouse (there's a difference in size right? a th is smaller than when you say a house. well, by my standards i guess)...and my mom works din...and we have our 2 - little condominium units in mandaluyong being rented...

--So, I know, with the structure of my family (may it be intentional or not - please refer to 1st bullet hehehe) I have been given so much to be thankful for. But, aside from the privileges of being well supported, i think i may have taken a lot of things for granted....But, I have come to realize, that the privileges I have....out of all of them, the thing I realize most important now, is my privilege to have a choice and a perspective by which to see those choices for what they are

--Being bunso, the only one that needs to be supported...the only one who needs allowance, the only dependent person in a family of 4 hardworking people, yes, i may have been spoiled...but I did earn it by doing well in the things they fund me for (education) - so I guess that's a good trade-off....bring honor to the family = perks. So, because of all the said things, I am really grateful for my family for there they put no pressure on me. Although, before, I have been pushed to think that - the pressure of UP was far too great. (GO FIGURE. - BANNED na siya ngayon =p). No pressure to find a good work immediately to be independent and start working for my parents retirement. No pressure to do really really good so that I wont have a hard time finding a good job. No pressure at all. Only encouragement to excel.I was such a fool to think that before, that they werent being supportive. They are, really.

--Because of everything, right now, my life is really how I wish to paint it to be. With a few words of encouragement, to sway me for the better....well, that wouldnt mom and dad wish me to pursue my MS....although, quite promising...I still have my doubts...the feel to get away from the academe is still encroaching itself. CHOICE. The greatest privilege i have inherited from my family....the power to choose for myself the life I want to live.

-------------------So what do I wish people pick up from this?
-Well, we have all been put in our own places and family for a purpose. It's not a matter of chance and who's having it easier or not...or whatever. We are where we are for a purpose. And it is in line with that purpose that we gain perspective - our individuality - our sense of being. It is quite enjoyable to observe actually. To think that everyone is going through their life to understand that purpose(s) and realize who they are and what they are meant to be. 

-and that however privilege in life other people may seem, they face different challenges from you. Money, privilege however you wish to call it, is not a "constant" in life's equation. As an example, for my case, the challenge is to make the right choices in life and live up to it....well, that may be kind of general, but what I was comparing it against is for somebody who has no choice and the path is already laid out for him and the challenge is to overcome the adversity that one encounters along the way,...

-different people, different challenges. I guess, what should be the same for everyone is the fact that life goes on...and we must all move forward.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the golden compass

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i just finished reading the first book of pullman's trilogy - the golden compass.

so for what i can say about it - well, it's not as "epic" as the harry potter books. Well, I am talking about it in each book's singularity. Rowling packed a lot of punches in each addition...the golden compass though - well, to say the least - i didnt expect it to be "unfinished." Although, a lot of questions were answered in the last three chapters of the book - it's open ended. i guess, i should have expected this. It is after all part of a it has not ended YET.

So, what's there to look forward to in its big screen adaptation? Well, for one, the special effects. Second for me will be the performance of the actors to play Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel. I think, that will be one of the few things I'll be looking forward to. Plus, of course, the epic battle between Iorek and Iofur....

I haven't started reading the subtle knife - part ii...but...hahaha...i accidentally read a spoiler in wikipedia when i was reading up on some character....shet...But it does make sense for him to be one of the main antagonist considering a few paragraphs and even an encounter with Lyra that pullman spared for him...

Overall, I'd still tell people to try reading up on this....I hope they do read it before the movie is shown though. Hahaha, it will be reminiscent to when I first saw the first movie of harry potter and the movie house was "full to the brim." Comparing this and that in the film with that of the novel...It makes you feel special and sort of "editorial" and valid to make a critique of some sort.

Also, to people, don't be deterred about the emails spreading around to "boycott" pullman's the golden compass. I read through it and did not sense any form of hostility against God. Well, the church was criticized blatantly at the latter could be accurate to say that after reading the golden compass, it is the church, or whatever entity that governs a religion - which is subjected to pullman's scrutiny.

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Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself/herself. People who got tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things. They should as well state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
--who ever wants to be tag...(this has to end sometime)

here goes...

