Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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so first of all, yey! we've made it through halfway. now, let's just count the weeks down - and before everyone knows it, final presentation/defense is here!

anyway, yesterday, i had the car filled up.

scene 1.
i asked "mr. shell gas boy" to check on the water...i popped the hood and he proceeds to get water. browsed the phone while in wait...and when i decided to check up on the gas boy tinkering with the radiator - he asked me. "boss, ano to nag overheat?" i raised an eyebrow with the question seeing as to how he was already holding on to the radiator cap with his bare hands while pouring water on it. (?!)... and there i was thinking: "okay, so kung nag overheat man yan o hindi...i don't think you should be opening that with your bare hands" i proceeded to answering his question by suggesting that he get a "trapo" to help him open it. another gas boy responded "OO NGA! maaksidente ka pa problema pa ni sir." Hehehe. <sikat. at nataranta naman si "mr. shell gas boy" at nag atubiling kumuha ng basahan.>

scene 2.
mastercard. then i got my wallet then gave the card. i was going to have the wheels checked so i proceeded to the water/air area. then after a few minutes, i see him coming back. "Sir, di raw po pwede card niyo." ---

then a flash of thoughts...."Di pwedeng di yan pwede. bayad yan. wala pa sa limit. mama uses hsbc not bdo.......(nagpanic flash of thoughts)

^ ganyan ang nasa isip ng natataranta! haha

<pag katingin ko sa hawak nya...TIMEZONE POWERCARD!!!! WhAPACK! natawa ako at nasabi. "ano ka ba dapat sinabi mo agad!" magkatabi kasi sila ng lalagyan nung c.card. parehas pang blue! isip isip ko ulit...etong si mr. shell gas boy joke time....haha. nakakatawa namang isipin na akala niya seryoso ako at out of respect yun nga binigay sa cashier...or...akala niya lang talaga seryoso ako. hehehe>

scene 3.
the importance of "REAR VIEW MIRRORS"
i was supposed to study at Bo's (cheap coffee - no time limit! + parking space!) then when i spotted the last available parking, i saw a car beside it. i thought it just got out of the spot and the spot was open for parking...but then...too bad, it was actually positioning itself to park. so...sheeet!...where do i go?! (scene 4)...then so...since it was chose to park "back first" it stopped two lanes of proceeded to watching "her" park. i noticed how she was focusing only on the side view mirror near her she backs up backs up...then i my attention was shifted to the guard "pinapalo yung" car. then i realized. she wasnt stopping and she hit two girls on bikes (about 19-20something - hahaha. i just felt i needed to justify that. using the word girls painted a picture of 5-8 y.o kids)...and those two girls where almost already under the trunk of her car!

okay...that's too bad. so guys! when you're driving. don't disregard the rear view mirrors!
actually....when i drive, i really prefer the rear view mirror compared to the side view mirror on the other side (not on the driver side) has its blind spot whereas proper positioning of the rear view mirror can cover that.

scene 4.
so since bo was not available for parking...i decided to go to the main library...
i bought a c2 from the kiosks nearby...then when i was atop the stairs...i realized...only water's allowed inside...
so i decided to finish the drink first then go in after...stupid...stupid stupid...
"ID please."
i looked for it inside my bag
showed it...

"Sir, di pa po nakacounter sign id niyo..."

then out of disbelief...i looked at the id...the sticker showed: FIRST SEMESTER 07-08!

hahahaha. STUPID!
then to at least get some shame off the system...
"Ah oo nga noh hehehe...kuya pacheck nalang po sa OPAC."

you know the brand ORAL-B?
i always thought it was pronounced as...Ohral B.
But because of recent tv ads...the voice you hear pronounce it as Oree B.

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