Friday, August 15, 2008

CH14: Road Kill

Yesterday morning, after my shift, I decided to try a new route to get to EDSA - instead of riding a jeep to get to Guadalupe (near MRT). This is partially in preparation for finding the quickest route to get to Morayta (where my review classes are held)...I tried going the relax route. jeep to Guadalupe - then bus to gil puyat lrt station...then lrt to d. jose...then walkathon to LRT2 - recto? then jeep (route: gastambide) then walkathon and climbathon to excel (4th floor!) - took about an hour 30 minutes...what a waste of time. Later I'll try taxi to ayala station mrt, mrt to taft then lrt to d. jose...then jeep to morayta...

So getting back, when I found a taxi by the corner of Mckinley Hill and Lawton, I rode it (HOORAY!)...plugged my earphones and was doing the senti in the taxi (hahaha).
Then about 1/4th of the way to EDSA, I noticed that we were slowing down...then...hmm...the shaking of a car when the gears need to be changed...then recovering from the gear but at a slow start:

Imagine: You're in gear 3 - then you slow down and you have to set the gear to 2 (the shaking of the car / enginer or whatever happens when you don't change gears)...then we're you're almost in gear 1 - you shift the stick to gear 3 (the slow start i was referring to - usually ends up to a halting engine when you don't put enough gas).

That instance happened three more times.
So I unplugged my Ipod and observed the driver....

What I saw through the rear view mirror startled me ("sabay taas kilay")

"NAKAPIKIT YUNG DRIVER!!!!!! NAKATULOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, I unplugged my Ipod and observed the driver from then on...I was thinking, oh shit.

Then we were in Mckinley, the road curves (going left)...then...we were crossing to the other lane and counter flowing!!!!
Hahaha. Shit.
But I was still calm. I just startled the driver by saying "KU!! - ya!" (na hindi pasigaw)..."biglang dilat si kuya at swerve pabalik sa tamang lane!" hahaha. 10AM palang ng umaga to nangyari ah!"

Then okay...observe observe. "Si kuya was shaking his head awake. Hahaha. Mataba pa naman siya so yung mga flabs sa face niya nakakatawa hahaha - ang sama ko."

Then I was thinking...okay...he should be awake now...

Another curve (going right) and we almost hit an adjacent car! "Pati ako nagulat kasi biglang bosina yung kotse. Hahaha pati si kuya nagulat. Aba! Tumingin lang ako sa labas saglit. Nakatulog na!"

So..."tinutukan ko na siya sa rear view kuya...sobrang pagod! hirap na idilat mga mata...sasara...bubukas...sasara...bubukas...sasasara...nakasara parin...nakasara parin...biglang dilat...shake shake ng katawan to get rid of the drowziness..."

So..."ayun nga. nakatutok na ako sa kanya sa rear view mirror...naka dilat...biglang pasara...okay...nakahinto yung mga sasakyan...hindi pa kami bumabagal...okay...okay...'KUYA!' hahaha. shet. muntik na kami mabunggo."

Unscathed, I alighted the taxi at shell gas station. Gave 20 pesos tip. "Kuya, please, pambili niyo ng kape."

Moral of the story. "Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon...kelangan magkape!"
I didn't want to enter a conversation with the driver because I assumed that he would just slur his words out of exhaustion...and I was tired as well and was not in the mood for conversation =).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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I know what you're thinking. Hahaha. And apparently...

You're wrong!
Hahaha. I just had a quickie (defined as: Something made or done swiftly) about two hours ago or something.
It took me about 45minutes to 1hour to drive to Trinoma from TWS (Two World Square) a.k.a Office.

I arrived at Trinoma.
Managed to park after 5 minutes.
Took a leak in the Landmark comfort room (I usually park at Landmark parking. I don't like their North Ave. Parking)
Visited Starbucks Landmark...didn't find what I was looking for.
Went to Starbucks second floor (near the fastfood area of Trinoma).
Found what I was looking for.
On my way to the escalator down..
Decided to drop by Shoe Salon.
Something caught my eye...
Then bought something.
Then got back in my car...

Total Time Spent: 25 minutes.