1) i hate marshmallows. the texture of it or whatever...disgusting.
2) i recently adapted a change in lifestyle. i will only eat seafood/vegetables. well, an exception of course: when there are family gatherings. (no need to make yourself important if they don't have any seafood/veggies served) hehe.
3) recently, let's say 2 months ago or something, ive developed this sort of reflex "shuddering" when i see something gruesome...ala fear factor.
4) i hate eating pineapple as "ulam." i don't like them on pizza or the sweet and sour fish/pork (when i used to it pork then) - pineapple is for dessert.
5) i appreciate something even more when i know not many people have learned to appreciate it. (i.e. latest single from some artist or something)
6) i have dermographism =p it's actually cool some it is, it literally is being able to write on your skin...histamine problem i think.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

updates picked from various date after the last post.

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A lot of things have already happened! Hahaha. It just became so boring trying to update this blog...seeing that i wanted to make the most out of my "bakasyon grande" before enrolment started...and..."catching up with friends" took my time after the enrollment. 

Before the week of enrollment started, I made sure to make a movie rush. Since we live near Trinoma, why not make full use of its perks. So, I beat my record with 4 movie-outs in 6 days. The first was, lust, caution, the second was perfume - the story of a murderer, the thrid was superbad and last being 30 days of night.

All four movies were great! Of course, they should be. I wouldn't be watching them in the first place if they werent. For a dose of your movie reviews: try this site:

It has never failed me. After seeing ZODIAC having a very high rating, I even convinced a friend to go and watch it with me - last full show at greenbelt. (we came from gateway)...and the show was almost 3 hours...and it started around 12. so...go figure.

Anyway, classes have officially started! Hapon 10-11 is particularly fun. As for the other subjects. Well, no comment. No classes yet.

Also, I find it particularly fascinating how discriminating the dfa process of applying for a passport is -- or renewing it. When we went to dfa, it did not even take us 30 minutes before we exited the place -- whence we entered it....this is because we had it "processed" and I wondered, How big is the price discrepancy for people not to go for it. My mom told me, 550 was the regularly fee. 1300 was the fee we had to pay to get it processed. And it saved us from lining up...and man! were those lines long - and there was more than one place they had to line up for! Why don't they just go midway to allow everyone the same privilege...anyway,..if other people (honest good and hardworking) will have employment because of this impartiality - then, I guess, it would be justifiable...

This is how I start seeing commercialization. I don't know...Yes, it will be bad for small businesses if another SM is built near them. I have realized that long before and felt for those people. But then, now, it's different. SM provides an opportunity for people with jobs to actually have a form of living - thereby feeding their families, having their sons/daughters or siblings go to school's better that way right?

MUST WATCH BEOWULF!!! Hahaha, If there was an IMAX theater in QC then I would have delighted in that...But sadly none, so I wish to watch it in THX in trinoma...I haven't read any reviews for it - but I expect it to be good. I have 300 in mind....with the effects and everything.

After my mom and I went to dfa, since MOA was so close - why not? There....I experienced two things that I have never experienced in my life!!! And I really enjoyed the experience!!

1) Saeki Sushi - Sushi plates on conveyor belts!! The food was delicious. Although, I have to say, the most delicious ones were in the red plate-lets...but they're kind of expensive. 99 pesos per plate. The next one is green - 79 pesos, the next one is yellow - 59 and purple - 39 pesos. It is really delicious! Trust me on that. Well, compared to the maki you find in tokyo tokyo, it's better by a hundred miles. Hahaha. No exaggeration there....Go there with your barkada who love it japanese!! They also have a buffet - 349 pesos...and sulit na sobra...

2) TNDM - erm. you know, the artsy artsy fancy booths you find in some malls where you paint and stuff like that. Since, I thought we had a lot of time to kill before I want to go home so I invited my mom to try it out. And well, yes, it was fun. I invited my mom for the purpose on her part. She did enjoy it. Nice bonding experience. Hahaha, we even bought some to take home and pass the time when the need to pass the time arises. We stayed to finish sort of "clay - painting" it...aliw...pwede na pamalit sa pagpapamasahe sa spa.

MOA is not the best mall. I like trinoma far better

Anyway, what else...

oh yeah, I love the canepe from delifrance. Hahaah, I recalled eating them for the first time back then at Canon's eee190 field trip and I loved them! who cares about carbs? Not me! Sarap! Although, It was a little expensive. I was shocked to see the price. I remember seeing like a box of 24 or 25 I forgot, back at Canon and it cost 789 I think...around that figure (and they ordered about 3 or 2 boxes for us!)....and when you order for twelve...around 380+...Well, it wasnt what we ordered. Those were the premium canepe...but, I thought it would be wasteful to buy that one since I no longer eat pork, beef and chicken...and the only thing I would have liked in that order was the one with salmon...So we just tried out the classic canepe...This one's a bit more affordable. The 1 dozen order cost about 280ish...Worth it. has crabmeat, tuna and i forgot the other - was it ?egg?

