Friday, September 26, 2008

CH17: On Pussy and Ass

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Welcome upper eastsiders!
Hahaha. Moving on with my life - after the recent tragedy of getting lost...

On Pussy - cat dolls
When I heard their song "When I grow up" - my initial reaction was. "Ano ba to. Pinopromote pa ang breast augmentation blah blah blah blah"
I got that impression when i thought I heard this line.
"When I grow up I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna have BOOBIES"
But when i saw the video on Myx...."yun pala..."
"When I grow up I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna have GROUPIES"

OOOOOPpppppssss my bad.

On Ass
I was laughing my ass (hahahah) off when I saw Ronald's behind. "Kadiri"
Now this is a reason why people should minimize their fastfood intake. =p

That's all.
PS: Now im loving heroes. I had little expectation of season 3...I looked forward to prison break and gossip girl more than heroes...but now...Go Sylar!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CH16: My Adventure: The-Isang-Malaking-P*tang-ina-Samahan-ng-Bullsh*t-para-maging-conio Edition

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So when you read HIT THE CHORUS - everybody shouts:
"Welcome to Tipz's Adventure: The isang malaking putang ina samahan ng bullshit para maging conio edition!"

Let's start this entry off with a disclaimer.
Lord I thank you for:
1. Preserving my purity / innocence (or what's left of it - HAHAHAHA)
2. Letting no harm come my way, may it be wound, death or whatever physical harm
3. The clothes that I have on my back.
4. Making me look haggard to chase the harm away.

So here goes.
Last night / Today, I was on NA shift (11pm-8am work schedule).
And to be honest, it wasn't petix or watchamacallit - just because one of the bigger accounts (BAT: British American Tobaccos) was transferred to another Group.

1. Sunod sunod na BTR for different systems that have gone live (in other words, moved to production)
2. A couple or three priority 2 / 1 tickets (that did not involve a system being inaccessible - DOWNTIME)
3. 2 priority 1 tickets for a system down. (that coincided when I was about to start my monitoring for Kone)
4. Monitoring for one of our accounts - that I hurriedly finished out of the necessity to get home and get some shut eyes.

So. in short - hectic. toxic. haggard. nakakalason. NAKAMAMATAY!

I left the office at around 840am. Rode a taxi to shell edsa mckinley road.
I actually fell asleep in the taxi. I did not notice how long it took or whether it was traffic or not. I was prodded awake by the driver. Already, I noticed the peril of falling asleep in my commute home - as I was planning to ride the bus to get a descent seat and cool aircondition-ing. So, in hopes of not falling asleep in the bus ride home, I dropped by Shell Select and bought ION energy drink. Hassle and ayaw ko makipag siksikan sa mrt.

Finished the drink before riding the bus.
Sat on the bus. Paid my dues.
Drowsed off immediately. I woke up partially at Buendia Station when the driver was calling for those who need to get off their to get off. So what I did, to not get disturbed...was to listen to my Amy Winehouse. Chill music.

Then...the next thing I remember...
The driver was prodding me awake..."Sir san po kayo?"
I was groggy then but answered while looking at the surrounding area...hmmm...not familiar? " trinoma po."
Driver: "Naku sir! Malayo na po yun. Bumaba na po kayo rito."
"Ah ganun po ba? Sige po salamat!"
I was shaken. I stood up immediately then alighted the bus.
And when I got off...

Mario's tune play in my head. "Toorootut toorutut! Tuttut..."
"Welcome to Tipz's Adventure: The isang malaking putang inang samahan ng bullshit para maging conio edition!"

There was no civilization that I have been so used to. Turo turo carenderia at my side and a village that's being developed at the other side.
Plus a two lane rode...
All I saw was a lane that was heavy in traffic.
And the lane (where I got off)...empty of traffic.

I called my Mom immediately. Explained to her my story. And gave the nearest landmark I saw.
"Vista Verde...something something."

So I told her that I saw some jeepneys that had signs "Novaliches Bayan / Malinta"'s either I end up in Novaliches Bayan or Malinta.
50-50. Those are the odds of ending up in the right place or the wrong place.

So...since I got off on the lane empty of traffic and the bus was headed in the other direction. I assumed that to head off to where the bus was headed would bring me further away where I needed to be...I concluded that it would bring me off to Malinta.

So I rode the jeep on the lane heavy of traffic...

Twenty Minutes passed while in traffic...
I see an "arko"

I shout in my head: "PUTTTTAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Papunta na akong Bulacan?! What the FUCK! 50-50 chance my fucking ass! I rode the jeepney where I was not planning to head to! The Bus' direction was correct! What the hell is happening?!"

"Welcome to Tipz's Adventure: The isang malaking putang ina samahan ng bullshit para maging conio Edition"

So i got off the jeep. Called my mom and explain explain. Siyempre isip isip ko, kelangan kahit papano kung maholdup ako or masaksak or least may idea sila where to start their search. Diba? Tama naman?

So I rode a jeepney headed off in the other direction.

