Monday, October 22, 2007

Guys...It's over. It really is...

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What is?

My 2nd to the last semester that is! Hahahah! I have been itching to type this entry since....June! Hahahah...Finally! Thank the Lord - for this semester is over. I only have one last semester to go! Thank you sir Escoto for being so kind as to give me full credits to my Machine Problem (based on my computations). I dread having to take another final exam. The last and most traumatizing finals in a major subject I took was EEE23 - and that was like - 2 years ago? Man! Time flies by so fast!

Anyway, since the semester is officially over - anyone planning to go to the beach? "Sama ako!" Hahaha.
So, never mind what happened since the last entry - it's the usual.
study study study - do a machine problem - do a design problem - and finally! Those days are over! well, most of it that is. Next semester will be the final test!! I need to go to the beach to fuel up!!!

For this entry.
I dedicate my first few hours of being 'free of the bondage' that I call "waiting for the exemption list for the eee53 comprehensive exam." I havent been able to sleep properly since last Saturday due to the fact that I can't seem to get to sleep because I can't stop thinking of what may happen to EEE53 - so what I did was waste my time in front of the television and playing persona 3 until I could no longer open my eyes due to the exhaustion and UV exposure from the television.

Persona 3 is one awesome game! It has the savvy you look for an RPG. The music is great as well - though the influence of jpop is prevalent - who cares! that's why it's so hip and cool. So cool in fact that you won't really be that disturbed by the fact that the protagonists summon their "inner persona" by using evokers - "soul guns" to shoot themselves in the head." Those evokers - i presume - have spiritual bullets. This game is rated R-18 - for violence in visual content. Plus. The story is kind of mature - not in the hentai kind of maturity - but mature in the storyline...deaths, blood and all that.

-----back on track:
So, after seeing the results of eee53. I contacted friends and informed them of their results...[more information dissemination here]...then i fetched my mom to help me kind of celebrate that my sem is now over.

In no particular order:
1) had another haircut. new hair definitely. i never really was fond of spiking your hair up or those kind of minimal styles that look spiked up...but...i left the stylist to his job. I was getting tired of the long hair. And, my hair is awfully "full" [is that how you say makapal na buhok in english?] so --- old semester and hair gone! new hair come new and final semester.

2) ate at itallianis! now, the menu was pretty pretty intimidating. A pasta good for one priced at 330 pesos?! Hahaha. It was good though. Although, that price was already inclusive of the service charge. Anyway, I treated my mom to dinner. I recently earned some cash by just talking and having a conversation with other people. Nope. I'm not some hosto or something. Hahaha! I just wanted to let your mind linger. But I participated in another focus group discussion whose topic dealt with 3G services....and for less than 2 hours of participation - I got 1500 pesos! Worth it, isn't it? Plus! They serve you merienda...which was shakeys...

3) bought 1 dozen of krispy kreme donuts. Delicious! Hahaha. The first and last time I've tried these donuts was when I went to HongKong last December!! About 10months ago! There are no branches near our place so, that's a deterrent. Anyway, since there's one open at trinoma...I'm sure, this will be my official donut choice. Although, I must say, for 1 dozen, it costs so much. I think the bill we had for the assorted was 335? Or something around that amount...But - Hey! It's delicious. It's great. If you have the money for that sort of pleasure and want. Hehehe- ask your mom to buy it for you!

4) Also, as an update, I'm trying to revise my diet. Diet as in what food I intake - not about how much less I have to eat. I have now officially cut out pork and beef of my diet. I should be starting to cut off chicken as well by the end of the week - but I decided to hasten it up and start it yesterday...So for a good 1 and 1/2 weeks now...doing well...doing well....I am still pondering whether or not I should cut out seafood from the diet as well...BUT that could wait. I still have to find a place where I can buy the vegan meals....i mean those that are already prepared...or something like "chicken tofu." Anyway, I hope that goes well....I am doing this because I think it could be a good change to my eating habit. Just trying something new. I get tired of the same routines. But, the sad part of this is, - if I do officially go vegan then, I won't be able to enjoy family reunions! The Pecking Duck! The Lechon! The Lapu Lapu!  So...that still something to think about.

5) Though I got 3 in EEE53...I did well in COE115. Yey! I got 1.5. That really was a tough nut to crack! My exam average was just above 60 - but still, the lab grade really pulled my grades up! Hahahaah! I got 100.59...but, I am not saying these things for the sake of saying them. I just needed an intro to say...Even if I do not graduate with honors, I seem to have already accepted the fact that it is okay...because, for this sem, I know for myself that I have given it my best shot...Although....that reality is not too far off...I just need to get really really high grades for next sem. Hahaha! 1.25 average? Anyway, I won't really worry too much about that. I will try to enjoy most of my remaining time in college...enjoy it in the sense that I will take each day as they come...and contemplate what I will do after college. My parents are really pushing for me to go and take up an MS. But, hey!, right now, I don't feel like taking any more exam and going through the same routine I have gone through for - well, I don't know - most of my life! So --- 

For now, I'll try to relax! Wait for the day I go to the beach...but right two.

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