Friday, September 5, 2008

Sep. 5th, 2008

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Before getting to the actual post, let me just share an experience I had at espanya.
Man! When they say it floods there, it does!

So, about an hour ago on my way back to yet after my review, it rained hard! I scurried back in fear of getting stranded there. "grabe! Pati over pass sa ust binabaha! At may waterfalls pa due to holes on the roofing!" needless to say, despite my valiant effort not to get wet, I did...bigtime!

I wonder why hasn't ust commissioned the reconstruction of that overpass considering most of their students use it...and why hasn't the flooding been resolved by mmda or the Manila government there at espanya..."kawawa mga residentials along side it"

So on to the post.
The past few weeks at excel, hehehe I only started seriously attending classes when it was already the refresher and coaching, melody and phen - the people at their frontdesk I commonly encounter keep mistaking me as a graduate of la salle. I inquire something and they go on to saying..."San school ka nga ulit? La Salle?" but I of course tell them it's up diliman.

Then just a few mnutes ago, as I was buying my lunch at ministop teachers village, the cashier proceeded to tell me that "sir, Ang galing ng basketball team niyo!" being unaware due to the lack of concern nodded...thinking..ows? Gumaling na up as basketbAll? That's new." 
Then I inquired further after being "aroused by my curiosity" baskeball?
He answered, "oo nga eh Ang galing ng ateneo!!!"

I was like. Huh? Taga up po ako kuya.

Then, add to that the many times I've been mistaken to be Korean first, then Japanese, only next is chinese then last is Filipino.

I don't really know if being mistaken for another school should be taken as a compliment or not....I guess not. That would mean that I do not embody or represent someone from up - but then again that's why there are what people call stereotypes.

So - what about you? Who are you?

Tipz - posted from iPhone at teachers village ministop

Ps. I've seen the first episode of gossip girl. Wow! Don't expect spoiled here though.
Ps2. What the hell! I didn't even hear about prison break until yesterday! Shit! I've downloaded the first two episodes though. Just need to find the time to watch or get it in my iPhone so I can watch while I commute. By the way Sarah tancredi's back.


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