Same with Krispy Kreme! My mom never liked eating donuts before - even gonuts. She thought they were too sweet or something. But the original glaze by KK is just way above all others.

And finally - I'm about to finish the golden compass!!! Woohooo!!! Philip Pullman is now in my list of must reads. First, siyempre is stephen king. rowling - well, hp has concluded - so im not expecting anything soon, then we have crichton - connelly - both michael...and...eoin colfer the author of artemis fowl...and siyempre - pullman with is the dark materials.

I have read tolkien - and found it absurdly boring halfway through the trilogy. Well, forgive me for my "non-english" familiarization...Or maybe the copy I had was the older one - the book had this enigmatic feel to it - that wasnt quite entertaining. To see verbs or whatever end in -th. Old english - I think that's how I should have referred to it. Anyway - tolkien's writings are better off on the big screen for me. I read the last of the trilogy 3/4 through...then stopped.

Anyway, TRY reading through Pullman. Although, there have been rumors about the nature of the book to mislead us to atheism. Well, I don't really think it's true - so far as I have read...288/351...They have mentioned of the church though - and their means of manipulation...You have to read it for yourselves then decide.

ps: I had this weirdest feeling - like several days back....The feeling I had felt in my dreams extended over to what I was feeling for the whole day after I woke up. I couldn't explain why till I had a hint ( already a lot of hours after I have awakened) it was because of what i dreamt.... Hahaha, I have been wishing to dream the sequence to the next chapter...but - the past nights have been dreamless.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

on to better erm - career?

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Lately, I have been having this freak out sessions with regards to what i need to do for my ece198. I just get so freaked out that I face away and procrastinate. I hate it. I am just so confused. I feel guilty for not doing anything yet, but then i tell myself, "relax, take it at your own pace. Enjoy every moment of vacation while it lasts." Well, I still feel guilty, But, I do give in to the latter's persuasion. It has, after all, been just less than 2 weeks since I became free from last sem.

over all, the sem turned out pretty well. a tres in 53 is not so bad. Heck, I am thankful I did not have to take up the removal exam....I am quite happy and satisfied with the performance for this sem. The guilt feeling of actually not doing super duper well as to pull my grades higher than was expected lingered --- but not for too long though. I has passed. I mean, I could have done better. But, alas, I need at most 1.25 in two of my subjects next sem to actually "make it." But, enough about that. As they say, in this life, the only path available is the path forward. Hahaha, well, they might not have said that, if so, then I said it. haha.

On to lighter side of things.
-It's such a shame that the motorolla razr v8 does not have some of the things that I wish for in a mobile phone. The first things i the lack of expansion in memory. 512 mb is kind of lame. I was hoping that if i did want to buy it, that I would be able to use that memory instead on the v8. But hahaha. why all of this for just a phone? BLAME IT ON THEIR AD! Their (the motorolla razr v8) ad i just so whacked up! It's so cool. Though, reminiscent of the matrix fight scenese, the concept was just so school. To my interpretation of the commercial, it would seem to me that what they were trying to say was that the phone was that "edgy" that it can cut through skin or something haha. the emphasis being put on "edgy" I like the design. But, im still contemplating on whether I would switch phone to it or not. Anyway, if i do have the money, then i guess....But now, I'm broke. I can't even get a hold of a nice pair of shoes I saw...It's all up to mommy. (*evil grin*)

-I can't believe my brother all ready has his PS3!!! @#$@^#% Hehehe. That was just mumbling gibberish. Add insult to the injury - he even has his own lcd tv! although, it was not hdtv. He did say it has hdmi (heheh, whatever that means) --- all i know is that i is compatible with the ps3 - enough to really show case it's console prowess. Haay...Now, I am saying this because this seriously got me thinking about the career path that I should take.

----Two things:
-Engineering career
-Corporate world career

If I did decide to go into the corporate world, and with a BS in ECE (hmm - knocks on wood thrice), then I will not be able to maximize the growth that engineering students (especially electronics courses) have. I mean, see my brother for example, he decided to go down the career path of a networks engineer - and now he has a stable job in new zealand, with his girlfriend, a ps3, etc etc. Now, YOU WOULD NOT GET THAT IN LESS THAN 4 MONTHS  ordinarily - but he did. Well, yes, he is 30 years old. And, he may have acquired enough experience blah blah blah. But the point of it being, can a career in the corporate world bring something like that? My brother has just been working in that company for the said amount of time, but he has already achieved that height.