I am a quick shopper - true enough. Weird though, as I don't understand how my mom or my sister can go strolling about the mall trying out shoes and stuff. I'm flat footed, so, I tire easily. I'm thinking - if you're going to go shopping - shouldn't you already have what you want to buy in mind? Well, maybe that's just me. I know what I want - and I know when I want something if I see it (the only variable left to the equation - money. Do I have enough of it? Apparently, today, yes.)

Gifts. I think The greeting can be read from the pic?

Gift for a friend

Gift for myself

Smile! =)


I asked the cashier:

how many of this pair have you sold?

una po. bagong labas lang po (according to her)

sabi ko sa sarili ko. YES!

Tipid! I was saving money for a pair of Lacoste sneakers actually. But when I saw those by the window of Shoe Salon Trinoma, I said to myself...I got to have it! I don't know...but, I got the Lacoste feel from it. Plus...the green is just tantalizing. I wanted to get the white Addidas ones they have because white is the easiest (for me) to pair with casual clothing...but I have been postponing the "buy" because they looked too ordinary. but this one, well, the green accents of the shoe just "blew me." - no double sided meaning whatsoever that you may think may be related to the title of this entry.


Monday, August 4, 2008

CH12: Like A Virgin (with Diesel)

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

CH11: Wish

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Wish list: 
1 pair of sneakers 
5 t shirts / polo shirts 
1 casual pants (that's lighter than the jeans i have) 
budget: xx pesos 

So, who's up for a shopping spree? Luckily, my last month's excess expenditures were balanced out by the HP flex ben as well as the shift premiums I gathered...then, PAY DAY come August 8 + shift premium(s). Finally! Extra money for unecessary expenses. Hmm..well, not really. I need new clothes. I'm bored with my clothing choices...One cabinet = polo and polo shirts while the Other cabinet = org shirts, oversized shirts, shirts that don't fit, shirts that now fit (after losing 5kg due to 'pangangayat sa trabaho') 
-to which,  
On top of the wish list - Weight Loss. HAHAHAHA. 

Oh yeah, the extra money also came from the fact that I closed my BDO atm account. WHICH REMINDS ME. 

Hold on. Here's the story. 
So, I decided one day, along with my mom after we went to 2 show rooms (the names of which I won't tell for the sake of my next entry)..then after to go to Megamall, where I have opened my BDO account. 

So there we were...waiting in line. OH! It's our turn next. 
I handed over the form I filled up to close my account. (We were standing up because the counter was high and there was actually no where to sit - again, mostly due to the fact that the counters were high). 

Then, immediately - as it is very noticeable about how unsure the teller was - we noticed that the teller was new. Not meaning to be against new hires (as i was as well) - but, she was guided by her colleague. 

So my mom and I patiently awaited for her to finish what she was doing and be present to answer whatever question she had or task that she might ask of us. 

She handed us over the form. "Sir, pafill up po ng reason regarding the closure of account." 
My answer - "Okay - then I write down. 'to transfer account to SM North Branch" 
Teller: "Thank you" 
Her colleague then proceeds to tell her that she would need to have their manager sign it. was about 20-30 minutes since we arrived. took her about 3-5 minutes to get back. Then she tells us: 
Then I was silenced for a minute. 
Then I looked around to see how quickly the other people behind us had finished their transactions and had already left...I saw their motto: "We find ways." 

Then I looked back and almost said: "HA? Anong kumakain? Ang tagal tagal na naming naghihintay dito. CLOSING OF ACCOUNT LANG YAN. We find ways? More like we find excuses!" 
But luckily her colleague proceeded to tell her, that she can distrub their manager. (OBVIOUSLY! You are customer facing professionals. SO BE PROFESSIONALS!) 

Then she went back to us after a minute then told me to fill up another form. Then when I filled up the form, I wrote under the reason for the closure. "Transferring account to BPI!" (With the exclamation included). 

Then after 45 minutes in all - we left the bank. 
I wish that teller the best of luck and hopefully, she learned something from the experience. 
if you're going to work for a company that prides itself with "We Find Ways." Then you better be prepared to FIND WAYS!

Friday, August 1, 2008

CH10: Goodbye...Goodbye

It's been like forever since i've known you.

But only five-six years of actual companionship.

It's been good knowing you.

But goodbyes are life's eventualities.

Goodbye PSF966