Friday, October 21, 2005

Spending my Sembreak- part 1.

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Okay, so for the past days, and getting very close to a week, I have been here in the Mobot lab. What was I doing? Fulfilling my duties. I am a probie S.A after all...So what can I say about the work, the staying up late, the no sleep, the very troublesome work of creating a chassis (the body of the robot/mobot) and the pressure of actually doing a great job? This is the lab I chose. This is the lab I love. These are the things I wanted to partly experience. It's very fun.

To think that if I didn't apply I would be at home playing PS2 or spending my time in front of the PC or both. Well, there's nothing wrong with that, but at some point, I start feeling stagnant and I actually feel that I slowly become stupid. Heheheh...Well, siyempre the things that I studies parang di na nagagamit. My brain is involved with non-intellectual stuff. LOL. what interesting stuffs have occured?

1) MOBOT stuff:

 I have managed to finish the chassis. Ang cute ng aming mobot ni Madam Tin (ehhehe). The name of our mobot? It's E.Q. which stands for Espinosa-Quedi. I really do hope that we win on saturday.
I really wish that we all get accepted. Most of us are really studious. Maraming okay yung company...pero one who irritates me has already surfaced himself. ahhahaha...sorry namemersonal ako. May superiority complex kasi ata eh...I'm a bit pissed with the way he present himself.
Feeling close na ako kay Sir Gueta. Sana di ako yung maging least favorite niya. Sabi sabi kasi may sort of attitude siya na natypecast ka as lazy and sort of pasaway.
Getting closer sa aming Madam ng CIRCUIT. She could be strict pero okay lang naman. I'm learning to be disciplined as well. Siyempre kung work environment/atmosphere, there must be a certain attitude that you should carry yourself with.
2) Personal stuff:

Nothing much. Feeling ko lang na sobrang nagiging mas mature na ako rito sa mobot. I mean, I am learning so much things aside from things that could be academic, mechanic (eheheh) --lagare rito drill diyan mga ganung bagay, and siyempre personality development.
Mahirap matanggal yung ethnocentric feeling for my org. kasi siyempre may mga erg din sa lab...mahirap pero nakakaya ko naman. Astig naman lahat ng mga SA rito eh. Masarap at madaling mapakisamahan.
3) Etsetera stuff:

Okay, so about 27 hours ago. Yes, after fetching madam tin from her house at UP BLISS, we saw that there was a shooting at the academic oval near oblation and vargas ng vietnam rose. I got to saw how tall John Estrada was, how "makapal"
the make up of Jay Manalo was, how old Chanda Romero sounded, how beautiful Maricel Soriano was.
I learned that Maricel smokes. I wonder what brand... Capri siguro. I learned that she was very approachable.
I got our picture taken with maricel and jay manalo. Grabe, we've been watching them shoot a car scene tapos may mga nakaset up na for the rain effect. We've been watching them rehearse the scene for about an hour then we got closer and closer to them...kasi initially malayo pa kami. It reached the point where maricel and jay took a break (yosi break) dahil merong inaayos sa scene and by that time we were about 5 feet away from them. We're the closest non-staff. Ehehehe..Then I approached closer and ask her sister who I made eye contact with that's why I asked if we could have a picture taken with them. She asked Maricel and Maricel agreed. She invited Jay manalo as well. So there you go. ehehehe we had our picture taken.

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