Thursday, September 27, 2012

CH126: Change Status

Backtrack: ch125-chemical-reaction

I don't really believe in "ligaw" or "courtship" - if everything feels right, then go for it.

If both parties are ready. If everything feels natural. Nothing is forced. The conversation flows. The body languages sync and complement. If there's the spark and electricity in every kiss. If you can "not talk" and just communicate through each other's eyes. If you can give up a bad habit for someone - just because. If even after several lunch dates, it's always a fresh meeting. If after every sleep-over you don't feel like a whore - but a lover (LOL - jk). If after everything else you can think of, there's still that one person there - Sharing your sentiments. Feeling what you're feeling. Appreciating everything about you. Enveloping you in their presence.

Mutually Exclusive.


  1. I Loveeeeeeee!


    1. thanks friend!
      if may groupon ulit sa tiangge mo ang date!! :-)