Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the golden compass

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i just finished reading the first book of pullman's trilogy - the golden compass.

so for what i can say about it - well, it's not as "epic" as the harry potter books. Well, I am talking about it in each book's singularity. Rowling packed a lot of punches in each addition...the golden compass though - well, to say the least - i didnt expect it to be "unfinished." Although, a lot of questions were answered in the last three chapters of the book - it's open ended. i guess, i should have expected this. It is after all part of a it has not ended YET.

So, what's there to look forward to in its big screen adaptation? Well, for one, the special effects. Second for me will be the performance of the actors to play Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel. I think, that will be one of the few things I'll be looking forward to. Plus, of course, the epic battle between Iorek and Iofur....

I haven't started reading the subtle knife - part ii...but...hahaha...i accidentally read a spoiler in wikipedia when i was reading up on some character....shet...But it does make sense for him to be one of the main antagonist considering a few paragraphs and even an encounter with Lyra that pullman spared for him...

Overall, I'd still tell people to try reading up on this....I hope they do read it before the movie is shown though. Hahaha, it will be reminiscent to when I first saw the first movie of harry potter and the movie house was "full to the brim." Comparing this and that in the film with that of the novel...It makes you feel special and sort of "editorial" and valid to make a critique of some sort.

Also, to people, don't be deterred about the emails spreading around to "boycott" pullman's the golden compass. I read through it and did not sense any form of hostility against God. Well, the church was criticized blatantly at the latter could be accurate to say that after reading the golden compass, it is the church, or whatever entity that governs a religion - which is subjected to pullman's scrutiny.

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