Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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A lot of things have already happened! Hahaha. It just became so boring trying to update this blog...seeing that i wanted to make the most out of my "bakasyon grande" before enrolment started...and..."catching up with friends" took my time after the enrollment. 

Before the week of enrollment started, I made sure to make a movie rush. Since we live near Trinoma, why not make full use of its perks. So, I beat my record with 4 movie-outs in 6 days. The first was, lust, caution, the second was perfume - the story of a murderer, the thrid was superbad and last being 30 days of night.

All four movies were great! Of course, they should be. I wouldn't be watching them in the first place if they werent. For a dose of your movie reviews: try this site:

It has never failed me. After seeing ZODIAC having a very high rating, I even convinced a friend to go and watch it with me - last full show at greenbelt. (we came from gateway)...and the show was almost 3 hours...and it started around 12. so...go figure.

Anyway, classes have officially started! Hapon 10-11 is particularly fun. As for the other subjects. Well, no comment. No classes yet.

Also, I find it particularly fascinating how discriminating the dfa process of applying for a passport is -- or renewing it. When we went to dfa, it did not even take us 30 minutes before we exited the place -- whence we entered it....this is because we had it "processed" and I wondered, How big is the price discrepancy for people not to go for it. My mom told me, 550 was the regularly fee. 1300 was the fee we had to pay to get it processed. And it saved us from lining up...and man! were those lines long - and there was more than one place they had to line up for! Why don't they just go midway to allow everyone the same privilege...anyway,..if other people (honest good and hardworking) will have employment because of this impartiality - then, I guess, it would be justifiable...

This is how I start seeing commercialization. I don't know...Yes, it will be bad for small businesses if another SM is built near them. I have realized that long before and felt for those people. But then, now, it's different. SM provides an opportunity for people with jobs to actually have a form of living - thereby feeding their families, having their sons/daughters or siblings go to school's better that way right?

MUST WATCH BEOWULF!!! Hahaha, If there was an IMAX theater in QC then I would have delighted in that...But sadly none, so I wish to watch it in THX in trinoma...I haven't read any reviews for it - but I expect it to be good. I have 300 in mind....with the effects and everything.

After my mom and I went to dfa, since MOA was so close - why not? There....I experienced two things that I have never experienced in my life!!! And I really enjoyed the experience!!

1) Saeki Sushi - Sushi plates on conveyor belts!! The food was delicious. Although, I have to say, the most delicious ones were in the red plate-lets...but they're kind of expensive. 99 pesos per plate. The next one is green - 79 pesos, the next one is yellow - 59 and purple - 39 pesos. It is really delicious! Trust me on that. Well, compared to the maki you find in tokyo tokyo, it's better by a hundred miles. Hahaha. No exaggeration there....Go there with your barkada who love it japanese!! They also have a buffet - 349 pesos...and sulit na sobra...

2) TNDM - erm. you know, the artsy artsy fancy booths you find in some malls where you paint and stuff like that. Since, I thought we had a lot of time to kill before I want to go home so I invited my mom to try it out. And well, yes, it was fun. I invited my mom for the purpose on her part. She did enjoy it. Nice bonding experience. Hahaha, we even bought some to take home and pass the time when the need to pass the time arises. We stayed to finish sort of "clay - painting" it...aliw...pwede na pamalit sa pagpapamasahe sa spa.

MOA is not the best mall. I like trinoma far better

Anyway, what else...

oh yeah, I love the canepe from delifrance. Hahaah, I recalled eating them for the first time back then at Canon's eee190 field trip and I loved them! who cares about carbs? Not me! Sarap! Although, It was a little expensive. I was shocked to see the price. I remember seeing like a box of 24 or 25 I forgot, back at Canon and it cost 789 I think...around that figure (and they ordered about 3 or 2 boxes for us!)....and when you order for twelve...around 380+...Well, it wasnt what we ordered. Those were the premium canepe...but, I thought it would be wasteful to buy that one since I no longer eat pork, beef and chicken...and the only thing I would have liked in that order was the one with salmon...So we just tried out the classic canepe...This one's a bit more affordable. The 1 dozen order cost about 280ish...Worth it. has crabmeat, tuna and i forgot the other - was it ?egg?

Same with Krispy Kreme! My mom never liked eating donuts before - even gonuts. She thought they were too sweet or something. But the original glaze by KK is just way above all others.

And finally - I'm about to finish the golden compass!!! Woohooo!!! Philip Pullman is now in my list of must reads. First, siyempre is stephen king. rowling - well, hp has concluded - so im not expecting anything soon, then we have crichton - connelly - both michael...and...eoin colfer the author of artemis fowl...and siyempre - pullman with is the dark materials.

I have read tolkien - and found it absurdly boring halfway through the trilogy. Well, forgive me for my "non-english" familiarization...Or maybe the copy I had was the older one - the book had this enigmatic feel to it - that wasnt quite entertaining. To see verbs or whatever end in -th. Old english - I think that's how I should have referred to it. Anyway - tolkien's writings are better off on the big screen for me. I read the last of the trilogy 3/4 through...then stopped.

Anyway, TRY reading through Pullman. Although, there have been rumors about the nature of the book to mislead us to atheism. Well, I don't really think it's true - so far as I have read...288/351...They have mentioned of the church though - and their means of manipulation...You have to read it for yourselves then decide.

ps: I had this weirdest feeling - like several days back....The feeling I had felt in my dreams extended over to what I was feeling for the whole day after I woke up. I couldn't explain why till I had a hint ( already a lot of hours after I have awakened) it was because of what i dreamt.... Hahaha, I have been wishing to dream the sequence to the next chapter...but - the past nights have been dreamless.

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