Once, I forgot when, I told my mom. "Ma, baka di na naman ako mag work sa ibang bansa. Pwede naman akong maiwan nalang dito sa Pilipinas and ako na bahala sa mga ariarian natin." My mom told that to my dad and my sister. And she relayed to me. They laughed at that concept. Well not in the sense of "pangmamaliit" but in the sense of --- hmmm... just plain and simple HUMOR. And my dad's reply was: "Well, that's good, we have someone to take care of us." Hehehe. Well, in my family, where the notion of trying to make up a career here in the Philippines is just a waste of talent (considering monetary returns)...One would think that yes, It will be  waste.

So now, the point of the discussion being brought back. If I decided to go and traverse the path to a corporate career - then I will just be stuck here in the Philippines. Yes, there may be opportunities to travel - but that's not really the idea now. The idea being, to be able to create a career elsewhere( abroad) and become stable. Earn big bucks! i hear amounts like 3M pesos per annum? WEll, that would be a great case....but a case that seems thoroughly unlikely if one pursues a career in the corporate world.

But, hmm, the argument of the corporate career is that, right now, I feel as if my interests lie in that direction. I just don't see myself working my ass off and continually burning up my neurons and solving excruciating engineering problems...Well, A good scenario will be, if it was an engineering career - only this time, I am the boss of my own corporation. Now, won't that be a good mix of both things? Well, yes, even I hope for that. But, my family is not really the type to risk things that big...with a lot of uncertainty and probability of failure especially here in the Philippines - well, that's mostly what they think. I do give the Philippines the benefit of the doubt though.

anyway. I digress. my resolution will be to at least try out engineering jobs and see for myself what the result may be. The result may point me 180 degrees in the other direction. Or it may point me to take up my masters or something.

PS: My mom and I bought this "bed tray." It's wood. Hmm. It's the one that you kind of like use to have bed in breakfast in. Haha. And this is just such a great buy! Now I can really use my laptop in bed. Type stuff. Like what I am doing now, and even read magazines and stuff! It's well worth it. If you do want something to place your laptop on while in bed, you can buy something similar! You can find one in SM. It costs only about 430 pesos! It is sturdy enough! Hmm, oh yeah, just to put emphasis on how I really like this thing. Well, before, since I use my laptop a lot, I put it on the bed, and it heats up due to the lack of ventilation (the bottom being put against something that absorbs the head...blah blah) and I usually end up having it hard on my back and neck since the laptop is so low. So what I do sometimes is put it on a chair and I lie down in bed while using trouble to the neck. But say goodbye to those things! hehehe. Plus, it can double to something you can use to have breakfast in bed! Or....vice this case...since I did buy it for the purpose of using my laptop in bed.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Guys...It's over. It really is...

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What is?

My 2nd to the last semester that is! Hahahah! I have been itching to type this entry since....June! Hahahah...Finally! Thank the Lord - for this semester is over. I only have one last semester to go! Thank you sir Escoto for being so kind as to give me full credits to my Machine Problem (based on my computations). I dread having to take another final exam. The last and most traumatizing finals in a major subject I took was EEE23 - and that was like - 2 years ago? Man! Time flies by so fast!

Anyway, since the semester is officially over - anyone planning to go to the beach? "Sama ako!" Hahaha.
So, never mind what happened since the last entry - it's the usual.
study study study - do a machine problem - do a design problem - and finally! Those days are over! well, most of it that is. Next semester will be the final test!! I need to go to the beach to fuel up!!!

For this entry.
I dedicate my first few hours of being 'free of the bondage' that I call "waiting for the exemption list for the eee53 comprehensive exam." I havent been able to sleep properly since last Saturday due to the fact that I can't seem to get to sleep because I can't stop thinking of what may happen to EEE53 - so what I did was waste my time in front of the television and playing persona 3 until I could no longer open my eyes due to the exhaustion and UV exposure from the television.

Persona 3 is one awesome game! It has the savvy you look for an RPG. The music is great as well - though the influence of jpop is prevalent - who cares! that's why it's so hip and cool. So cool in fact that you won't really be that disturbed by the fact that the protagonists summon their "inner persona" by using evokers - "soul guns" to shoot themselves in the head." Those evokers - i presume - have spiritual bullets. This game is rated R-18 - for violence in visual content. Plus. The story is kind of mature - not in the hentai kind of maturity - but mature in the storyline...deaths, blood and all that.

