Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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I know what you're thinking. Hahaha. And apparently...

You're wrong!
Hahaha. I just had a quickie (defined as: Something made or done swiftly) about two hours ago or something.
It took me about 45minutes to 1hour to drive to Trinoma from TWS (Two World Square) a.k.a Office.

I arrived at Trinoma.
Managed to park after 5 minutes.
Took a leak in the Landmark comfort room (I usually park at Landmark parking. I don't like their North Ave. Parking)
Visited Starbucks Landmark...didn't find what I was looking for.
Went to Starbucks second floor (near the fastfood area of Trinoma).
Found what I was looking for.
On my way to the escalator down..
Decided to drop by Shoe Salon.
Something caught my eye...
Then bought something.
Then got back in my car...

Total Time Spent: 25 minutes.

I am a quick shopper - true enough. Weird though, as I don't understand how my mom or my sister can go strolling about the mall trying out shoes and stuff. I'm flat footed, so, I tire easily. I'm thinking - if you're going to go shopping - shouldn't you already have what you want to buy in mind? Well, maybe that's just me. I know what I want - and I know when I want something if I see it (the only variable left to the equation - money. Do I have enough of it? Apparently, today, yes.)

Gifts. I think The greeting can be read from the pic?

Gift for a friend

Gift for myself

Smile! =)


I asked the cashier:

how many of this pair have you sold?

una po. bagong labas lang po (according to her)

sabi ko sa sarili ko. YES!

Tipid! I was saving money for a pair of Lacoste sneakers actually. But when I saw those by the window of Shoe Salon Trinoma, I said to myself...I got to have it! I don't know...but, I got the Lacoste feel from it. Plus...the green is just tantalizing. I wanted to get the white Addidas ones they have because white is the easiest (for me) to pair with casual clothing...but I have been postponing the "buy" because they looked too ordinary. but this one, well, the green accents of the shoe just "blew me." - no double sided meaning whatsoever that you may think may be related to the title of this entry.


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