Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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just 3 weeks for this sem to be over and already, im so wanting to hurl my guts out.

in the next 3 weeks...
i have:
2 exams left for coe115 (one is tomorrow)
2 exams for ece153 (1 midterm - this saturday, finals - who knows when)
1 mp for mobot (get out of the maze!!!) + documentation
1 final mp for coe115 ( still struggling whether i should split with my partner or not and group with irc peeps. i dont want to be the one heading the group if i stick with my partner and find another group - it's not as if i am underestimating other people - - - it's just that...i think i will have a harder time managing my schedule since my 'thesis' mates are in the other section etc etc....) + documentation
1 design problem for eee54 + documentation (and a docu i need to make a few minutes after this entry)
1 exam for eee53 (hopefully - i get exempted from taking up the comprehensive exam)
1 mp for eee53 (20% of the final grade!!!!)
1 mp for ece153 (i need matlab for this?!)

---final, to top it all off - THE thesis proposal due next wednesday - i dont know how the panel will react - the changes that would be made. will they allow us to pursue the project...etc etc...I just want to hurl when I think about the load that awaits me after this.

Sometimes, I just stare nowhere blankly whenever the thought of all of the things said above pops into my head.
God...please help me get through the remaining of this sem...Next sem will be a better breather - although, the thought of finishing a fat driver using Z8 Encore! as my thesis still has not sunk it...The realization of what is to dawn on me next sem...I can't even think that far ahead...although, i'll just be attending 1 class next sem - ece 113... the rest of the time i will either be home or in the lab I don't even want to think it will be that easy....

PLUS PLUS PLUS. add to the list above constant progress reports starting this thursday on ward...and...add to that list that I also have to manage my groupmates as the leader. coordinating things, and...managing them as well as managing myself...

So for now...nevermind all of those things! Just get through this sem by living it day by day!

But still....God help me.

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