-----back on track:
So, after seeing the results of eee53. I contacted friends and informed them of their results...[more information dissemination here]...then i fetched my mom to help me kind of celebrate that my sem is now over.

In no particular order:
1) had another haircut. new hair definitely. i never really was fond of spiking your hair up or those kind of minimal styles that look spiked up...but...i left the stylist to his job. I was getting tired of the long hair. And, my hair is awfully "full" [is that how you say makapal na buhok in english?] so --- old semester and hair gone! new hair come new and final semester.

2) ate at itallianis! now, the menu was pretty pretty intimidating. A pasta good for one priced at 330 pesos?! Hahaha. It was good though. Although, that price was already inclusive of the service charge. Anyway, I treated my mom to dinner. I recently earned some cash by just talking and having a conversation with other people. Nope. I'm not some hosto or something. Hahaha! I just wanted to let your mind linger. But I participated in another focus group discussion whose topic dealt with 3G services....and for less than 2 hours of participation - I got 1500 pesos! Worth it, isn't it? Plus! They serve you merienda...which was shakeys...

3) bought 1 dozen of krispy kreme donuts. Delicious! Hahaha. The first and last time I've tried these donuts was when I went to HongKong last December!! About 10months ago! There are no branches near our place so, that's a deterrent. Anyway, since there's one open at trinoma...I'm sure, this will be my official donut choice. Although, I must say, for 1 dozen, it costs so much. I think the bill we had for the assorted was 335? Or something around that amount...But - Hey! It's delicious. It's great. If you have the money for that sort of pleasure and want. Hehehe- ask your mom to buy it for you!

4) Also, as an update, I'm trying to revise my diet. Diet as in what food I intake - not about how much less I have to eat. I have now officially cut out pork and beef of my diet. I should be starting to cut off chicken as well by the end of the week - but I decided to hasten it up and start it yesterday...So for a good 1 and 1/2 weeks now...doing well...doing well....I am still pondering whether or not I should cut out seafood from the diet as well...BUT that could wait. I still have to find a place where I can buy the vegan meals....i mean those that are already prepared...or something like "chicken tofu." Anyway, I hope that goes well....I am doing this because I think it could be a good change to my eating habit. Just trying something new. I get tired of the same routines. But, the sad part of this is, - if I do officially go vegan then, I won't be able to enjoy family reunions! The Pecking Duck! The Lechon! The Lapu Lapu!  So...that still something to think about.

5) Though I got 3 in EEE53...I did well in COE115. Yey! I got 1.5. That really was a tough nut to crack! My exam average was just above 60 - but still, the lab grade really pulled my grades up! Hahahaah! I got 100.59...but, I am not saying these things for the sake of saying them. I just needed an intro to say...Even if I do not graduate with honors, I seem to have already accepted the fact that it is okay...because, for this sem, I know for myself that I have given it my best shot...Although....that reality is not too far off...I just need to get really really high grades for next sem. Hahaha! 1.25 average? Anyway, I won't really worry too much about that. I will try to enjoy most of my remaining time in college...enjoy it in the sense that I will take each day as they come...and contemplate what I will do after college. My parents are really pushing for me to go and take up an MS. But, hey!, right now, I don't feel like taking any more exam and going through the same routine I have gone through for - well, I don't know - most of my life! So --- 

For now, I'll try to relax! Wait for the day I go to the beach...but right two.

Monday, October 1, 2007

start things early...?

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with so many things left undone...where do you start?

Before this sem becomes officially over --- which would mean that next sem has unofficially started (must get a heads start with thesis!) --- remind myself of these things:

  1. 5 Exams (hopefully - this number is tentative)
    • EEE53 (3rd exam October 13 / finals --- hopefully not!)
    • ECE153 finals (October 17?)
    • ECE 197U finals (hopefully, we win the aMAZE-ing race - hahaha so we get exempted)
    • COE115 3rd exam
  2. Desing Problems / Machine Problems
    • EEE53 (1 Machine Problem October 12)
    • ECE153 (1 Machine Problem October 15?)
    • EEE 54 (Design Problem 3), thankfully, I finished this in advanced =)
    • ECE197U (the aMAZE-ing race! October 5)
    • COE115 (MP4 - Thermotes?)
  3. Thesis
Before this sem officially spills over to the next sem, I should have started coding the FAT16 driver for Z8 Encore! --- my head still spins whenever I see the reference code I have. There's just so many things to start many things to do....ang hirap sobra magsimula...because the thought that after you finish with what you're doing there will be something else to just sucks! As early as now, I wish it's april 27 (the official/tentative date of graduation) --- and hopefully, I will be able to accomplish all of the above to get me there. 
I don't even think about graduating with honors too much now. I say that I am trying - but, the bottom line is always - "have you tried hard enough to actually get there?"

