Monday, October 1, 2007

start things early...?

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with so many things left undone...where do you start?

Before this sem becomes officially over --- which would mean that next sem has unofficially started (must get a heads start with thesis!) --- remind myself of these things:

  1. 5 Exams (hopefully - this number is tentative)
    • EEE53 (3rd exam October 13 / finals --- hopefully not!)
    • ECE153 finals (October 17?)
    • ECE 197U finals (hopefully, we win the aMAZE-ing race - hahaha so we get exempted)
    • COE115 3rd exam
  2. Desing Problems / Machine Problems
    • EEE53 (1 Machine Problem October 12)
    • ECE153 (1 Machine Problem October 15?)
    • EEE 54 (Design Problem 3), thankfully, I finished this in advanced =)
    • ECE197U (the aMAZE-ing race! October 5)
    • COE115 (MP4 - Thermotes?)
  3. Thesis
Before this sem officially spills over to the next sem, I should have started coding the FAT16 driver for Z8 Encore! --- my head still spins whenever I see the reference code I have. There's just so many things to start many things to do....ang hirap sobra magsimula...because the thought that after you finish with what you're doing there will be something else to just sucks! As early as now, I wish it's april 27 (the official/tentative date of graduation) --- and hopefully, I will be able to accomplish all of the above to get me there. 
I don't even think about graduating with honors too much now. I say that I am trying - but, the bottom line is always - "have you tried hard enough to actually get there?"

God has managed to help me and my groupmates at least leap the first hurdle, with the help from friendly prayers and supportive now, the next thing is actually serving it up. (let's not talk too much on its details. =) )

So, now...let's start this!

By the way - If you're looking for an anti-virus software that works - hehehe...don't go looking for Bit Defender / ESET NOD32. Go for Kaspersky. At least, it's the one anti-virus software that I actually managed to find a torrent that has a registration key that works. Works as in, it registers you an account - which is great since the updates will be readily available whenever there are any released. I would not have gotten the idea of switching from my symantec to another software until I concluded that it's not as proactive as I want it to be.

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