Monday, September 25, 2006


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I just finished reading up on a friend's blog entry....and here are my two cents.

I am very sorry for the person who wrote the entry on EEE. I thought it was immature. Furthermore, I think it was in total disregard of the situation to compare UP with La Salle EEE.
By no standards should we (UP Dil EEE students) compare ourselves with La Salle. Not that I am saying this out of ego or pride or whatever it is that people say UP students have. Quite frankly, there's not a hint of pride and prejudice in that statement.

Yes, I noticed that the quality of education may perhaps be comprised due to the reason stated (ie, large student population, lack in facilities, etc etc.) But, heck, what are we called Scholars for? Isko/Iska? I think that instead of pointing out the reasons why this and that happens, instead of looking in comparison at other universities, instead of saying to other people that if he/she would have gone to La Salle/Ateneo ECE or COE or EE his/her life would have been better, that person should try to overcome the circumstances. Hasnt that person heard of striving and becoming better through adversities? I mean, come on, let's stop saying that if had gone to other universities, one would not experience the things one experiences in DEEE UP DIL and even say further that they may be in the honors list, deans list whatever.

IF THAT WAS THE KIND OF SPIRIT WE POSSESS, THEN WHAT ASSURANCE DO WE HAVE OF MAKING IT ELSEWHERE?I know that life in EEE is very hard. I should know. I am very sorry for ranting out like this. I know for a fact that I used to say the same things that person is saying. I know for fact that I have been through the phase that person is facing. But, to my amazement, no longer is my perspective the same. I dont know. Perhaps, that's what people experience when they step into the twenty-ish age. I may still the say the same things like if i had gone to this and that...but no longer is the conviction in saying those words the same. If you ever hear me say those kind of things, I am bluffing.

Also, nalimot ko sabihin. I have faith in the faculty of the EEE. Duh. Dean natin si Ma'am Guev. Do you actually think that she doesnt know of these things? Let's not underestimate the faculty.

Also, decreasing the amount of students that could enter the department is no option. Are you saying we discriminate against deserving students just because we can no longer accomodate? Hmm...nawiweirduhan tuloy ako bigla. Pag nagsabing increase in tuition, puro reklamo. Reklamo reklamo reklamo nalang. Haay...pati tuloy ako napapagod na mag reklamo.

Anyway, I seem to have lost the point in trying to put up this entry, so I hope i've expressed what I needed to express.

Anyway, I havent updated in a long while.
Been busy...haay...wala pa ring maayos na schedule for next sem. Conflict yung elective sa major...ewan ko ba. Come what may.

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