Monday, February 4, 2008

on cloverfield

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that's the movie you guys should see.
although the film runs relatively short (1 hour 30 mins max i think), it does provide a lot of excitement/amusement.
i won't compare it to blair witch though...although movie concepts are very similar, hmm..haha. im at a lost for words. i have no recollection of blair witch except for the running around while sort of in night vision.

cloverfield. what i liked about the film was how i felt the fear of the characters. the build up was good and up to now, i was kind of wishing things turned out well for them (spoiler!) hehehe...anyway, that's not too much. oh yeah, another thing that i liked about it you have that feeling of "damn! don't be stupid! run away run away run away!" in films where some stupid character decides to like go back to save his girl or something despite the horror some murderer poses? well, not for this film. i was wishing for one of the lead characters to go back and get his girl. the main reason was that they had a fight or let me clarify that. the two of them were friends for the longest time, and several weeks before the cloverfield incident, they slept together and things started to go down hill for them.

but their feelings built up and in fact, behind the friendship guise they were under, they really loved each other. the night of the incident, as i mentioned, they had a fight and then cloverfield incident happened and the girl was trapped in her condo (erase the picture of debris on top of her. more like "trapped" due to impalement" hehehe) so the guy wanted to get the girl to safety - as well as tell her he loved her. as simple as that...

setting: Manhattan. I also liked how the setting seemed so real. Although i have never been to new york, well, i was amazed at how real the set felt.

so there. GO WATCH CLOVERFIELD! well, for people here in the Phils. it's the only film being shown this week that passed my standards (refer to: hehehe. so far, my standard is. if the rating for the film is not greater than 50% then don't bother. although there are exceptions to this. namely, simultaneous openings (e.g. spiderman 3, harry potter, etc etc)

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