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perst tym

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due to the lack of recent posts/updates. im obliged to this. lol.

first and foremost, happy new year everyone! i hope your '07 was good - and that your '08 will be even better.

so, last december was a mix of activities. the first half of it i spent working on my thesis - and the latter half i spent on doing nothing...just playing online games. haha. back to that addiction. after spending a lot of hours playing ragnarok online - i managed to summon enough courage to ditch the game...for the sole reason - it's boring. the community is not as nice. it's quite intimidating actually...and so i ended up searching for a better alternative (instead of working on my thesis) and i found ZUonline.

that game is fun. it's 3d. it's free. and you have a lot of different nationalities to play and have conversation with.

anyway. this post wont be entirely about it.
here are some first for the year '07.

1) spent the after christmas till new year home mom went to china with her siblings to celebrate their brother's (my uncle's) birthday. well, their airfare was free so go ahead an join the bandwagon. i was supposed to come but i decided not mom offered me a deal to buy me a new phone in exchange for staying home and taking care of her most beloved (i would have said 'our' but the degree of love is different haha) gringo. so....because of that. i have a new...and my very first moto phone - RAZR V2.

(insert picture here) hehe...the phone is nice actually. aside from its sleek design. the features are uber cool. (proton! =) )

2) first time to join the march of the lantern parade (we were required actually. the dean required the number of participants for the parade to reach 1000 people! - if not, then there won't be any recognition rites!) can you believe that? we had to drag ourselves around the whole oval just so we can graduate...well, have the recognition rites is a pretty convincing offer.

3) first time to watch the fireworks after the lantern parade. ang ganda! malapit din kasi. the finale was superb dahil sa malapit nga yung fireworks so ang saya...

4) first time to be caught in between a rally. you see, after the fireworks, leftists stormed the stage (quezon hall) in their attempt to voice out their grievances (or something)

5) first time for my whole family to be in different parts of the world for the new dad is in the middle east, my mom is in china, my sister is in guam and my brother is in auckland (nz)....and im here....i thought new year would have sucked being home alone and stuff...but....rose, bananie and (latecomer) kai went to...

6) first time to celebrate new year outside our house and participate in those new year countdowns. the choice of venue was at makati! the countdown 2008 was a blast! the fireworks were the best! although, id still rank it second to the display ive seen in disney hongkong. ang galing talaga! it was better than the pyrolympics we went to see before...why? because it was a lot closer! the finale was so amazing! nag ka goosebumps ako sa astig eh. the best. 

7) first time to actually be shocked by my mom's text. she told me. "Do you want psb or nds?" haha. i didnt expect that text from her. i thought i already had my gift for christmas (the phone). my reply was. "anong psb?" haha i had worries na baka fake naman yung mabili niya (since nasa china siya hehe ang sama sa half nationality). but i corrected her. psp mas gusto ko hehe.

8) first time to realize that my all time fave christmas movie is actually home alone! i can't remember how many times i have seen it on tv. more than ten actually. okay din yung message eh. basta! haha.

9) first time to actually get bored halfway through the film. i invited my mom last dec 25 to watch a movie from the mmff...because we came too late to get seats for sakal sakali saklolo, i told my mom we ought to watch bahay kubo kadiri sa drama na walang sense na nakakainis kasi sobrang predictable na wala ngang sense na gusto ko ng matapos at mag walk out halfway through the film. they made the film so dragging with worthless drama. the only good thing about that film was eugene domingo and the comic relief she brought to the film

10) first time to actually not participate in the recently concluded engg week  2007. it was supposedly my last engg week for my college life...but i wasnt able to participate because i was debugging some things for my thesis (which, is still not finished being debugged) - no work for the holiday for me. none at all. i was trying to gather enough energy. i didnt want to say when school starts again and i have so much responsibility to attend to that im bored i wish i had made the most out of my vacation. ang hirap kasi simulan if you're not going to be able to see it through.

11) blah blah blah.

12) Happy new year everybody!

ps: if you want to check flight schedules. call 187 and ask for naia's number. their information is better than checking it with the airline's website. like cebu pacific (it sucks)

pps: my number one call center something is pldt's 187! hahah the best talaga. i dont even need any phonebook to keep the numbers i need. sabihin mo lang sino gusto mo makausap bibigay na number. (although hindi yata pang home numbers - mostly business related)

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