Huhuhuhuhu...ihing ihi na ako by this time.
Sabi ko nalang sa driver pag bayad. "Derecho po." Hahaha. Siyempre dapat di nila mahalata na naliligaw ako. By showing one's weakness, that someone allows the possibility of exploitation. And no no no no. I'm not the one to be exploited. hahaha. I exploit. =p

I got off Sa dulo ng walang hanggan...I saw a traffic enforcer. I asked him where the rides are to get to Edsa. Well, I was pointed in the right direction. Pero ihing ihi na ako and I couldn't find a familiar establishment (Fastfood chain) that could house a clean restroom...So...Lakad lakad lang ako. Thinking..."station 4...station 4....that's where the traffic enforcer said the rides to edsa will be at."

Then I saw Jolibi. SALVATION. And NON-aircon buses that had signages: Cubao.


Did a quickie wiwi (hahaha) at jolibee, bought something for the rode (I thought the travel would take long).
This was at Quirino Highway - by the way.

So...sakay after finishing my food. Aba! Praise be to God! May biglang nag pipreach sa bus na lalaki - after which he starts handing out envelopes. I politely declined when he reached the envelope out for me.

Okay. tingin tingin sa daan...
What the hell.
"Mindanao Avenue"

EH putang ina! ang lapit ko na pala sa bahay!!!! Akala ko ba sabi sa akin ng driver ko ng LNS (late night shuttle ng HP) na mas malayo novaliches sa caloocan. And there I was thinking it would cost me 300 pesos for a taxi ride kaya di ako nagtaxi dun sa may Quirino highway.

Sabi ko pa sa conductor - SM north ako bababa. Ang bayad was 21.75 (this was non aircon). But the fare I had to pay from Ayala to Trinoma was 33 pesos. So I was thinking...the distance should be about the same.

But no. As expected. I see Congressional Avenue!

Walking distance nalang!

So...a very unprecedented adventure.
Sobrang thankful ako because siyempre...I was asleep sa bus...pwede na akong saksak-saksakin nung conductor and driver and nakawin yung mga valuables na dala ko. Who would know diba? I was asleep...and there they were. So sobrang Thankful ako for their NON HOSTILITY.

The bus line was: Dela Rosa Transit.
Shameless plug. Okay yung seats, and APRUB ang air conditioning system. Plus may TV.

Lastly, siyempre thankful din ako sa UP for...
teaching me how to love...showing me what the world means. hahaha. Thank you college years for giving me the capability to survive in this cruel cruel world. Imagine yourself if you were in my position. Hahaha. Parang Promdi feeling ko kanina. Naliligaw sa Quezon City (Where I was at was Novaliches - Quezon City - I saw banners of Sonny Belmonte

Thank you Lord!

And there I was thinking the moment I got off the bus (kung saan ako nakatulog)...Lord, what is the meaning of this? Is there a purpose to me getting lost? Eh di siyempre....ang sagot sa akin ni Lord...

Lord: "Stephen (first name basis kami).....That is for you to find out."

That's all. Time to get some sleep!! 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sep. 5th, 2008

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Before getting to the actual post, let me just share an experience I had at espanya.
Man! When they say it floods there, it does!

So, about an hour ago on my way back to yet after my review, it rained hard! I scurried back in fear of getting stranded there. "grabe! Pati over pass sa ust binabaha! At may waterfalls pa due to holes on the roofing!" needless to say, despite my valiant effort not to get wet, I did...bigtime!

I wonder why hasn't ust commissioned the reconstruction of that overpass considering most of their students use it...and why hasn't the flooding been resolved by mmda or the Manila government there at espanya..."kawawa mga residentials along side it"

So on to the post.
The past few weeks at excel, hehehe I only started seriously attending classes when it was already the refresher and coaching, melody and phen - the people at their frontdesk I commonly encounter keep mistaking me as a graduate of la salle. I inquire something and they go on to saying..."San school ka nga ulit? La Salle?" but I of course tell them it's up diliman.

Then just a few mnutes ago, as I was buying my lunch at ministop teachers village, the cashier proceeded to tell me that "sir, Ang galing ng basketball team niyo!" being unaware due to the lack of concern nodded...thinking..ows? Gumaling na up as basketbAll? That's new." 
Then I inquired further after being "aroused by my curiosity" baskeball?
He answered, "oo nga eh Ang galing ng ateneo!!!"

I was like. Huh? Taga up po ako kuya.

Then, add to that the many times I've been mistaken to be Korean first, then Japanese, only next is chinese then last is Filipino.

I don't really know if being mistaken for another school should be taken as a compliment or not....I guess not. That would mean that I do not embody or represent someone from up - but then again that's why there are what people call stereotypes.

So - what about you? Who are you?

Tipz - posted from iPhone at teachers village ministop

Ps. I've seen the first episode of gossip girl. Wow! Don't expect spoiled here though.
Ps2. What the hell! I didn't even hear about prison break until yesterday! Shit! I've downloaded the first two episodes though. Just need to find the time to watch or get it in my iPhone so I can watch while I commute. By the way Sarah tancredi's back.


Monday, September 1, 2008

CH15: milestone

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This is a test post from ^_^ yey! My iPhone 3g. Just a quick update. I know some of you think that I would be getting a white one. But due to the unavailability of it and the uncertainty of when stock will be available, I decided to cut down the budget and purchase the eight gig instead hehehe. That means I can buy the lacoste shoes I've been eyeing. They're the kind of shoes similar to vans. Only, the print or whatever looks better. God, thank you for all the blessings. First the new car, now this. Thank you so much.

Ps: since we are going to redbox later, to follow nalang yung actual post and pictures