God has managed to help me and my groupmates at least leap the first hurdle, with the help from friendly prayers and supportive now, the next thing is actually serving it up. (let's not talk too much on its details. =) )

So, now...let's start this!

By the way - If you're looking for an anti-virus software that works - hehehe...don't go looking for Bit Defender / ESET NOD32. Go for Kaspersky. At least, it's the one anti-virus software that I actually managed to find a torrent that has a registration key that works. Works as in, it registers you an account - which is great since the updates will be readily available whenever there are any released. I would not have gotten the idea of switching from my symantec to another software until I concluded that it's not as proactive as I want it to be.

Friday, September 21, 2007

recent embarassment

[migrated from livejournal]


just recently...after our mock proposal in eee190...i stayed late in the lab to finish my eee54 design problem which was due the next day...

and after i finished, i went to the car, still all dressed up and wearing leather shoes...I hate driving in leather shoes so i decided to wear my slippers instead. And then after doing so, I realized that the slacks that I was wearing were the long ones. (I was not able to have them altered because wala naman atang alteration sa giordano...kaya ayun...2 inches longer than necessary and...I didnt want to get into an accident for the reason that my slipper got caught by my i decided to change into the shorts that I was initially wearing before the mock proposal started....

and...then...just when I stripped off the slacks...a friend's car drove into the eee parking lot!!! and stopped right beside my car with the car's headlights all turned up...and i was like...SHIT! Im in my undies! hahaha...and then...the worst part of it...was that the car backed up and was only making some sort of u-turn...and it stopped right in front of me...I felt as if I looked like a deer that's about to get run down! hahaha...eyes all wide and stuff like that....hahaha...and then...there were so many of them in the car!!! hahaha...i was still trying to get my shorts on when they stopped right in front of my car...hahaha...that was embarassing. and when I had finished wearing my shorts on....I went out the car to get them on properly...ang hirap kaya mag bihis sa loob ng kotse!!!  Hahahah...

the most embarassing part of it...was...hahaha...I think they might actually think I was doing something perverted. hahahahah...and what's even worse is the fact that all of them are from the other org...ahhaha...some people I know, and some I just know by name but not properly introduced.

so anyway...that was embarassing. oh yeah, after I went out of the car to straighten out my shorts....I went to the eee comfort room to check whether I had worn my shorts right. and get out from there sight even just for a slight minute....I should have just changed what I was wearing in the eee comfort room in the first place!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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just 3 weeks for this sem to be over and already, im so wanting to hurl my guts out.

in the next 3 weeks...
i have:
2 exams left for coe115 (one is tomorrow)
2 exams for ece153 (1 midterm - this saturday, finals - who knows when)
1 mp for mobot (get out of the maze!!!) + documentation
1 final mp for coe115 ( still struggling whether i should split with my partner or not and group with irc peeps. i dont want to be the one heading the group if i stick with my partner and find another group - it's not as if i am underestimating other people - - - it's just that...i think i will have a harder time managing my schedule since my 'thesis' mates are in the other section etc etc....) + documentation
1 design problem for eee54 + documentation (and a docu i need to make a few minutes after this entry)
1 exam for eee53 (hopefully - i get exempted from taking up the comprehensive exam)
1 mp for eee53 (20% of the final grade!!!!)
1 mp for ece153 (i need matlab for this?!)

---final, to top it all off - THE thesis proposal due next wednesday - i dont know how the panel will react - the changes that would be made. will they allow us to pursue the project...etc etc...I just want to hurl when I think about the load that awaits me after this.

Sometimes, I just stare nowhere blankly whenever the thought of all of the things said above pops into my head.
God...please help me get through the remaining of this sem...Next sem will be a better breather - although, the thought of finishing a fat driver using Z8 Encore! as my thesis still has not sunk it...The realization of what is to dawn on me next sem...I can't even think that far ahead...although, i'll just be attending 1 class next sem - ece 113... the rest of the time i will either be home or in the lab I don't even want to think it will be that easy....

PLUS PLUS PLUS. add to the list above constant progress reports starting this thursday on ward...and...add to that list that I also have to manage my groupmates as the leader. coordinating things, and...managing them as well as managing myself...

So for now...nevermind all of those things! Just get through this sem by living it day by day!

But still....God help me.